Devil And Luciferian Magick Books, Black Magic Books On CD

Devil And Luciferian Magick Books, Black Magic Books On CD
On this page you can get all black/luciferian magic books (272 books) on CD.

Many religions contain an enemy of the system: a being that questions why things are the way they are, who challenges the supreme power(s), who accuses them of hypocrisy and who leads mankind away from cosmic ideals of subservience and acquiescence1. Satan often represents the world itself. It has not appeared universally and many cultures lack any such centralized figure of evil. In those places where it did arise there has not been a common path of development.

The root of the word Satan comes from ha-satan, a Hebrew word meaning 'the accuser', 'opposer' and 'the adversary', or as a verb, 'to accuse' and 'to oppose'. Anyone could be described as ha satan depending on their actions. The Septuagint Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures rendered the word as diabolus, from which we get the word 'devil'. In Christianity it is Satan, The Devil; in Islam it is Shaitan or Iblis and in Buddhism it is Mara, which means 'bringer of death'.

All these opposing beings promote the materialism of this world, rather than the more spiritual route of abstaining from stuff in order to obtain the next world. In other words, the primary role of Satan, in its various guises in world religions, is the rejection of spiritual wishful-thinking, and the embrace of our present real-world life. It seems that from the point of view of philosophical naturalism, Satan turns out to be the 'good' guy!
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The Satanic Rituals by Anton Szandor LaVeyAs founding High Priest of the Church of Satan, Anton Szandor LaVey was one of the most remarkable voices in late 20th century religion, and "The Satanic Rituals" is a key text in his body of work. This volume, which is an ideal companion to LaVey's "Satanic Bible," makes available some rituals for practicing Satanists.LaVey's... more
Luciferian Witchcraft The Mystery Revealed by Michael FordFor more than a decade left hand path and dark withcraft expert Michael W. Ford has labored in the forbidden fields of the dark side of the occult, lit by the pale moon of Luciferian ambition and Satanic drive. The first editions of most of his works are disappearing into private libraries of occult collector's items-and their... more
The Devil Notebook by Anton Szandor LaVeyAnton Szandor LaVey was a man full of biting wit, iconoclastic insight and, above all, a most astute and adroit observer of human folly and misinterpretation, himself being subjected to the latter more than anyone in recent memory.In this book, published after two decades of inactivity (to the world of print), LaVey sheds light... more
The Book of the Witch Moon by Michael FordPresenting the forbidden works of Chaos, Vampiric and Luciferian Sorcery. A grimoire which explores the dark feminine current of HECATE, Witch Moon explores ritual and dream Lycanthropy, Chaos Sorcery and Luciferian Ritual practice as well as the darksome practice of Vampirism and Predatory Spirituality. The Nine Angles and the... more
Black Witchcraft Foundations of the Luciferian Path by Michael FordBlack Witchcraft as defined within the aforementioned grimoires is about self-deification but also the further expansion of consciousness, transforming the mundane into the divine, thus the antinomian and Satanic symbolism. But herein is cipher and clue to the essence of the Luciferian path, it is both commitment and the... more
The Book of Cain by Michael FordThis inspired text was created under meditative and inspired circumstances by its author, Michael W. Ford. The text is not in any way meant to lay claim to special communications or any other contacts - but rather a focused ritual grimoire. The work is dedicated to the Wanderer, Cain who has passed from desert to forest to... more
Grimoire of Baphomet by Order of Nine AnglesAccording to Dark Tradition, Baphomet is a sinister acausal entity, depicted as a mature, human women, naked from the waist up, who holds in Her hand the bloodied severed head of a young human man.She is the dark, violent, Goddess - the real Mistress of Earth - to whom human sacrifices were, and are, made. She - as one of The... more
Black Book of Satan by Order of Nine AnglesAccording to tradition, each Master or Mistress who was responsible for a particular Satanic Temple or group, was given on his or her assumption of that responsibility, a copy of the Black Book of Satan. The Black Book contained the basic Satanic rituals, instructions relating to ceremonial magick in general. It was the duty of... more
The Calling to the First of Witch Blood An Invocation of Cain by Michael FordA short dedication to the Luciferian Sabbat and those seeking their own light within the gnosis of the Adversary. The initiation of the witch into the Circle of Cain, the living Son of Satan and Lilith, the great Harlot and Demoness, the Adversarial deific force of dark instinctual desire and willed continual... more
The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts (1910) by Arthur Edward WaiteThe Book of Black Magic The Secret Tradition in Goetia, including the rites and mysteries of Goetic therugy, sorcery and infernal necromancy. Completely illustrated with the original magical figures.This book is an attempt to synthesize the procedures of all of the famous Grimoires. It draws on the Key of Solomon, the Grimorium... more
Beginning Luciferian Magick by Michael FordThe Luciferian Path is one which exercises the sanctification of Self by activating aspects of the Adversary in particular form. This approach, highly at odds with traditional occult assumptions, is difficult to navigate for Practitioners just getting started.Questions arise such as: - What is Adversarial Magick? - What... more
Book of Wamphyri and Shadows by Michael FordVampirism is Predatory Spiritualism, self-isolation and deification through antinomian focus. Vampirism is a nameless faith, found in the forge of the first murderer, whose thirst for life was greater than God itself. The Vampire as myth is a symbol of our dark desires, our wish to devour and compel to our Will alone. Vampirism... more
The Abyss and Tabaet A Study of Adversarial Mythology in Magick by Michael FordThe purpose of the following essay is to not only examine masks worn by the fallen angels throughout history as well as to examine the etymology of the spirit of self-liberation and opposition from the praxis of occult thought. The very passing of power in the Circle of Witchcraft and Sorcery is the averse way of bringing into... more
Luciferian Goetia (The Book of Howling) by Michael FordDarkness is always found within first. Your entire life has been found in either an embrace of shadow or a carefully forgotten endless banishing of it. The Luciferian Path instructs the student to awaken darkness, to manifest demons from the abyss of the Subconscious and master them - the end result being self-mastery and the... more
Collection of Various Manuscripts by Order of Nine AnglesThe following work re-presents the Order of Nine Angles 'Various Manuscripts' databaseLayout and compilation by Caput MortuumStand: May 2004 * 166 MSS * 381 pagesPlease note: This summary is not authorized by the O.N.A.1.Satanism - A Basic Introduction For Prospective Adherents2. The Dark Forces. 3. The Alchemy Of Magick. 4. A... more
The Luciferian Path the Witches Sabbat by Michael FordThe Averse Path-way of the Sabbat lies in the twilight, the space between sleep and dreaming, which the flesh takes flight without weight to draw towards a communion of those gathered under the fires of the Elphame world. It is the trance which guides the spirit towards this darkness of earth or the light of the air, where... more
The Shadowed Ones (A Grimoire of the Angelick Watchers) by Michael FordA Grimoire of the Angelick Watchers- By Michael Ford, Akhtya Seker Arimanius.By a path unseen yet known instinctively within by some, the Shadowed Ones gave ever silently through the dreams of others. It is the way they communicate their lost dreams, visitations and journeys through the world from the times of mans groveling to... more
The Vampire Gate by Michael FordThis is not a book for the beginner to pick up and practice fortunately, the author mentions the necessary prerequisites. I remember when I first read it, I was a little confused. I have read a lot of "vampire grimiores" over the years, and this one was unlike them all in that the focus of the work is the magickal... more
Acausality, The Dark Gods, and The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesSince the publication of Naos in 1989ev there has been much speculation and much discussion about both the theory of acausality and about the mythos - the myths and legends - of the supernatural Dark Gods who, the ONA claimed, reside in 'the acausal spaces' and who, it is also claimed, have manifested or can become manifest in... more
Shades Of Algol (A Luciferian and Sabbatic Grimoire) by Michael FordALGOL - A word which derives from the Arabic Al Ra's al Ghul, Al-Ghul, or Ri'B al Ohill, which is translated "The Demon's Head". Algol was in Hebrew known as Rosh ha Shaitan, or "Satan's Head", as some traditions have referred to Algol as the Head of Lilith. The Chinese called Algol Tseih She, which is "Piled up corpses" and... more
Herbs In Black Magick by Magister Hagur(Informative, for use variously in Sinister Rituals as for incense, smoke, perfumes and some drugs where tolerated)
Black Magic by Michael AquinoThe introductory section of the Crystal Tablet of Set (the volume of the Jeweled Tablets of Set provided to Setians IA of the Temple of Set). This is a summary of the history, principles, and philosophy of the Temple and its initiatory system. While Black Magic was originally intended for Setians only, so many incomplete,... more
The First Book of Luciferian Tarot by Michael FordTHE LUCIFERIAN TAROT is the first professionally published tarot deck of the Left Hand Path. After being an initiate of the Luciferian Path for many years, in developing the path I was also an avid tarot card reader. This stems from my own interest in Art as being a tool of initiation. Austin Osman Spare and his "Vampires are... more
The Book of Tahuti (Thoth) by Michael FordThoth, pronounced "tote", is the Greek name given to the Egyptian god of the moon (lunar deity), wisdom, writing, magic, and measurement of time, among other things. As the cycles of the moon organized much of Egyptian society's civil and religious rituals and events, so Thoth was also seen as the primary regulator of such... more
The Rite of Shaitan (A Self Initiation Invocation) by Michael FordA Self-Initiation Invocation by Michael W. Ford - Akhtya Seker Arimanius.The circle represents the oath of perfection, from which nothing shall enter. The mind is a source of heaven and hell, from which we may align ourselves better through ritualistic tools and techniques, it is the Command to Look in progress, in terms of... more
Luciferian Sorcery and Set Typhon by Michael FordSet is considered in the developing Luciferian Gnosis as the Adversary, an early form of the Adversary. The crocodile god Sebak in the Egyptian Book of the Dead draws some aspects similar in nature to Set, such as the forms he would take. Seemingly, it is considered by the initiatory focus into the symbol and traits of Set,... more
Satanic Magick (A Paradigm of Therion) by Michael FordSATANIC MAGICK - A Paradigm of the Adversary is a grimoire or initiatory manual of self-transformation in the essence of the Fallen Angel, or Rebel Spirit Samael / Lilith or Lucifer. This grimoire presents a magickal paradigm based on the mythology of the Antichrist, how one may transform the self into the spiritual image of... more
Luciferian Witchcraft An Introduction by Michael FordThe union of some aspects of Middle Eastern practices such as Sufism and the various parallel witch ways of tribes of the Deserts are essential productive and beneficial for the advancement in human thinking. There is much to be learnt from other cultures, however the heart of such always emanates within a focus of folk magic... more
The Binding of Shadows (A Luciferian Banishing Ritual) by Michael FordShadow-binding Rituals are as quiet and as shadowy as the Shadowsouls that practice them. These Rituals tend to be quiet affairs most speech is done quietly and these take place in places with little illumination.It is common for Shadowsouls to meditate quietly when casting Ritual spells, mentally reliving some horrible... more
Gates of Dozak (The Book of The Worm) by Michael FordGates of Dozak - Book of the Worm is a grimoire of primal sorcery. Found here are the magickal secrets and formulas of the dregvantem, the Children of the lie, a sect of sorcerers And heretics who practice "yatuk dinoih" or primal witchcraft. The Magickal Formulas, given to invoke and explore The four hells are from ancient... more
Yatuk Dinoih (Persian and Left Hand Path Witchcraft) by Michael FordThe Yatuk Dinoih (and the parts contained therein, be it Hermetic Occultism or the sorcery of Ahriman) is a Grimoire of magickal art, specifically written for those who maydare to invoke the current of the Luciferian path.The Daemons of this grimoire, Ancient Persian in nature, are perhaps some of the oldest prototypes for what... more
Gods, Demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia by Jeremy BlackThe names and concepts of Mesopotamian religion are recorded in two languages, Sumerian and Akkadian. Where possible, words have been listed in this dictionary in their Sumerian form, with only a cross-reference under the Akkadian name. Thus the goddess Istar (Akkadian), for instance, is dealt with under her Sumerian name... more
Scales of the Black Serpent (Basic Qlippothic Magick) by Michael FordTHE ORDER OF PHOSPHORUS is an initiatory order of practitioners focused on Luciferian and Left Hand Path Magick and ideology. While traditional Cabalists and Magickans view the Qlippoth as an Unclean and perverse inversion of the Tree of Life, suggesting that those who practice Magick avoid it due to the dangers within. The 22... more
Chaos Magick and Luciferism by Michael FordChaos Magick is formed from many traditions, in the current age it seems almostperfect. There is nothing which would be denied or ignored due to dogma. The system ofChaos implements the foundation of change and progression. While the foundations ofChaos are within the components of Aleister Crowley (who might have been a... more
Baphomet (An Esoteric Signification) by Order of Nine AnglesThe name of Baphomet is regarded by Traditional Satanists as meaning "the mistress (or mother) of blood" - the Mistress who sometimes washes in the blood of her foes and whose hands are thereby stained. [See The Ceremony of Recalling.]The supposed derivation is from the Greek 'vafi mitris' and not, as is sometimes said, from... more
Magick of the Ancient Gods by Michael FordChthonic Paganism & The Left Hand Path.Magick of the Ancient Gods is a grimoire in every way, it is meant to inspire and enchant those who read it, who may not know which path to embark upon and find the thought of the awakening of the Gods and Goddess mutually inspiring. This work began from a specific coin I had obtained due... more
The Black Master Manifesto by 616INDIVIDUAL: Do everything in your power to be as authentically & uniquely individual as possible.IMMORTAL: Do everything in your power to manifest both a sense of inner & outer immortality (ritual-meditation & creativity).CONSCIOUSNESS: Be as consciously aware as possible.This short text outlines the livelihood and philosophy... more
The Demonic Bible by Magus Tsirk SusejThe Demonic Bible by Magus Tsirk Susej, Antichrist servant & disciple of the Dark Lord as revealed to him by his Unholy Guardian Demon the spirit Azael.If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then the omnipotent creator of heaven and earth must be the most evil sonof- a-bitch who ever lived. Non-Christians, we... more
The Goetia (The Lesser Key of Solomon the King) by Michael FordWritten and presented anew by Michael W. Ford ~ Akhtya Seker Arimanius To Restore the Sorcerous Path and the Art of Luciferian Ascension Illustrations also by Original Manuscript Sigils, Aleister Crowley reworked Sigils from the 1904-1976 Equinox Edition with new drawings.Inspired from the original manuscript edition, also the... more
The Rite of Lilith by Frater Annuit CoeptisOrdo Antichristianus Illuminati. The Rite of Lilith being the mystical invocation of the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth by Joshua Jacob Seraphim (Frater Annuit Coeptis).The Legend of Lilith evolves from diverse Religious and Metaphysical sources, appearing in the Alphabet of Ben Sira, the Zohar, and in the Epic... more
The Witches Pyramid (Oath of the Circle) by Michael FordThe Witches' Pyramid - Also known as the Four Pillars of the Witches' Temple, is the foundation for all magical work and represents the mindset necessary to create magic and the qualities to be embraced by all witches.There are four statements that represent The Witches Pyramid, To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent, they... more
Luciferian Initiation (Via Nocturne) by Michael FordA Ceremonial or Solitary initiation into the Light of Phosphorus.Participant should be hooded in a black robe, unmarked with no symbols bearing. This represents that a person need not be refined by appearance, but the center of self. That Cain has given man and woman an inherent gift of Luciferian independence, that the linage... more
The Bible of the Adversary by Michael FordDedicated to ARASKH Who brought the wisdom of Ahriman to Humanity, who recognized "As Above, So Below".To attempt to define a faith can be a difficult task. It can also be a beautiful and challenging task. Being a practitioner of the Luciferian Path, in the beginnings of my work I only sought to publish through LUCIFERIAN... more
Adamu by Michael FordLUCIFERIAN TANTRA AND SEX MAGICK The Az Edition By Michael W. FordDedicated to Az, the Whore who brought the fire of life to humanity, for those who may see through her eyes. To the red passion of the serpent, Goddess Shakti who instills the sight of Akoman for those willing to see...I wish to thank those who have been my enemy... more
Satan, Demons And The Noble Dark Arts Of O9A by Order of Nine AnglesThis small collection of Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) texts presents - with the exception of The Geryne of Satan - some classic O9A MSS which have not (so far as I know) been republished since they first appeared some years ago on the now defunct O9A website (nineangles dot info) and the now also defunct O9A 'nineangles'... more
The Toad Rite (The Three Roads of Satandar, Lucifuge and Hecate) by Michael FordThe Toad Rite is a small grimoire which is a self-initiatory presentation of the Toad Rite, a form of diabolism from which the sorcerous path leads in three roads from Night unto the Sun. The Toad Rite is derived in basis from Aleister Crowley's Stauros Batachou (Liber LXX), but expands into darker areas not previously... more
Liber HVHI by Michael FordLIBER HVHI, the awaited grimoire of the Luciferian Path is now published containing the infernal rites of the Qlippoth, an extensive ideological and magical system presenting a grounded and understandable form of working with the Qlippothic Tree of Death.This is an advanced magical grimoire that explores the realms of the... more
A Rite of the Werewolf by Michael FordA Rite of the Werewolf. And the Infernal Witches Sabbat. Once the sorcerer has undertaken the self-initiation ritual entitled, "A Ritual of Lycanthropy" in both parts, and he has visualized perfectly his werewolf shadow, or that similar beast of sorcerer, he has entered into the pact of the Devil, the black man of the Sabbat.... more
A Guide to Dark Sorcery (O9A Website Archive 2012) by Order of Nine AnglesContents: - Our Aeonic Perspective - A Basic Guide to The Order of Nine Angles - O9A - On Being Unpopular - Discernment, Pathei-Mathos, and Our Occult Quest - The Adeptus Way - Pathei-Mathos and The Initiatory Occult Quest - Knowing, Information, and The Discovery of Wisdom - O9A Adversarial Action - ONA Code of Kindred-Honour... more
Diabolicon by Michael AquinoThe Statement of Satan Archdaemon. The mysteries that are thy heritage shall now be proclaimed, but learn first the history of thy conception and creation amidst the eternal Cosmos. For as the Universe itself be infinite, so art thou a true creature of infinity incarnate and the ascension of man shall herald the final triumph... more
Paitisha (The Book Of The Serpent) by Michael FordPaitisha/Paityara [Avestan/Pahlavi] - A daeva/druj which is counteraction, antinomianism and opposition. This spirit is a manifestation of the Luciferian current of both Ahriman and Az, complimented/strengthed by Aeshma or the result of the path, Heshem. Predatory Spiritualism - The act of devouring spiritual energy and making... more
Casting the Circle (Luciferian) by Michael FordThe theory of ritual magick is that the Luciferian understands the "gods", "spirits" and "demons" are the archetypical creation of humanity that our subconscious feeds the type of energy in which these beings exist through. Luciferianism is thus the ultimate spirituality as it focuses on the growth and expansion of the... more
The Witch Cult of Zos vel Thanatos by Michael FordThere has been much talk and focus on the English Artist and Sorcerer Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) and his Zos Kia cultus. Austin, the son of a Police Officer, grew up in South London near Kennington. His interest in art began at a very early age and luckily, was supported by his mother who aided in his creative awakening. As... more
Calling Down the Moon and The Shades of Lilith by Michael FordThe Sabbatic casting of Circle is performed. Hands should be joined while envisioning the mighty dead arising to each of you, seeking company and nourishment.The Priestess should be robed in white or black, a sigil of Lilith or Babalon in between her breasts. The Priest should be adorned in a white robe as well (black if... more
How To Be a Satanist by Order of Nine AnglesA Guide To Satanism For Beginners (The Simple ONA Way).

