Aleister Crowley's writings, books, essays, articles, libri and other related materials, books on Aleister Crowley and his works On CD

Aleister Crowley's writings, books, essays, articles, libri and other related materials, books on Aleister Crowley and his works On CD
On this page you can order on CD all Aleister Crowley's books (298 books).

The collection (298 books) offered is especially interesting in that it covers Aleister Crowley in all his complexity, not only as influential English occultist and ceremonial magician, responsible for founding the religious philosophy of Thelema. Not only as member in several occult organizations, including the Golden Dawn, the A. A., and Ordo Templi Orientis. But also a prolific writer, who wrote widely on other subjects, including a large amount of fiction and poetry. Crowley was also a hedonist, bisexual, a world traveler, mountaineer, chess master, artist, yogi, social provocateur, drug addict and sexual libertine, social critic. In many of these roles he "was in revolt against the moral and religious values of his time". The press loved to demonize him and dubbed Crowley "The wickedest man in the world." Aleister Crowley was a fascinating man who lived an amazing life.

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CD contains these books

Basic Techniques of Sex Magick by Aleister CrowleyThe main requirement for doing any kind of sex magick (one could almost say any kind of magick whatsoever) is the ability to concentrate single-mindedly, ie with no other thoughts at all intruding. This ability is developed by the practice of dhyana yoga or a similar art.
Control of The Astral Body by Aleister CrowleyThe book "Control of the astral body" was written by the famous English occultist and mystic Alister Crowley. He devoted his life to the cognition of religious philosophy of Thelema. In addition, Crowley has studied the nature and behavior of the astral body. In his book, Crowley describes the possibility of transition to the... more
Magick by Aleister CrowleyThe first three sections of this work consist of Parts I-III of Aleister Crowley's Book Four. Crowley's text is given in it's entirety (the few exceptions are noted in the text), as his is the most superb introduction to the Science of Illumination written in the West. Section IV currently consists of The Book of the Law, but... more
The Book Of Thoth by Aleister CrowleyThe Book of Thoth : A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians is the title of The Equinox, volume III, number 5, by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley. The book is recorded in the vernal equinox of 1944 (an Ixviii Sol in 0? 0' 0" Aries, March 21, 1944 e. v. 5:29 p.m.) and was originally published in an edition... more
Magick In Theory And Practice by Aleister CrowleyMy former work has been misunderstood, and its scope limited, by my use of technical terms. It has attracted only too many dilettanti and eccentrics, weaklings seeking in "Magic" an escape from reality. I myself was first consciously drawn to the subject in this way. And it has repelled only too many scientific and practical... more
The Book Of Lies by Aleister CrowleyAnother of Aleister Crowley's important works was a book on mysticism, The Book of Lies (1912), whilst another was a collection of different essays entitled Little Essays Toward Truth (1938). He also penned an autobiography, entitled The Confessions of Aleister Crowley (1929). Throughout his lifetime he wrote many letters and... more
The Book Of The Law by Aleister CrowleyLiber AL vel Legis is the central text of Thelema, written by Aleister Crowley in Cairo, Egypt in the year 1904. Its full title is Liber AL vel Legis, sub figura CCXX, as delivered by XCIII=418 to DCLXVI,[1] and it is commonly referred to as The Book of the Law. Liber AL vel Legis contains three chapters, each of which was... more
The Zodiac and the Tarot by Aleister CrowleyTHE UNIVERSE is one, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. Its substance is homogenous and this substance cannot be said to possess the qualities of Being, Consciousness, and Bliss for these are rather the shadows of it, which are apprehended by the highly illuminated mind when it comes near thereto. Time and space... more
The Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia The Book of Evil Spirits by Aleister CrowleyAlthough Crowley's name does not appear in the book, it is actually a pirated version of his edition of the famous grimoire of talismanic magic, the Lemegeton of Solomon. Crowley first published the book at Boleskine in 1904, under the title 'The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King' in an edition of only 200 copies using... more
The Sixth Chakra of the Human Body by Aleister CrowleyThe Sixth Chakra of the Human Body. Transcription from holograph notebook of Aleister Crowley