This Guide will enable anyone to become a Satanist and to practise Satanism.

The basic principles and practices of Satanism are outlined in Section Two.
NAOS (A Practical Guide to Modern Magick, Alpha Edition) by Order of Nine AnglesThis is an ONA publication. Manuscript was given to Hagur by Xaphan (J.F.) (Houston, Texas), for publication, which he did in 1999, and brought the work on e-book (pdf) in 2008. ONA publications are in fact "public domain", as previously stated by Christos Beest (Moulton). This copy is re-arranged and published by Hagur. Hagur... more
Azazel Readings by AnonymousAzazel is a Greater Demon and is referred to as the Forger of Weapons, and a Lieutenant of Hell, ranked second only to Lucifer himself. Azazel was among the angels who were followers of Lucifer and banished out of Heaven for their insurgence. He and Magnus' father, among others, became Princes of Hell.Azazel is bound to the... more
Temple of Set (6th Draft) by Michael AquinoWhen I undertook to write this Temple of Set, therefore, I knew immediately that its focus would need to be more a personal perspective, more an overview of what during the adventure of the Temple to date has seemed to me to be particularly notable: not just because of drama or colorfulness, but because it played some necessary... more
The Black Pullet (Science of Magical Talisman) by AnonymousThe work which we offer to the public must not be confused with a collection of reveries and errors to which their authors have tried to give credence by announcing supernatural feats which the credulous and the ignorant siezed with avidity. We only quote the most respectable authorities and most dignified in faith. The... more
The Book of Doom (The Unholy Bible of Doom) by Frater AlgolisThe Book of Doom or The Unholy Bible of Doom which is The nastiest grimoire the world has ever seen Book I The First Book of Lucifer Translated by: Frater Algolis, O.A.I.
Codex Saerus (The Black Book of Satan) by Christos BeestThe "Codex Saerus" (The Black Book of Satan) is a ritual book of the Order of Nine Angles, free domain (free from copyright) as stated by Christos Beest (Richard Mould). In different parts, they were sold in the form of typewritten manuscript, and only for the few. I made of it a readable manuscript for easy use in temples and... more
Tales of the Dark Gods by Order of Nine AnglesTales:

- In The Sky of Dreaming

- Sabirah

- Jenyah
The Black Book of Satan by Conrad RoburyAccording to tradition, each Master or Mistress who was responsible for a particular Satanic Temple or group, was given on his or her assumption of that responsibility, a copy of the Black Book of Satan. The Black Book contained the basic Satanic rituals, instructions relating to ceremonial magick in general. It was the duty of... more
The Sigil of Adversary by Michael FordA description and purpose of the Sigil of the Adversary, Set-heh by Akhtya Seker Arimanius IV, BOTD/TOPH, Sigil illustrated by Soror Azhdeha III, BOTD/TOPH.Satan (Hebrew: satan, meaning "adversary") is seen as a symbol of defiance to the conservatism of mainstream philosophical and religious currents, mainly the Abrahamic... more
Infernal Union by Michael FordThus the Ritual of Infernal Union (Lilith-Samael) is a Black Magick working of self-empowerment and the beginning process of creating Baphomet, or Cain the Lord of Hordemena in the Sethanic/Luciferian Witchcraft Current.The Infernal Union Sigil, the Black Alchemical formula of Leviathan, Samael and Lilith begetting Chioa/Qayin,... more
The Bible of the Adversary (OOP Edition) by Michael FordTHE ORDER OF PHOSPHORUS Edition. Classified. For TOPH initiates only.The Bible of the Adversary is the complete doctrine and practice of the Luciferian Faith. This Bible is for both beginners and serious Adepts, presenting the ideological theological foundations of the Spirit of Samael and Lilith, initiation and development... more
The Legend of Lilith (The Origins of Evil and the Fall of Man) by Rabbi Edward NydleThe origins of evil are the same as the root causes of all mankind's problems: ignorance, prejudice, apathy, hatred, envy, jealousy, and greed which arise from within man because of his yetzer harah (evil inclination). Evil arises from ignorance about YHWH's6 instructions, ethics and morals, a lack of sympathy, compassion, and... more
Collection of Chants by Order of Nine AnglesThe following work re-presents the Order of Nine Angles 'Chants' database.Layout and compilation by Caput MortuumStand: May 2004 * 16 Chants * 17 pagesPlease note: This summary is not authorized by the O.N.A.Chants:I. Agios Kabeiri II. Agios Lucifer IIL Agios Elutrodes IV. Agios Olenos V. Agios Alastoros VI. Agios Baphomet VII.... more
Church of Satan (5th Edition) by Michael Aquino
Dark Empathy, Adeptship, and The Sevenfold Way by Order of Nine AnglesThe cultivation of the faculty of Dark-Empathy is part of the training of The Seven-Fold Way an esoteric skill possessed by all genuine Adepts, and a skill, a Dark Art, whose rudiments can be learnt by undertaking the standard (basic) Grade Ritual of Internal Adept, which Ritual lasts for one particular alchemical season... more
The Goddess Baphomet (According to the Sinister Tradition) by Order of Nine AnglesThe cult of Baphomet was the worship of the dark aspect of the "female" energies - where in this context, worship means a striving toward understanding/conscious integration. Traces of the worship of the 'light' aspect survive in the Septenary tradition in the name "Aktlal Maka" and the natural form of the Nine Angles rite. The... more
Diabolus by Michael FordThe Dragon within the Triangle of Darkness An exploration of the Adversary within Magick.The very intent and purpose of this essay is to bring to light the roots of the Adversary in Magick from a historical and mythological standpoint. As a practitioner of Magick from a Satanic and Luciferian viewpoint, many often inquire on my... more
Invocation of the Adversary by Michael FordBy Akhtya Seker Arimanius (Michael Ford).The following is a ritual which may be conducted when the Sun is at its full light, or when the Moon is full or dark, as the essence of Iblis be finally revealed. The purpose of the ritual is invoking the spirit of the Adversary, known as Shaitan/Iblis, Satan, Lucifer, Set, Azazel...The... more
Aspects of Lilith (A Case Study from A South India Village) by Helen Ullrich1The research for this paper was conducted under the auspices of the following grants: American Institute of Indian Studies, 1964-1966, 1974-1975, 1986-1987, 1994, 1995 American Philosophical Society, September-November, 1985. In addition, I also visited the village in 1984, 1991, 1998,1999, 2000, 2001, and 2003. The... more
Nox Umbra by Michael FordNOX UMBRA is a grimoire. Presented here in the pages of this tome are the hints from which one may come into the "knowledge of the circle". The culture specifications are undoubtedly varied, from Egyptian to Ancient Persian to European, however this is wherein one discovers the points or as in Voudon, 'Points chorals ' or hot... more
The Order of Phosphorus (Introduction Booklet) by Michael FordThe Order of Phosphorus (TOPH) is an initiatic body of the Luciferian Tradition presented in the works of Michael W. Ford and associated Adepts. The Luciferian Tradition is founded on several key texts which define the philosophy and specialized corpus of magickial practice known commonly as the "Adversarial Path", "Adversarial... more
NAOS (A Practical Guide to Modern Magick, Michael Ford's Edition) by Order of Nine AnglesEdited with an introduction by Michael W. Ford.As a long time practitioner of Magick and the Luciferian Path, I first began a study of NAOS in the early 1990's, when I was just getting started as a student, the ONA was an interesting concept - true chaos in every sense, with a focus from a Satanic view point.NAOS is an often... more
Alchemy And The Sinisterly Numinous Tradition by Order of Nine AnglesMany early Order of Nine Angles [O9A/ONA] texts refer to alchemy in the context of the hermetic Seven Fold Way that is, in the context of the seven stages whereby an initiate is or can be changed or transformed into an Adept and beyond.Thus in Naos - where the hebdomadry of the O9A is outlined - it is stated that "each... more
Sorcery and the Esoteric Nature of The Acausal (Debunking the Chaos) by Order of Nine AnglesLet's be clear - talk of there being some relation between sorcery and current physical theories such as Chaos theory, particle Physics, and quantum mechanics, is inane silly, stupid, and the product of a mundane intellect.Why? Because there no relation whatsoever, since such physical theories are bunk - mere trendy and... more
The Beholders of Night (An Exploration of the Shadow Luciferian Path) by Michael FordThat the roots of Traditional Witchcraft as they have emerged passes beyond western culture as a cornerstone of middle-eastern origins, while reemerging in Europe to America as time moved forward. What should be understood as a universal approach to Witchcraft, shall the answer lie between the shadow and light, the essence... more
Vox Sabbatum by Michael FordVox Sabbatum (The Witches Sabbat).Behind the initiatory models of what is called Diabolism, lies a plethora of shapes and forms for any initiate to move through. The gate of the Left Hand Path is indeed a dangerous way as it inaugurates and initiates change - internal and external. In the rational consciousness the mind is... more
The Dark Goddess As Archetype by Order of Nine AnglesThe Dark Goddess is often called Baphomet, who is described, according to the aural tradition of the Order of Nine Angles, as: a sinister female entity, T he Mistress (or Mother) of Blood. According to tradition, she is represented as a beautiful mature woman, naked from the waist up, who holds in her hand the severed head of a... more
Liber Azazel by AnonymousAzazel is an evil spirit of the wilderness to which a scapegoat was sent by the ancient Hebrews in a ritual of atonement known as Yom Kippur. In some traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Azazel was indeed the name of a fallen angel or demon.Azazel is credited as the corrupter of humans--the angel who taught humanity... more
Azothoz by Michael FordIt is the ecstasy of the in-between that led to the path unseen.Sabbatic Witchcraft is in essence the unity of primal sorcery and illuminated magick, the ascension and the antinomian development of self. The Sabbatic Gnosis is not new, rather it is the gift of self-initiation brought down from Lucifer and the Watchers and... more
Azoth by Order of Nine AnglesWestern Alchemy And The Seven Fold Way Of The Order Of Nine Angles.The term azoth is conventionally said to be derived from the Arabic az-zauq, whence the French assogue, the Spanish azogue, the Portuguese azougue, and the Spanish-Arabic az-zaouga. Thus the assumed connection with the Persian ziywah and with... more
Codex Saerus (The Black Book of Satan) by Order of Nine AnglesThe "Codex Saerus" (The Black Book of Satan) is a ritual book of the Order of Nine Angles, free domain (free from copyright) as stated by Christos Beest (Richard Mould). In different parts, they were sold in the form of typewritten manuscript, and only for the few. I made of it a readable manuscript for easy use in temples and... more
Casting the Circle (Luciferian) Commentary by Michael FordFrom a post made in response to questions from the Casting the Circle (Luciferian version) Lucifer is East, presiding as the morning star. I have detailed specific descriptions andelements within my Shades of Algol AND the booklet "Sabbatic Sorcery". The actualSIGIL of Lucifer is defined in meaning through initiation. (by... more
The Sinister Tarot by Christos BeestOrder of Nine Angles "Septenary Tree of Wyrd". Sphere of Jupiter. The Sinister Tarot By Christos Beest.The text and the pictures of the Sinister Tarot are from Christos Beest (Richard Mould) the founder of the Order of the Nine Angles, and is according to the author's own writings "public domain" as far as documents are stated... more
The Workings of Babalon by Michael FordMichael W. Ford - Akhtya Seker Arimanius, Illustration by Elda Isela Ford- The Summoning of the Daemonic Feminine into a Material Avatar- The Queen of the Witches SabbatbyDiana and Aradia and Hekate are commonly known as Queens of the Witches now, by necessity, the Morrigan is taking her place alongside them. Queen of... more
Satanicon by Adrian ClavexSatanicon was first published at Manchester, New Hampshire by The Blackstar Church on All Hallow's Eve--October 31, 1993. This new Revised and Expanded Edition published also at Manchester, New Hampshire, by the Blackstar Church on All Antichrist's Day--May 7, 1996.DEDICATED TO SATAN--Who has shown me the value of Evil and who... more
The Dark Arts of The Sinister Way (2nd Edition) by Order of Nine Angles
Void and Abyss by Michael FordGrade 0) Void and the Abyss Edited by Frater Akhtya Seker Arimanius - Vox Barathrum Cover Image by Fidus, Luzifer Morgenstern Introduction by Scorpius Nokmet.This workbook is meant not to replace any of the fine works of Frater Akhtya Seker Arimanius (Michael Ford), but hopefully enhance those writings, and hopefully make the... more
Codex Saerus (The Black Book of Satan, Anton Long Edition) by Order of Nine AnglesThe whole text of the traditional Black Book is included in the present work, together with several additional chapters (e.g. Self-Initiation Organizing and Running a Temple).These additions make this present work a concise practical handbook for those seriously interested in the Black Arts.The Black Book contained the... more
Mysticism in the 21st Century by Order of Nine AnglesThe founder of the group, Anton Long, has remained a mystery to members of the movement, as well as to academics.While several individuals have been at times identified as possible candidates, the true identity of the figure remains a mystery. Long states in his own biographical notes that he was born a British citizen, who in... more
The Black Book of the Abyss by Pope FraizeThis book is A Small collection of work Pope Fraize has hand picked from his black book OF the Abyss. What you are about to read IS a small View into The world of Self Proclaimed Satanic Prophet Pope Fraize who is also the founder of the church of leviathan.For The Past 16 YEARS Most of these words that are printed on these... more
Alchemical Seasons and Fluxions of Time by Order of Nine AnglesMost of the following axioms and brief elucidations form part of the Camlad aural tradition that was, some forty years ago, incorporated into the esoteric association The Order of Nine Angles. The remainder are my own elucidations and development of the tradition, with some of these elucidations of mine using the terminology... more
Magian Occultism and The Sinister Way by Order of Nine AnglesGiven the genuine heretical nature of parts of this work, it should be understood that publication and/or distribution/possession of it is illegal in many 'Western' countries, and those so publishing, distributing or possessing copies of this work render themselves liable to criminal prosecution and imprisonment, and/or... more
The Combination Lock Principale by Anton Szandor LaVeyThis is an essay from Anton LaVey's book The Devil's Notebook. If you appreciate this work then please show support by purchasing the full book.Magic is like a combination lock. If each tumbler falls into place, the lock will open. Seldom are any two locks the same. Their physical appearance might be identical, but the... more
The Curses of Azazel by Andrei OrlovThe second part of the Apocalypse of Abraham, a Jewish pseudepigraphon written in early centuries of the Common Era,1 deals with the ascent of the eponymous hero to the heavenly Holy of Holies. On this celestial journey, Abraham and his angelic companion Yahoel encounter a strange demonic creature, namely, the fallen angel... more
Lilith, Lady Flying in Darkness by AnonymousBlack Moon Lilith describes our relationship to the absolute, to sacrifice as such, and shows us how we let go. In transit, Black Moon Lilith indicates a form of castration or frustrations, most often in areas of desire, a powerlessness of the psyche, or a general inhibition. It also shows where we question ourselves, our... more
The Black Moon Lillith by Frater RikbIn the interests of further exploring this possibility, I have compiled the astrological data pertaining to the position of Lilith in the charts of 14 women who I judged to display a "Lillith character." This includes women whose powerful sexuality has become a hallmark of their public image, or whose defiance of male hegemony... more
Midnight Circle A Commentary of AZOTHOZ A Book of the Adversary by Michael FordA Commentary of AZOTHOZ - A Book of the Adversary. Presented by The Night Ravener (Akhtya Seker Arimanius ~ Michael W. Ford)- A Brother in the Pact of Witchblood.AZOTHOZ presents in poetic form the antinomian concept of separation from the natural order. This is clear throughout the various grimoires such as NOX UMBRA, BOOK OF... more