Book 4 Part I Meditation by Aleister CrowleyPart I is titled "Mysticism" with the sub-title "Meditation: The way of attainment of genius or Godhead considered as a development of the human brain." The section is essentially Crowley's system of yoga, which is designed to still the mind and enable single-pointed concentration. When developing his basic yogic program,... more
The Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aleister CrowleyDiary of a Drug Fiend, published in 1922, was occult writer and mystic Aleister Crowley's first published novel, and is also reportedly the earliest known reference to the Abbey of Thelema in Sicily.The story is widely thought to be based upon Crowley's own drug experiences, despite being written as a fiction. This seems almost... more
Greater Ritual Of The Pentagram by Aleister CrowleyWritten by Sir Aleister Crowley on May, 1906 e.v. on train to India, Edited by David Cherubim, 12 January, 1990 e.v. for members of the Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn
Thoth Tarot Deck by Aleister CrowleyIt's really important to understand that this book is one of a large movement centred around using the Tarot from a counselling/Jungian point of view, rather than as a magical/divination tool. The card definitions in the books are unrelentingly positive and based entirely on the querant's psychological state and... more
The Confessions of Aleister Crowley An Autohagiography by Aleister CrowleyThe Confessions of Aleister Crowley : An Autohagiography, by Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), is a book written in six parts, the first two parts published in 1929. It is subtitled "An Autohagiography" which refers to the autobiography of a Saint, a title which Crowley would also have associated with the Plymouth Brethren, who use... more
The Invocation of Thoth by Aleister CrowleyAn Invocation of the Egyptian God Thoth. Classic invocation of Thoth. With the manifestation of this book, the invocation proves extremely successful.
The Equinox Vol III No IX The Holy Books Of Thelema by Aleister Crowley
Magick Without Tears by Aleister CrowleyIn 1943 Aleister Crowley met a lady who, having heard of his wide knowledge and experience, asked his advice on occult, spiritual, and practical matters. This chance connection resulted in a stimulating exchange of letters.Crowley then asked others to put similar questions to him. The result was this collection of over eighty... more
Astral Travels of 1898 by Aleister Crowley1898 Visions, Crowley's Astral Travel Visions.
Invocation by Aleister CrowleyVersified from the Manuscript called "W of W in Z2"
Pocket Guide to Thelema by Aleister CrowleyCrowley did not invent Thelema, but he certainly promulgated its philosophy and wrapped the existing magical systems around its heart. The Book of the Law is worthy of study by all those enquiring about the Universe, as it synthesises all of Crowley's teachings, despite the inherent problems caused by it being a "transmitted"... more
The World Of Tarot by Aleister CrowleyFor centuries, people have turned to picture cards for answers, enlightenment and entertainment. The Tarot has inspired artists, mystics, philosophers, religious and ordinary people to create systems of belief and meanings tailored to. Some believe that a deck of Tarot cards holds mystical ability to foretell the future. Others... more
The Litany Of Satan by Aleister CrowleyThe Litany Of Satan, translated from Baudelaire. O thou, of Angels fairest and most wise, God by Fate's treachery shorn of liturgies! O Satan, have pity of my long misery!
Liber 096 GAIAS A Handbook of Geomancy by Aleister CrowleyA Handbook of Geomancy. A guide but with some intentional inaccuracies.
Book 4 Part II Magick Elemental Theory by Aleister CrowleyPart II, "Magick (Elemental Theory)," deals with the accessories of ceremonial magick in detail. Subjects include: the temple, the magick circle, the altar, the scourge, dagger, and chain, the holy oil, the wand, cup, sword, pentacle, lamp, crown, robe, book, bell, lamen, and the Magick Fire (including the crucible and... more
The Enochian Tablets and the Book of the Law by Aleister CrowleyIt was part of my plan for the Equinox to prepare a final edition of the work of Dr. Dee and Sir Edward Kelly. I had a good many of the data and promised myself to complete them by studying the manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford --- which, incidentally, I did in the autumn but it struck me that it would be useful... more
Liber 078 A Description Of The Cards Of The Tarot by Aleister Crowley"A description of the card of the tarot with their attributions including a method of divination." A complete treatise on the Tarot giving the correct designs of the cards with their attributions and symbolic meanings on all planes. See also: Equinox I viii, p.143.