Azazel's Goat by AnonymousThe Book of Enoch, brings Azazel into connection with the Biblical story of the fall of the angels, located, obviously in accordance with ancient folk-lore, on Mount Hermon as a sort of an old Semitic Blocksberg, a gathering-place of demons from of old (Enoch xiii. compare Brandt, "Mandaische Theologie," 1889, p. 38).... more
NAOS (A Practical Guide to Modern Magick) by Order of Nine AnglesCompleted by Caput Mortuum for the Ayin Quadma'ah Movement.The purpose of the present work is to provide a self-contained and practical guide to esoteric magick based upon the Septenary tradition. This hitherto secret tradition (also known as hebdomadry) is here published for the first time.The present work is clearly written,... more
The Septenary Anados and Life After Death by Order of Nine AnglesOne of the most outre (and neglected) aspects of the esoteric philosophy that the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) represents and presences {1} is that the last stage, the goal, of their hermetic initiatory Seven Fold Way {2}, the stage of Immortal, cannot be attained by a living human being. This means and implies that, in... more
A System of Magic by Daniel DefoA System of Magick or, a History of the Black Art. Being an Historical Account of Mankind's most early Dealing with the Devil and how the Acquaintance on both Sides first began. London, 1727 [i.e., 1726].Defoe again begins with a humorous preface, in which he explains that if anyone was expecting, based on the title, to... more
The Aural Tradition Of The Order Of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesIn 2011, as research for his now published book Mysticism in the 21st Century, Professor Connell Monette privately submitted a list of questions to Anton Long, shortly before AL (as befitted a Magus) retired from all public and private duties. One of these questions concerned the aural tradition of the O9A, and in his reply AL... more
Hermetic Origins of The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesThe essays in this pdf compilation concern the hermetic origins, and the hermeticism, of the esoteric group the Order of Nine Angles (ONA/O9A), founded by the pseudonymous Anton Long in the early 1970s, and which origins and hermeticism are apparent from a comparative study of Myatt's 2013 translation of and commentary on the... more
The Dark Arts of The Sinister Way by Order of Nine AnglesThe Dark Arts (aka Dark, or Sinister, Sorcery) include: (1) the basic skills of practical sorcery traditionally learnt - by means of practical experience - by those following the Seven Fold (Sinister) Way and (2) an additional series of techniques or skills suitable for an aspiring Rounwytha. The additional (advanced)... more
Satan's Scroll I by Draconis BlackthorneBibliography Reviews of that Books: - "The Oxford Annotated Bible" - "666" by Jay Anson - "THE INFERNO" by Dante Alighieri {Translation by John Ciardi} - "DIALOGUES WITH THE DEVIL" by Taylor Caldwell - "SATANIC SEX" by Arlene J. Fitzgerald - "THE NECROMANTIC RITUAL BOOK" by Leilah Wendell - "Candlemas Eve" by Jeffrey Sackett -... more
The Black Flame (Vol 5, No 3 and 4) by Various Authors
The Authority Of Individual Judgement (Interpretation And Meaning) by Order of Nine Angles"We see our way as guiding a few individuals to self-awareness, to Adeptship and beyond, via various practical and magickal techniques. The emphasis is on guide, on self-development, on self-discovery. There is no religious attitude, no acceptance of someone else's authority [...]I claim no authority, and my creations, profuse... more
The Enigmatic Truth (Last Words From A Modern Alchemist) by Order of Nine AnglesLapis Philosophicus - the jewel of the alchemist the goal that the alchemist, through alchemy, seeks. Possession of this jewel is, according to aural tradition, sufficient to gift the alchemist with both wisdom and the secret of a personal immortality. Let me begin the story - of the secret of lapis philosophicus - at the... more
The Devil's Dictionary by Raphael BluewolfThis e-book was made by Raphael Bluewolf in order to make a free and easy access of those wishing to make use of it. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it, as long as you do that for free, and please don't delete the name of who worked on it, and respectthe content.The DEVIL'S DICTIONARY, a sardonic partial thesaurus of... more
The Black Flame (Issue 16,2005) by Various Authors
The Dark Forces by Order of Nine AnglesFor too long our enemies have lied about us. But, as the cosmic tides begin another Aeonic change as the Age of the Dark Gods begins, we proclaim openly our defiance and our creed.No longer shall the lies go unchallenged. Accordingly, we - as representatives of those dark forces which have always shaped our evolution proclaim... more
The Quintessence of Satanism by Order of Nine AnglesSatanism is not merely attending nor even conducting ceremonies or rituals of a 'Black Magick' kind. Nor does Satanism mean or imply membership of an avowedly Satanic group. Neither is Satanism merely the enjoyment of material delights. Rather, Satanism - quintessentially - is an attitude and a way of living. This attitude... more
Book of Wyrd by Order of Nine AnglesWyrd is a concept in Anglo-Saxon culture roughly corresponding to fate or personal destiny. Their concept of fate, wyrd, was stronger than that of the Classical Pagans as there was no resisting it. The word is ancestral to Modern English weird, which retains its original meaning only dialectically.The cognate term in Old Norse... more
Collection of Tales and Poetry by Order of Nine AnglesThe following work re-presents the Order of Nine Angles 'Tales & Poetry' databaseLayout and compilation by Caput MortuumStand: May 2004 * 25 MSS * 614 pagesPlease note: This summary is not authorized by the O.N.A.Tales & Poetry: 1. Copula Cum Daemone Or A Summer's Tale 2. Griggin 's Nap 3. Carving 4. Dyssolving, Diary Of An... more
The Occult Way of The Order of Nine Angles by Anton LongFive Essays by Anton Long.Contents: - Notes Concerning The Aeonic Perspective - A Basic Introduction to The Order of Nine Angles - Pathei-Mathos and The Initiatory Occult Quest - The Adeptus Way and The Sinisterly-Numinous - Myths, Legends, Dark Gods, and Occult Mystique - Methods and Tradition of The Seven Fold... more
The Black Pillar by Order of the SkullTERRIBILIS EST LOCUS ISTE. Order of the Skull PUBLICATION IN CLASS B with some exceptions.In my mind, The Black Pillar begs the questions: What is religion without sacrilege? What is the savior without sin? A flock without a shepherd? The answer: You. The individual. All the trappings of humanity with the potential to perform... more
ONA, The Left Hand Path, and the Temple of Set by Order of Nine AnglesWhile the Temple of Set (hereinafter abbreviated ToS) refers to itself as a Left Hand Path (LHP) organization - and while many academics have accepted this, and have given various definitions of the LHP [1] - The Order of Nine Angles (ONA) defines the LHP in such a way that the ToS fails to meet any of the criteria for being a... more
The Discovery and Knowing of Satan by Order of Nine AnglesSatan, Acausal Entities, and The Order of Nine Angles.Hence the ONA - by our Labyrinthos Mythologicus, our philosophy and praxis, our traditions - just suggests, incites, inspires, annoys, tests, challenges, provokes, intrigues, perplexes, and (in some individual cases and if asked for) may offer some practical personal... more
Caelethi (The Black Book of Satan II) by Christos BeestSince many people have recently inquired about Christos Beest and the ONA, here are the facts.Christos Beest was the rather silly pseudonym used by the Shropshire based composer and artist Richard Moult during his involvement with the ONA. This involvement lasted from 1989 ce to the late 1990's ce during which time he advanced... more
A Complete Guide To The Sevenfold Sinister Way by Order of Nine AnglesBefore embarking on the first stage - that of Satanic Initiation - the individual who desires to follow the dark path of traditional Satanism should gain some understanding of what genuine Satanism is. To this end, the following Order MSS should be read:* Satanism - An Introduction For Prospective Adherents* The Sinister Path:... more
Sinister Dialectics, Aeonic Sorcery, Logos, and The Enigma of O9A by Order of Nine AnglesThis particular collection of texts concerning, and by, the O9A which deal with some hitherto rather neglected aspects of the 'particular esoteric knowledge' - ancestral and modern - that forms the basis of O9A culture. These aspects are the aeonic understanding manifest in 'the sinister dialectic', the 'inner O9A', and the... more
The Self Immolation Rite by Order of Nine AnglesThis is the orginal text of an ONA lyric, textually taken from a cassette, given to Hagur by Xaphan (J.F.), an ONA representative in Houston, Texas (USA). Music is beautiful, and very deepening (no longer available), and the words too. However, one must hear the music and songs, while reading the book, entering a dream-world as... more
Aob (Warriors of The Dark Way) by Order of Nine AnglesThe ikhwani wa akhawati of the esoteric association known as AoB - whose full name will not be given here - accept and affirm that our brief mortal life in the causal continuum is an opportunity, never to arise again, for we human beings to transcend to the acausal continuum, in which realm we shall acquire, by the very nature... more
One Sinister Mysterium (A Selection of Articles) by Anton LongContents: - Core ONA Traditions - Children and the ONA - The Rounwytha Tradition - Sinister Tribes, Sinister Individuality, and The Sinister Way - Debunking The Chaos - Notes Concerning Language, Chants, and Acausal Entities - The De-Evolutionary Nature of Might is Right - Toward The Sinister Mysterium - Mysterium - Beyond The... more
Authority,Learning and Culture In The Sinister Tradition Of O9A by Order of Nine Angles"I claim no authority, and my creations, profuse as they are, will in the end be accepted or rejected on the basis of whether they work. Satan forbid they should ever become 'dogma' or a matter of 'faith'. I also expect to see them become transformed, by their own metamorphosis and that due to other individuals: changed,... more
A Brief Order of Nine Angles Glossary by Order of Nine AnglesThe Order of Nine Angles employs a variety of specialist esoteric terms, such a nexion, presencing, acausal, Tree of Wyrd, and so on.It also needs to be understood that the ONA uses some now generally used exoteric terms - such as psyche, and archetype - in a particular and precise esoteric way, and thus such terms should not... more
Anton Long and The Exeatic Quest for Gnosis by Order of Nine AnglesAs Anton Long wrote in the 2011 text Enantiodromia: The Sinister Abyssal Nexion."My life has been considered by some to be a practical manifestation of The Seven Fold Way."This is certainly true is one accepts, as many do {4}, the as yet unproven claim that Anton Long was a pseudonym used by David Myatt and that Myatt set up... more
Collection of Books by Order of Nine AnglesThe following work re-presents the Order of Nine Angles 'Books' database. Layout and compilation by Caput Mortuum, Stand: May 2004 * 4 Books * 222 pages, Please note: This summary is not authorized by the O.N.A.Books:1. The Black Book of Satan 2. The Black Book of Satan II3. The Black Book of Satan... more
Fenrir (Volume III, Issue II) by Order of Nine Angles
O9A Esoteric Chant Archive by Order of Nine AnglesEsoteric Chant - also called Esoteric Septenary Chant (ESChant) - is an aural tradition of the Order of Nine Angles, originating from the Camlad tradition that flourished in the Welsh Marches, and particularly in rural South Shropshire.Most of this tradition was transcribed by Anton Long in the 1970's CE and circulated among... more
The Nine Angles Rite by Order of Nine AnglesThe rite may be undertaken on either the autumnal equinox (for the Dabih gate) or the winter solstice (for Algol). The Naos rite is suitable for southern climes and will not be given here although in form it is the same as the version given.Ideally, the rite should be undertaken either: a) on a hill-top of pre-Cambrian rock... more
Ontology, Satanism, And The Sinisterly Numinous Occult Tradition by Order of Nine AnglesThe problem with modern satanism {2} from a philosophical point of view is (i) that it lacks a unique ontology, and unique philosophical answers to ethical questions such as the nature of good and evil {3} and (ii) that it lacks a unique epistemology and (iii) that it is little more than a collection of unoriginal... more
Eira (A Satanic Guide to Future Magick) by Christos BeestThis present volume has been compiled {Tom the most recent writings of a member of the Order of Nine Angles. It serves as a pointer towards the future -of Magick, and of Western evolution.The author is well aware that written works such as this are merely shadows of what cannot, at present, be adequately expressed. And yet, via... more
The Definitive Guide To The Order of Nine Angles (Theory and Praxises) by Order of Nine AnglesThe esoteric philosophy of Anton Long and the three O9A praxises together form what has been termed as (i) the sinister tradition, and (ii) the sinister lynuminous tradition and which Occult tradition was first publicly outlined in the 1980s collection of texts entitled Naos - A Practical Guide To Modern Magick.The Occult... more
Time, Acausality, The Supernatural, And Scientific Theories by Order of Nine AnglesThe work brings together, from various sources, essays dealing with the theory - the idea - of acausality proposed by Myatt in the 1970s, subsequently developed by him as part of his philosophy of pathei-mathos, and which Myattian theory is primarily metaphysical. For it posits a bifurcation of Time, and an ontology of causal... more
Neutron Bomb by Michael AquinoDissertation for PhD, Electronic edition, University of California, 1982, 117 pp. The Neutron Bomb was originally my dissertation for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara, 1980. It consisted of the present Chapters 1-8 and an earlier (9) version of the present... more
The Pagan Mysticism Of The O9A by Order of Nine AnglesThis essay provides details in respect of the assertion, made in my 2014 essay O9A Esotericism, An Initiated Apprehension, that:"The initiated apprehension of O9A [Order of Nine Angles] esotericism is of a particular, modern, and occult, weltanschauung that melds aspects of ancient hermetic mysticism, and certain pagan... more
The Occult Fiction of The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesSelected Texts:

- Eulalia - Dark Daughter of Baphomet (2009 CE)

- Tales of the Dark Gods (2009 CE)

- Hangster's Gate (1979 CE)

- Gruyllan's Tale (2010 CE)
The Rounwytha Tradition by Order of Nine AnglesThe word Rounwytha and the expression Rounwytha tradition occur in several ONA texts. Can you explain what this tradition is?What we call The Rounwytha Tradition is the muliebral essence that formed the basis of the aural, esoteric, tradition I inherited from my Lady Master. It is a tradition which, it was claimed, was... more
FAQ by Order of Nine AnglesFrequently Asked Questions About The Order of Nine Angles (Version 4.05)
The Star Game (History and Theory) by Order of Nine AnglesThe Star Game was developed in 1975 while I was in prison, and was inspired by my reading, in the Autumn of 1974, of all of the works of Jung I could then obtain and the twelve volumes of Toynbee's A Study of History. My intention in respect of developing the game was to develope a practical representation of my earlier theory... more
O9A Rite of The Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesA Comparison with the Ceremony of Nine Angles by Aquino And A Brief Study of The Meaning of The Nine Angles.For well over thirty years many of those involved with modern occultism and/or satanism - influenced consciously or otherwise by the Church of Satan (CoS) and/or by the Temple of Set (ToS) - have alleged, without... more
The 21 Satanic Points by Order of Nine Angles1) Respect not pity or weakness, for they are a disease which makes sick the strong.

2) Test always your strength, for therein lies success.

3) Seek happiness in victory - but never in peace.