Book 4 Part III Magick in Theory and Practice by Aleister CrowleyPart III is titled "Magick in Theory and Practice", and is perhaps the most influential section within Book 4. In this part, magick (with the terminal -k) is defined in Crowley's now famous "Introduction", which is the source of many well-known statements, such as * "Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur... more
Eight Lectures on Yoga by Aleister CrowleyEight Lectures on Yoga is a book by English occultist and teacher Aleister Crowley about the practice of Yoga. The book is number 4 of volume 3 of the Equinox, which was published by the Ordo Templi Orientis. The work is largely a demystified look at yoga, using little to no jargon or satirical humor. It is divided under two... more
Absinthe the Green Goddess by Aleister CrowleyAn essay composed in 1918 in the legendary Old Absinthe House in New Orleans, first published in The International. In this essay Crowley extols the inspirational virtues of this mildly hallucinogenic green liqueur, and speaks out against the rising tide of prohibitionism that was sweeping the country as the first U.S. "war on... more
Book 4 Part IV The Law by Aleister CrowleyPart IV is titled "OEAHMA (Thelema)-the Law." This section deals with The Book of the Law, including the book itself, a brief biography of Crowley, the events leading up to its reception, and the conditions of the three days of its writing. This part is Crowley's 1936 book Equinox of the Gods only edited under a different... more
Liber 777 Vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico Mysticae by Aleister CrowleyLiber 777 vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticae Viae Explicandae, Fundamentum Hieroglyphicum Sanctissimorum Scientiae Summae. A complete dictionary of the correspondences of all magical elements, reprinted with extensive additions, making it the only standard comprehensive book of reference ever published. It... more
Liber 004 Or Magick Liber ABA by Aleister CrowleyMagick, Liber ABA, Book 4 is widely considered to be the magnum opus of 20th century occultist Aleister Crowley, the founder of Thelema. It is a lengthy treatise on Magick, his system of Western occult practice, synthesized from many sources, including Eastern Yoga, Hermeticism, medieval grimoires, contemporary magical theories... more
The Equinox Vol III No III Equinox of the Gods by Aleister Crowley
The Supreme Ritual The Invocation Of Horus by Aleister CrowleyThe Supreme Ritual The Invocation Of Horus ACCORDING TO THE DIVINE VISION OF W., THE SEER To be performed before a window open to the E. or N. without incense. The room to be filled with jewels, but only diamonds to be worn. A sword, unconsecrated, 44 pearl beads to be told. Stand. Bright daylight at 12:30 noon. Lock doors.... more
The Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic by Aleister CrowleyThe Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic by Aleister Crowley, 1903, published within "The Goetia".
Liber 1264 Crowley Greek Qabalah by Aleister CrowleyA complete dictionary of all sacred and important words and phrases given in the Books of the Gnosis and other important writings both in the Greek and the Coptic. It is to the Greek Qabalah what the Sephir Sephiroth is to the Hebrew. The present form is taken from Crowley's notes by Bill Heidrick, IX O.T.O. who partially... more
Duty by Aleister CrowleyA note on the chief rules of practical conduct to be observed by those who accept the Law of Thelema."Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.""There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.""...thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other shall say nay. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the... more
The Equinox Vol III No V The Book of Thoth by Aleister CrowleyThis book describes the philosophy and the use of Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot, a deck of Tarot cards designed by Crowley and co-designed and painted by Lady Frieda Harris. The Thoth Tarot has become one of the best-selling and most popular Tarot Decks in the world.The book is divided into four major parts: * Part One: The... more
Psychology of Hashish by Aleister CrowleyThe Herb Dangerous Part II The Psychology of Hashish by Oliver Haddo (Aleister Crowley). "The girders of the soul, which give her breathing, are easy to be unloosed." "Nature teaches us, and the oracles also affirm, that even the evil germs of matter may alike become useful and good."
Every Man and Every Woman is a Star by Aleister CrowleyThe idea has been put forward before that every person in existence is in fact a single spark of God and thus an Illuminated being. This theology has been adequately examined elsewhere and need not be overly examined at this point. Suffice to say that it is believed that within every individual there is this Divine Light, or... more
Cocaine by Aleister CrowleyCrowley's views on prohibition are certainly entertaining though it is suspected very few readers were amused at the time. Very jocular piece and informative about the drug's use in New York during the period after World War I.