and others points
The Black Flame (Vol 5, No 1 and 2) by Various Authors
Nexion (A Guide To Sinister Strategy) by Order of Nine AnglesThe aim of 'Nexion' is to present, without mystification, an essential aspect of Sinister strategy, and one which all genuine Initiates are pledged to fulfill: the aiding of National-Socialism and its associated forms. National- Socialism is presented here within the context of 'Occultism' (specifically Satanism) and is thus... more
The Logos Of The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesThe texts and essays in this pdf compilation have been chosen to provide a useful, concise, insider, and contemporary, overview of 'the Logos' - the unique perceiveration - of the controversial esoteric group The Order of Nine Angles (ONA/O9A). As such, the compilation may be useful not only to occult neophytes and novices... more
Challenging The Consensus by Order of Nine AnglesEssays Regarding Influence, The Order of Nine Angles, Satanism, and The Left Hand Path.The five recent (2012-2013) and adversarial essays in this collection challenge the consensus, both in popular occult culture and in academia, that (i) the most important exemplar of Satanism is Anton LaVey that (ii) Michael Aquino and... more
In The Name Of The O9A (Incitement, Propaganda, And Mythos) by Order of Nine AnglesThe Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) is an intellection: the particular understanding of one person, the pseudonymous Anton Long, who melded (i) inherited and learned ancient pagan, and occult, traditions - British, and Hellenic hermeticism/mysticism - with (ii) the pathei-mathos resulting from his own decades-long (1972-2011)... more
Sinister Experiential Eleutheria by Order of Nine AnglesThe ONA is a practical way which enables our liberation from such forms (causal abstractions) as hold us in thrall physically, psychically, and collectively, and a liberation that thence enables us to evolve ourselves, as individuals, and to establish new ways of living consistent with eleutheria: with our freedom to be unique... more
The Hard Reality of Satanism by Order of Nine AnglesThe hard reality of Satanism is that it is very different from both the media image and the more recent image pedaled by imitation Satanists in both Europe and America. What Satanism Is: a) Satanism is a quest for self-excellence, involving real danger, real challenges and requiring real courage. It involves taking your body to... more
The Black Flame (Vol 6, No 1 and 2) by Various Authors
Mysterium (Beyond The O9A) by Order of Nine AnglesGiven that the emphasis of the ONA is on practical deeds, people curious about or interested on the ONA often ask about what the ONA has actually done - what ONA people actually do - to change the world in a noticeable way.
The Requisite O9A by Order of Nine AnglesA Practical Guide to The Sinister Sorcery of The Order of Nine Angles.The Seven-Fold Sinister Way, here explained in detail, is the name given to the practical system of Occult training used by ONA individuals and by ONA nexions (aka Temples) - that is, by those esoteric individuals and groups who and which use a sinister (Left... more
The Star Game Archive (Part I, The Simple Star Game) by Order of Nine AnglesThe Star Game was invented by David Myatt in 1975CE while he was in prison, and built upon his 1974CE theory of cliology - outlined in the typewritten text Emanations of Urania - Notes Toward A Heuristic Representation of Cliology - and which theory of cliology he began to develop during his first term of imprisonment in 1972CE... more
The Small Book of Saint Benedict (in Latin) by Saint BenedictThese black books which are called "Libritos" usually contains the "Orasyones" or spells, which are invariably in Latin, and considered to be the most important ingredient to the occult practices of a Filipino healer or shaman.The folk healers and shamans of the Philippines use these orasyones for exorcism, healing, as a love... more
The Methods and Tradition of The Sevenfold Way by Order of Nine AnglesThe Seven Fold Way of the traditional nexions of the Order of Nine Angles is a difficult and life-long personal commitment, and involves three basic methods: (1) practical experience, both esoteric and exoteric (2) a learning from that experience and (3) a progression toward a certain specific personal goal.These... more
Greek Jeremiah and the Land of Azazel by Albert PietersmaStudies in the Hebrew Bible, Qumran, and the Septuagint, Presented to Eugene Ulrich (edd. Peter W. Flint, Emanuel Tov and James C. VanderKam.) VTSup 101, Brill 2006 403-413.My focus in this paper will be on this "notable discontinuity," which at times, I believe, points up a dimension of the translation that would seem to stand... more
Denotatum (The Esoteric Problem With Names) by Order of Nine AnglesONA Esoteric Notes - Rounwytha 3.The esoteric problem with denoting, by means of an ascribed name or a given expression, is essentially two-fold. First, esoteric-empathy inclines us toward a knowing of the numinous essence that such a denoting obscures or hides, and part of which essence is a revealing of ourselves as but one... more
Defining The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesTexts authored by Anton Long have always made it clear that the final stage of his modern hermetic Seven Fold Way is the stage of the immortal and that, as described in the 1980s text Naos "the goal of sentient life is to [...] become part of the acausal (i.e. immortal when seen from the causal). Initiation, and the Mysteries'... more
The Black Flame (Vol 4, No 3 and 4) by Various Authors
The Practical Esoteric Aims Of Satanism by Anton LongThe following two interesting Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) typewritten articles by Anton Long are reproduced from volume III of Hostia, published in 1992. Both articles were written and first distributed around the same time, the late 1980s, with the main (4 page) article placing O9A support of National Socialism, and... more
Hebdomadry (Exeatic Way of The Order of Nine Angles) by Order of Nine AnglesThis works brings together four articles about the secretive, controversial, occult group the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A), renowned for its affirmation of human sacrifice, for its support of extremism (including neo-nazi ideology and terrorism) and for its amoral advocacy of criminal acts such as drugdealing and theft, all... more
Hysteron Proteron by Order of Nine AnglesThe Inner Teachings Of the O.N.A.The hysteron proteron (from the Greek: hysteron proteron, "latter before") is a rhetorical device. It occurs when the first key word of the idea refers to something that happens temporally later than the second key word. The goal is to call attention to the more important idea by placing it... more
Concerning The Meaning of The Nine Angles (Part II) by Order of Nine AnglesTo understand The Nine Angles is to understand the cosmology of causal and acausal - of the Cosmos itself having a causal continuum (a causal Universe), and an acausal continuum (an acausal Universe). The Nine Angles are a nexion between the two, which means these nine angles have or can presence life that is, they possess,... more
Some Advice For Neophytes Regarding The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesThis text is a proem for those considering: (i) following one the three occult ways, or paths, of the sinister and esoteric tradition of the "dangerous and extreme" Order of Nine Angles (ONA/O9A) or (ii) using one of more of those three ways (in whole or in part) as a beginning of, or as inspiration for, their own unique... more
The Satanism Of The O9A In Esoteric Context by Order of Nine AnglesThere has been some debate over the past decade among self-proclaimed satanists, among some academics and even among some individuals identifying with the Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA), as to whether the O9A is a satanist group and, if it is not, then how does one classify, and describe in occult terms, the O9A.Yet what is... more
Classic Texts (Part II) by Order of Nine AnglesThis work is the second of a projected small series of slim volumes designed to collect together some of the more interesting - 'interesting' insofar as I am concerned, at least - Order of Nine Angles and Camlad texts and MSS written, distributed, or published, during the past forty years.Included here, in Part Two of the... more
Classic Texts (Part I) by Order of Nine AnglesThis work is the first of a projected small series of slim volumes designed to collect together some of the more interesting - 'interesting' insofar as I am concerned, at least - Order of Nine Angles and Camlad texts and MSS written, distributed, or published, during the past forty years. I have taken this opportunity to... more
Hostia (Volume I) by Order of Nine Angles
Perusing The Sevenfold Way by Order of Nine AnglesThe septenary system, or tradition, of the modern occult group the Order of Nine Angles (ONA/O9A) was first publicly outlined in their 1980s text Naos - A Practical Guide To Modern Magick. The text is, interestingly, completely devoid of the satanism that the O9A has come to be associated with, and, as the Introduction states,... more
Diabological Dissent (Part I) by Order of Nine AnglesBeing Dissension From Some Mundane Misconceptions Relating to Certain Esoteric Matters (Part One).According to this aural esoteric tradition - which as always is to be believed or not, according to one's own perception and empathy - there was no naming per se, since such a naming of specific entities is a contradiction of that... more
Azazel in Early Jewish Tradition by Robert HelmThe term" Azazel," which appears four times in the prescriptions for the Day of Atonement (Lev 16:8, 10, 26), has elicited much debate. Although many scholars have identified Azazel with a demonic figure to whom the sin-laden scapegoat was dispatched,1 the term remains undefined in the biblical text. This article will attempt... more
A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms (3rd Edition) by Order of Nine AnglesThe ONA employs a variety of specialist esoteric terms, such a nexion, presencing, acausal, Tree of Wyrd, and so on.It also needs to be understood that the ONA uses some now generally used exoteric terms - such as psyche, and archetype - in a particular and precise esoteric way, and thus such terms should not be considered as... more
Fenrir (Volume III, Issue I) by Order of Nine Angles
Overview of The Star Game by Order of Nine AnglesThe Star Game is a three-dimensional board game for two players invented by David Myatt in 1975 [3][4] and subsequently used by the esoteric group the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) as occult sorcery and as a three-dimensional representation of their occult system of septenary correspondences. Each occult initiate is expected to... more
Empathy in the Esoteric Tradition of the O9A by Order of Nine AnglesThe Order of Nine Angles considers empathy to be important, and a natural human faculty a faculty which enables an intuition concerning - a knowing, an experience of - other humans, other Earth-dwelling life, of Nature [1], and of the Cosmos ('the heavens') beyond the planet which is currently our home. The knowing that... more
Azazel in the Pseudepigrapha by William SheaJournal of the Adventist Theological Society, 13/1 (Spring 2002): 1-9.There are eight references to Azazel in I Enoch. These references are distributed through two or three of the major sections of this book. Four references occur in The Book of the Watchers, chapters 1-10 (8:1 9:6 10:4, 8). The Book of Enochos Heavenly... more
A Modern Mage (Anton Long and The Order of Nine Angles) by Order of Nine AnglesAs someone recently wrote of David Myatt, he is an "extremely violent, intelligent, dark, and complex individual" {1}, while, according to the Occult cognoscenti, in order for a person to fully understand and appreciate the Order of Nine Angles {2} - and to thus know what being O9A means in the real world - they should know... more
Categorizing The Order Of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesThe O9A themselves, as noted by Senholt {4}, have often described themselves as part of what they term the 'sinister tradition' and, in the 1980s and 1990s, as 'traditional satanists' {5}, with Senholt writing that this 'sinister tradition' they established makes the O9A "distinct from existing Left Hand Path and satanic... more
Concerning Esoteric and Exoteric Languages by Order of Nine AnglesIn that essay I suggested that the Esoteric Chant of ONA aural tradition was one better means of describing and naming certain acausal entities than ordinary language, and thus enabled in us a type of knowing - an acausal-knowing - different from the causal knowing described by language and causal sciences:" Esoteric chant is a... more
Developing The Mythos (The Order of Nine Angles In Perspective) by Order of Nine Angles"Each individual is expected to work things out for themselves - if they can't do this, for whatever reason, they're just not suitable. This means, for example, treating all ONA material - including our alleged aural traditions - with scepticism, and forming their own conclusions about their veracity, or otherwise.No one tells... more
Geneseos Caput Tertium by Order of Nine AnglesOne of the purposes of an esoteric group - a nexion - such as the Order of Nine Angles is to aid those associated with it or inspired by it to carry out particular tasks and functions such as, via their own pathei mathos, discover wisdom (Lapis Philosophicus), develop their own weltanschauung, and thus in some manner... more
Some Questions and Answers About O9A (2015) by Order of Nine AnglesThe following recent [2015] questions and answers about the Order of Nine Angles have been purloined from a private O9A forum on the Dark Web and were between potential recruits and some knowledgeable O9A people. Given that similar questions about the O9A continue to be asked, some may find this compilation useful and/or... more
The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown II by Order of Nine AnglesThe Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown are letters by a Satanic Adept, over a period of a few years in the early 1990's CE with the intention of explaining the basic tenets of the traditional Satanism of The Order of Nine Angles.The two volumes given here contained exact facsimile copies of the original letters.These letters... more
Toward Understanding Satanism by Order of Nine AnglesTo begin to understand and appreciate and thus acquire some knowledge of some subject it is obviously necessary to know what that subject is about, what it deals with, and what its character - its essential nature - is, and this knowing begins, should begin, by defining it.A definition should have clarity and precision. For a... more
A Brief Guide to The Esoteric Philosophy of ONA by Order of Nine AnglesThe ONA has its own, unique, esoteric Philosophy and its own, unique and sinister, Way of Life - which Way of Life may be considered the praxis of the ONA, or how ONA individuals live and implement our sinister way of living and how they become, are of or belong to, the ONA.copyleft 121 Year of Fayen The Order of Nine Angles /... more
Baphomet and Opfer by Order of Nine AnglesThe word 'opfer' generally refers to the sacrifice that occurs - symbolic or otherwise - during certain rituals. There are, generally, two types of opfer: (1) associated with rites to open a nexion (or 'Star Gate'), between Aeons - when such an opfer(s) is considered necessary in terms of the 'energy' required (2) those... more
Classic Texts (Part IV) by Order of Nine AnglesPart Four Contents: - Satanism: Epitome of Evil - Balewa - Kindred Honour and Dark-Empathy - Women and the ONA - Children and the ONA - Our Sinister Feminine Archetype - Our Sinister Character - The De-Evolutionary Nature of Might is Right - Nietzsche, Darwin, Others, and The Seven-Fold Way - Sapphic Sorcery - In Praise of The... more
The Heresy Of Satanism by Order of Nine Angles(O9A/ONA) which debunk the pretendu 'satanism' of modern self-described 'satanists' who proclaim, for instance, that satanism is all about carnality, being adversarial only in a law-abiding way, and pursuing one's own 'enlightened self-interest'.In contrast, the O9A insist that satanism involves hard, difficult, dangerous, and... more
The Radical Sinister Philosophy of Anton Long by Order of Nine AnglesThere is, in this review of the Order of Nine Angles, no speculation regarding and no attempt made to prove 'who is behind the pseudonym Anton Long' beyond stating, in this Introduction, the well-known fact that the prime suspect does deny and always has denied using the pseudonym Anton Long. Neither will this work speculate... more
The Septenary, Crowley, and The Origins of The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesAleister Crowley is regarded, by the ONA, as a rather conventional, if somewhat eccentric, example of what it has been convenient to call The Right Hand Path that is, the ONA regards him as unconnected with any genuine Left Hand Path or any genuine Sinister Way. This is evident in many things, including (1) his reliance... more
Defining Satanism by Order of Nine AnglesThe acceptance of, or a belief in, the existence a supra-personal being called or termed Satan, and an acceptance of, or a belief in, this entity having or being capable of having some control over, or some influence upon, human beings, individually or otherwise, with such control often or mostly or entirely being beyond the... more
Hostia (Volume II) by Order of Nine Angles
Lapis Philosophicus, Isaac Newton, And The Septenary System by Order of Nine AnglesPerspicacious readers of a recent O9A text about alchemy will have noticed that the image of part of a handwritten manuscript by Isaac Newton entitled Lapis Philosophicus cum suis rotis elementaribus shows not only the Greco-Roman hermetic septenary system (Moon-Mercury-Venus-Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn) - as used by the O9A - but... more
The Mischievous, Sly, Misleading, O9A by Order of Nine Angles" [The ONA] is, in essence, a living ordered (acausal) being - a causal order or biological 'hierarchy' an organic order(ing) - which has nine distinct aspects, or 'angles' or 'perspectives' or 'causal lives/functions', to it when such a being is manifest (presenced, and perceived) through our causal Space and in our causal... more
The Occult Fiction of The Order of Nine Angles (A Brief Overview) by Order of Nine AnglesThe most recent works include Eulalia, and those included in Tales of the Dark Gods, dating from the past few years, while the others date from the 1970's (e.n.) and the late 1980's (e.n.). Several themes are common to most, if not all, of these stories - and this brief MS will briefly deal with two of the most interesting of... more
Emanations of Urania by Anton LongFor the O9A, the 'nine angles' were therefore an important aspect of their initiatory, experiential, Seven Fold Way, exoterically and esoterically. A means, as they made clear in their MSS, of symbolizing, objectifying, consciously understanding and integrating into the psyche, various archetypal forms as a prelude to the... more
Classic Texts (Part III) by Order of Nine AnglesThis work is the third of a projected small series of volumes designed to collect together some of the more interesting - 'interesting' insofar as I am concerned, at least - Order of Nine Angles and Camlad texts and MSS written, distributed, or published, during the past forty years. These volumes will reveal - to the sagacious... more
Classic Texts (Part V) by Order of Nine AnglesPart Fifth Content: - Understanding and Appreciating the ONA - Empathy and The Aeonic Perspective (In the Esoteric Tradition of The Order of Nine Angles) - Acausality, The Dark Gods, and The Order of Nine Angles - Developing The Mythos - ONA Style, O9A Chic - Playing The Sinister Game - A Brief History - Toward Understanding... more
Proem for Novices by Order of Nine AnglesThe essence of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) is the internal (the 'alchemical') change of the individual, on an individual basis, followed by the development of their personal character, self-understanding, and the acquisition of particular esoteric, and exoteric, skills and abilities.
The Black Flame (Vol 6, No 3 and 4) by Various Authors
Selected Sinister Stories by Order of Nine AnglesStories:

- Eulalia: Dark Daughter of Baphomet

- In The Sky of Dreaming

- Sabirah

- Jenyah
Bewraying The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesThe articles in this July 2015 compilation of Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) texts divulge in detail the inner esotericism of the O9A, hidden from non-initiates as that esotericism has been, for decades, by the various outer, exoteric (sometimes heretical, sometimes adversarial) 'causal forms' and written polemics that the O9A... more
Codex Saerus (O Livro Negro de Satan, in Portuguese) by Order of Nine AnglesOrder of Nine Angles, with illustrations of "The Sinister Tarot" by Christos Beest, translation by Diabolus Shugara.According to tradition, each Master or lady was responsible for a Satanic temple or group in particular was given in his assumption that responsibility, a copy of the Black Book of Satan. The Black Book contains... more
Hostia (Volume III) by Order of Nine Angles
Notes on Esoteric Tradition (Cosmic Wheel and Tetrahedron) by Order of Nine AnglesThe Cosmic Wheel is a wordless expression of the destiny of man, and represents that boundless cosmic ordering to which the essence eternally flows. It is a symbol of our potential, of the endless struggle for the evolution of consciousness, and of our unique warrior ethos. It enshrines the Will, determination, and drive... more
The Sinister Dialectic and Diabolical Aims of The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesIn respect of the ONA itself, we are a living nexion - a causal presencing of the Sinister, of certain acausal energies - and as such we both are, and are-not, an organization and an Order. We are so, because we have a Way, a mythos, a system of guidance, a method, which works, is efficacious, and which when correctly followed,... more
Variations (Coire Riabhaich) by Order of Nine AnglesShort fiction."The Abbess sighed, blew out the candle on her table, and returned to gaze abstractedly at the cold and impossibly distant stars. The pain had become dulled by the cold of water that seeped about Vron's knees. A strong wind was now blowing, but the sky remained clear. Behind him, spotlights began to invade the... more
Kavod of Azazel in the Apocalypse of Abraham by Andrei Orlovforthcoming in: With Letters of Light: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Early Jewish Apocalypticism, Magic and Mysticism (eds. D. Arbel and A. Orlov Berlin N.Y.: de Gryeter, 2010).The aforementioned scholarly suggestions about the dualistic tendencies of the apocalypse, which seems to envision a symmetrical... more
Commentary on Leeuwen's Dreamers of the Dark by Order of Nine AnglesThe following text is claimed to be by New Zealand author W.R. van Leeuwen, and to form unpublished parts of, or drafts for, his published (2008 yf) academic MA thesis entitled Dreamers of the Dark. The Leeuwen text has been, in 2009 yf, publicly circulated by means of scribd dot com. Since this text deals mainly with the Order... more
Concerning The Meaning of The Nine Angles (Part I) by Order of Nine AnglesAn article currently [2009 CE] drifting lopsidedly around in cyberspace - with a title something like Angles incarnes and giving hyperlinks to boring stuff about a dead two-dimensional shape, the trapezoid - reveals yet again the Aquino-cult for the silliness it is, and yet again serves to highlight the esoteric, intellectual,... more
Enantiodromia (The Sinister Abyssal Nexion) by Order of Nine AnglesThis work brings together a few brief articles and notes, written by me, concerning a particular part of The Seven Fold Way - the Sinister Abyssal Nexion, and the transition from Internal Adept to Master/LadyMaster.The following of the Seven Fold Way by individuals - from Neophyte to Internal Adept, and beyond and as described... more
The Deofel Quintet by Order of Nine Angles"The works collected under the title 'The Deofel Quartet' (*1) were written as Instructional Texts for members of a Black Magick group. As such, they deal with certain esoteric matters relevant to Novices and those who have begun to follow the path of Black Magick and Satanism.While the form chosen is fictional, it is not of a... more
Questions From A Modern Rounwytha Initiate by Order of Nine Angles - Would I be right in thinking that in practical terms the Rounwytha principle means theOrder of Nine Angles puts great emphasis on women? - You're talking feminine qualities here? About empathy, right? - What other female qualities, apart from empathy, then? - You mentioned developing them, these qualities. How? - What do you... more
Understanding and Appreciating the Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesThere are five main things that enable the Order of Nine Angles to be appreciated for what it is, what it does, and what it can do.One of the main esoteric purposes of the ONA, therefore, is to guide/incite /encourage individuals to explore and experiment, in a practical way, with the aforementioned Occult, and which... more
What Makes The Order Of Nine Angles Unique by Order of Nine AnglesOne of the many things that makes the Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) unique is that it presents "a recognizable new interpretation of Satanism and the Left Hand Path".Fundamental to how the O9A understand and define both the Left Hand Path (LHP) and Satanism is their axiom that most human beings have the potential to... more
The Sinister Tradition in the O9A by Jacob Christiansen SenholtPOLITICAL ESOTERICISM & THE CONVERGENCE OF RADICAL ISLAM, SATANISM AND NATIONAL SOCIALISM IN THE ORDER OF THE NINE ANGLES Jacob C. Senholt, University of Aarhus, Presented on the international conference, Satanism in the Modern World, Trondheim, 19-20th of November, 2009The following article is a revised and updated version of... more
The Divine Pymander (A Translation and Commentary) by David MyattThis followed the republication, in 1532 CE, of the Latin translation by Marsilius Ficinus in an edition with the intriguing title "Mercvrii Trismegisti Pymander de potestate et sapientia dei. Eivsdem Asclepivs, de uoluntate dei. Opuscula sanctissimis mysterijs, ac uere coelestibus oraculis illustrissima. Iamblichvs De... more
Blodefah (Excerpta Esoterica) by Order of Nine AnglesThe ONA has its own, unique, esoteric Philosophy and its own, unique and sinister, Way of Life - which Way of Life may be considered the praxis of the ONA, or how ONA individuals live and implement our sinister way of living and how they become, are of or belong to, the ONA.Our most fundamental and long-term practical goals are... more
Kything The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesDue to the increase in recent years in the number of individuals publicly opining about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA), both via the medium of the internet and via the medium of printed books, it seems only fitting to present an informed, initiated, insight into the O9A, especially as the opinionastry displayed by the... more
O9A Esotericism (An Initiated Apprehension) by Order of Nine AnglesThe term 'O9A esotericism' refers to the occult {1} weltanschauung of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) as developed and expounded by the pseudonymous Anton Long in various writings between the 1970s and 2011 {2}, and which particular esotericism includes not only an esoteric philosophy {3} but also practical artisements {4}... more
On Being Unpopular by Order of Nine AnglesDiscernment, Pathei-Mathos, and the Initiatory Occult Quest.Occult Orders such as the ONA primarily exist and are maintained in order to facilitate and encourage this interior, personal, change in those individuals such Orders have recruited or in such individuals as have succeeded in finding such Orders and overcoming the... more
The Star Game Archive (Part II, Further Notes and Diagrams) by Order of Nine AnglesThe simple form of TSG has seven boards, and only 27 pieces per side (player causal/acausal aspect), with each of these boards consisting of nine black and nine white squares. This simple form can be played merely as a mundane (if somewhat complex) game, according to rules given in Naos, although Initiates are expected to... more
A Goat to Go to Azazel (from Journal of Hebrew Scriptures) by Aron PinkerArticles in JHS are being indexed in the ATLA Religion Database, RAMBI, and BiBIL. Their abstracts appear in Religious and Theological Abstracts. The journal is archived by the National Library of Canada, and is accessible for consultation and research at the Electronic Collection site maintained by the The National Library of... more
101 (The Sinisterly Numinous Tradition) by Order of Nine AnglesThe Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) is a sinisterly-numinous mystic tradition: it is not now and never was either strictly satanist or strictly Left Hand Path, but uses 'satanism' and the LHP as 'causal forms' that is, as techniques/experiences/ordeals/challenges (amoral and otherwise) in a decades-long personal anados to... more
Fenrir (Volume III, Issue III) by Order of Nine Angles
The Geryne of Satan by Order of Nine AnglesThis brief essay will outline a few interesting facts about the terms Satan and Satanism (and thus Satanist), including their historical usage in the English language, and thus may guide the sagacious to an understanding of the geryne of Satan: that the mysterious secret of Satan is the simple heretical, japing, and... more
A Note Concerning Afterlife in the Esoteric Philosophy of O9A by Order of Nine AnglesWhile the esoteric philosophy and praxis of The Order of Nine Angles has recently come to the attention of certain academics one aspect of the ONA has so far gone almost unnoticed, even among many aficionados of the ONA. This is the ONA assumption of an afterlife, in the acausal dimensions, and which afterlife is an important,... more
O9A in Historical, and Esoteric Context by Order of Nine AnglesAccording to its own internal account [1] of its origins, the esoteric association named The Order of Nine Angles resulted from the amalgamation, in the late 1960's CE, of three small British, and secretive, pagan groups called, respectively, Camlad, The Noctulians, and The Temple of the Sun. The total number of people involved... more
The Esoteric Philosophy Of The ONA by Order of Nine AnglesThe esoteric philosophy of the O9A was first proposed by the pseudonymous Anton Long in occult writings between 1984 and 2011 and thus is also known as 'the esoteric philosophy of Anton Long' with the Order of Nine Angles itself, correctly understood, being the various ways this esoteric philosophy (the theory) can be and has... more
Order of Nine Angles Style O9A Chic by Order of Nine AnglesONA people have style, either naturally or acquired as a result of their experience, their learning - a style evident not in clothes, accesories, footwear, coiffure, but incharacter, bearing, experience: in short, in personality and the effortless refined skill of a personal sinister-cloaking.A feature of the internet is that... more
Otonen (A Guide to the Stage of Initiate) by Order of Nine AnglesThe aim of the present work is to outline some of the specific tasks facing a new Initiate. Throughout these tasks, and their completion, genuine initiation takes place. k noted in these MSS, genuine initiation is not simply the product of a single ritual -but rather an expansion of consciousness that occurs over a period of... more
Praxis and Theory of O9A by Order of Nine AnglesIn comparison to all other modern self-professed Satanist groups, and in contrast to those individuals who publicly profess or have professed (in the last sixty years or so) to being Satanists, the Order of Nine Angles is, and always have been, different and, from the viewpoint of these other Satanists, a Satanic heresy.The... more
Selling Water by the River by Order of Nine Angles(From Fenrir No. 6, 100yf)Questions: - What is Satanism? - How do you then understand magick? - You often use the term `traditional Satanism'. What does this mean? - But surely rituals are important e.g. the Black Mass? - What then is the purpose of your Order? - But are you not still secretive? - What about Initiations?and... more
Deuses Obscuros (Dark Gods, in Portuguese) by Alektryon ChristophosAlektryon Christophoros, shows very well this group aspect in his article Traditional Satanism, National Socialism, and the Aeon Faustian, where he writes:"One of the basic beliefs of Traditional Satanism is based on the fact that Western society was 'poisoned' or impoverished with Judeo-Christian values that came only delay... more
The Physics of Acausal Energy (Part I, An Outline of the New Physics) by David MyattThe Physics of Acausal Energy. Part One: An Outline of the New Physics.Causal science is based on the following foundations: (i) the causal, phenomenal, universe exists independently of us and our consciousness, and thus independent of our senses (ii) our limited understanding of this causal 'external world' depends for the... more
O9A Compilation 2013 by Order of Nine AnglesAs the title indicates, this is a compilation of recent articles by, and about, the Order of Nine Angles [ONA/O9A] and its sinister tradition, published in 2013 ev.While a few of the articles are polemical or proemial in nature {1} most are studied discourses which, like those in the earlier compilation Hebdomadry, Exeatic Way... more
Roots and Organization of the Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine Anglesthe ONA is unlike most, if not all, contemporary Occult orders or organizations in that it has no centralized organization, no person claiming to be its leader, no formal membership, and - as the ONA - holds no public activities, meetings, or events, issues no public statements, and detests the use of titles. Instead, it is a... more
The Esotericism of The Deofel Quintet by Order of Nine AnglesA Study, By Means of Quotations, Of The Esoteric Mythos Of The Order of Nine Angles.In this study I shall quote from just two ONA fictional works: The Giving, and the rather more obviously fictional, easily classifiable, Temple of Satan, and which two works form part of the Deofel Quintet.I concentrate on only two works, and in... more
The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown I by Order of Nine AnglesCollected here are some of the letters written by a Satanic Adept over a period of a few years to a variety of individuals with a view to explaining some of the tenets of traditional Satanism.Some letters to or concerning this Adept are also included to give context. All the letters are reproduced from the originals. It is... more
The Star Game Archive (Part III, The Advanced Star Game) by Order of Nine AnglesAs mentioned in ONA MSS such as The Dark Arts of Traditional Satanism (aka The Dark Arts of The Sinister Way) and in the section The Rite of The Star Game in The Grimoire of Baphomet, The Star Game is one of the principle means of developing acausal-knowing (a.k.a. acausal-thinking) and is also a powerful if esoteric Dark... more
A Most Brief Discourse On The History Of O9A by Order of Nine AnglesWhat is here presented might well be deemed and termed A Work of Darknesse. A work by some gladly believed by others an entertainment because it is very possible that every Reader will make of it what they will. For the World is full of imposture. Yet there was a Time when sorcery was the delight of many mortals, and... more
The Innovation And Influence Of The Order Of Nine Angles by Order of Nine Anglesthe ONA made the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set look like poseurs. They made the 'satanism' of the Church of Satan appear to be of the 'teenage rebellion' kind where there is an adolescent desire not only to shock others but also to 'feel special' and be part of something 'forbidden' (but safe), while the ONA made the... more
The Holy Rule of Sant Benedict by Saint Benedictby Saint Benedict, Abbot of Monte Cassino. Translated by Rev. Boniface Verheyen, OSB of St. Benedict's Abbey, Atchison, Kansas Electronic text (with added scripture references).Listen, O my son, to the precepts of thy master, and incline the ear of thy heart, and cheerfully receive and faithfully execute the admonitions of thy... more
O9A in Contemporary Academic Discourse by Order of Nine AnglesUntil 2009 the treatment, by established academics and post-graduate students, of the modern satanist group the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) was cursory at best and sometimes bordering on the ill-informed. For example, in the 2006 Encyclopedic Sourcebook of Satanism edited by James R. Lewis and Jesper Petersen, the Church of... more
Some Questions and Answers About O9A (2013) by Order of Nine AnglesThe following recent [2013] questions and answers about the O9A have been unashamedly purloined from various internet forums. The wording of some of these Q&A's have also, in a few places, been unashamedly and unapologetically altered (or added to) mostly for purposes of clarity but occasionally for various nefarious reasons of... more
The Contrary Significations Of The O9A by Order of Nine AnglesThe Dehortations of Anton LaVey.some individuals - understanding the plagiarism of LaVey and knowing the sources used for his 'Satanic Bible' - assert that that text, and thus LaVey's satanism, no longer has any credibility. For example: "LaVey stole selectively and edited lightly, avoiding the racist, anti-Semitic,... more
Living Like The Azazel Goat in Romans by Nobuyoshi KiuchiAmong the three epithets to 'sacrifice' in Romans 12:1b ('living', 'holy', and 'acceptable to God'), 'living' does not appear to derive from Old Testament rituals. Thus, the term is commonly thought to apply only to the New Testament believer. However, such a conclusion is syntactically and semantically awkward because the... more
Some Notes On The Theory of The Acausal by David MyattMyatt is one of the more original thinkers in the post-war nationalism in general and one of the most radical. Taking a polar opposite view of the Zionist instigated Islamohysteria view of some populists.Political scientist Professor George Michael has written that Myatt is an "intriguing theorist" whose "Faustian quests" not... more
Marcheyre Rhinnings (Being Some Writings Relating To The Rounwytha) by Order of Nine AnglesThis collection of essays is concerned, in the main, with part of the aural Rounwytha (or Camlad) tradition of the esoteric association known as The Order of Nine Angles.The recent essays by me included in this compilation had their genesis in questions asked of me by some academics interested in the ONA and our aural... more
NAOS (Um Guia Pratico Para Magicka Moderna, in Portuguese) by Order of Nine AnglesThe essence of achieving success in both ceremonial and hermetic rituals is to restrict the aim of the ritual to one, very specific, aim and to find before the ritual a) a simple visualisation of this aim b) a phrase (which may be chanted/vibrated) which captures the aim in a few words. This phrase can itself be written... more
Nine Common Misconceptions About The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesAccording to their own testimony, the Order of Nine Angles was originally formed in England in the 1960s, with the merger of three neopagan temples called Camlad, The Noctulians, and Temple of the Sun. Following the original leader's emigration to Australia, it has been alleged that David Myatt took over the order and began... more
Some Notes On The Rounwytha Way by Order of Nine AnglesThe Rounwytha Way - also known as 'the rouning' - is an aural pagan esoteric tradition, indigenous to a particular rural area of the British isles, of a few empaths (most of whom were and are women) for whom there are no teachings, no dogma, no rituals, no spells, no conjurations, no incantations, no abstract determinate... more
Esoteric Aural Tradition In The Deofel Quartet by Order of Nine AnglesThe four works of fiction that form The Deofel Quartet - Falcifer, Temple of Satan, The Giving, and The Greyling Owl - were never considered by their author as either literature or as good enough to be published as novels by mainstream publishers. Rather, they began life as stories told, usually by Anton Long or by his... more
The Promethean Peregrinations of David Myatt (A Brief Biography) by Order of Nine AnglesDavid Myatt has been described as a neo-nazi activist and thug, a theoretician of terror, a radical Islamist (supporter of bin Laden and the Taliban), a racketeer, and - according to Professor Jeffrey Kaplan - as having "undertaken a global odyssey which took him on extended stays in the Middle East and East Asia, accompanied... more
The Goats And Us by Rabbi Marc MargoliusAzazel would therefore appear to be the head of the supernatural beings of the desert. He was thus an instance of the elevation of a demon into a deity. Such a development is indeed rare in Hebrew religious history of the Biblical age, but Azazel was really never a national Hebrew god, and his share in the ritual seems to be... more
The Day of Atonement Scapegoat by Marie Casale
To Azazel, The Gospel of Mercy and the Diocese of Manchester by Ryan Anthony MacDonald
Order of Nine Angles Etiquette by Order of Nine Angles"[Consider the] Order of Nine Angles as a Von Neumann machine but one with an open source code which allows mutation when replicating. As such, the only necessity for such a self-replicating device to work is putting it out there. After that it will do its work no matter if the creators are still involved or even if they remain... more
Overview Of The Order Of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesThe Order postulates Satanism as being a highly individualized quest that aims to create self-excellence and wisdom, by undertaking challenges that allow a person to transcend his physical and mental limits.[26] It is meant to involve the arduous achievement of self-mastery and Nietzschean self-overcoming, with an emphasis on... more
Some Questions and Answers About O9A (2014) by Order of Nine AnglesThe following recent [2014] questions and answers about the O9A have been unashamedly purloined from various internet forums and private e-mails. The wording of some of these Q&A's have also, in a few places, been unashamedly and unapologetically altered (or added to) mostly for purposes of clarity but occasionally for various... more
The Rounwytha Way (In History and Modern Context) by Order of Nine AnglesWhat has been termed The Way of the Rounwytha is locally referred to as the Camlad Rouning, or simply and most often as The Rouning, with those of this way known as Rounwytha. It is an aural pagan tradition found in a few rural areas of South Shropshire and Herefordshire together with a few enclaves in the marches areas of Sir... more
Investigating The Order Of Nine Angles by Order of Nine AnglesAt the suggestion of many readers, a new section, Part Four, has been added providing the O9A texts concerning 'Esoteric Languages' and 'The Rounwytha Tradition'. All the O9A texts mentioned in the Overview of the O9A are therefore now included in this work.Much of what has been written about the Order of Nine Angles (ONA/O9A)... more
Originality, Tradition, And The Order of Nine Angles by Order of Nine Anglesthe criticism of the O9A reveals are allegations - personal or partisan, or based on rumours - or the result of a superficial reading of only a few ONA texts. For in the thirty years since the O9A first became publicly known, no one outside of the O9A has studiously scrutinized the theory and praxis of the O9A - the esoteric... more
A Review of David Myatt's The Divine Pymander by Order of Nine AnglesIn July of this year (2013) David Myatt issued the first pre-publication draft of his complete translation of and commentary on the Pymander section of the Corpus Hermeticum - 'The Divine Pymander' {1}. The work, translated from the ancient Greek, is now (August 2013) available as a printed book {2}.The Divine Pymander is one... more
Wrestling With Azazel by Sylvester WojtkowskiA Version of this paper has been presented at the Art and Psyche in the CityConference, NYC 7/12.WRESTLING WITH AZAZEL - JUNG AND MODERN ART, A CRITICAL APPRAISAL."I am only prejudiced against all forms of modern art. It is mostly morbid and evil." (C.G. Jung Letters volume 1, Letter to Esther Harding 7/8/47, p. 469.)Ever since... more
Shedding Sin (The Scapegoat Ritual on Yom Kippur) by Rachel FriedmanThe rite of the scapegoat, described in Leviticus 16 and read in synagogues on Yom Kippur, is the climax of the Yom Kippur Temple service. Two male goats are selected by the high priest. One is sacrificed to God and the other is sent to Azazel in the wilderness, bearing the sins of the people of Israel.What is the meaning of... more

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