Liber 051 Atlantis The Lost Continent by Aleister CrowleyAn account of the continent of Atlantis: the manners and customs, magical rites and opinions of it's people, together with a true account of the catastrophy, so-called, which ended in it's disappearance. See also 'Atlantis'. A political satire and / or mystic treatise and / or deliberately obscure account of the O.T.O. system... more
Evocation of Bartzabel the Spirit of Mars by Aleister CrowleyCeremonie d'evocation de l'Esprit de Mars, Bartzabeln realise par Crowley & d'autres membres de l'A.A. au printemps de 1910. Cette version, helas incomplete car le Journal de Crowley est en partie perdu, annonce, entre autre, l'arrivee des deux grandes guerres mondiales, 1914 - 1918 & 1939 - 1945. Mais aussi de nombreuses... more
Konx Om Pax by Aleister CrowleyKonx Om Pax: Essays in Light is a publication by British occultist Aleister Crowley, first published in 1907. The name Konx Om Pax is a phrase purportedly used in the Eleusinian Mysteries. Its companion is Khabs Am Pekht, which in the Egyptian language means roughly "Light in extension" or "Light rushing out in a single ray",... more
Liber 058 Qabalah Or An Essay Upon Number by Aleister CrowleyAlso sometimes refered to as "Gematria" or "An Essay on Number". A general discussion of the Method and uses of the Qabalah. This was originally published as The Temple of Solomon the King, Part V in Equinox I v. See also: The Temple of Solomon the King in the Equinox: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part... more
Liber Aleph Vel CXI The Book Of Wisdom Or Folly by Aleister CrowleyLiber Aleph vel CXI: The Book of Wisdom or Folly is the title of The Equinox, volume III, number VI, by Aleister Crowley. The book is written in the form of an epistle to his magical son, Charles Stansfeld Jones, Frater Achad, whom Crowley later doubted as being his true magical son, asserting that Achad had in fact gone... more
Liber 081 The Butterfly Net Or Moonchild by Aleister CrowleyMagical adventure story concerning homunculi, particularly concerning the planet Luna, written in the form of a novel. Satirical of some members of the GD. Written 1918
Liber 333 The Book Of Lies by Aleister CrowleyThe Book of Lies (full title: Which is also Falsely Called BREAKS. The Wanderings or Falsifications of the One Thought of Frater Perdurabo, which Thought is itself Untrue. Liber CCCXXXIII [Book 333] ) was written by occultist and teacher Aleister Crowley and first published in 1912 or 1913 (see explanation below). As Crowley... more
Septem Regum Sanctorum Ritual XXVIII The Ceremony Of The Seven Holy Kings by Aleister CrowleyLiber Septem Regum Sanctorum. Ritual XXVIII. The Ceremony of The Seven Holy Kings. - Crowley: 'A ritual of Initiation bestowed on certain selected Probationers.' Unpublished.
Liber 440 The Book Of Perfection by Aleister CrowleyAiwass dictated The Book of the Law, Liber 220, to 666 in Cairo, Egypt, in 1904c.e. Starting at noon one chapter was written down, within the hour, on each of April 8, 9 and 10. Aiwass dictated The Book of Codes, Liber 718, to 777 near Portland, Oregon, in 1976.The five chapters were written down from January 5 to January 8.... more
Intro Magick by Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley's excerpts from book Magick In Theory And Practice.
Lecture on the Philosophy of Magick by Aleister CrowleyBro. Richard Kaczynski, a serious student of Crowley's unpublished work who recently completed his biography of Crowley, obtained this lecture from Christina Foyle, a member of the English bookdealing family renowned for her leterary luncheon lectures. Her family's London shop remaindered Crowley's Magick in Theory and... more
Skill Of The Adoption Of The Godly Forms by Aleister CrowleyThe adoption of godly forms is the extremely important element of different magic rituals, in which are used invokatsii. Assuming the form of the corresponding god or godly means, magician connects his personal consciousness with the aspect of his highest (godly genius) harmonious, with respect to nature of the called forces... more
An Essay In Ontology With Some Remarks On Ceremonial Magic by Aleister CrowleyIn presenting this theory of the Universe to the world, I have but one hope of making any profound impression, viz.-that my theory has the merit of explaining the divergences between the three great forms of religion now existing in the world-Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, and of adapting them to ontological science by... more
The Equinox Vol III No I Blue Equinox by Aleister CrowleyThe Blue Equinox first published in 1919, is a book by English mystic and occultist Aleister Crowley, the founder of Thelema, detailing the principles and aims of the secret society O.T.O. and its ally the A?A?. It includes such topics as The Law of Liberty, The Gnostic Mass, and Crowley's Hymn to Pan (which rocket pioneer and... more
Brief Introduction To The Religion Of Thelema by Aleister CrowleyThelema is a universal philosophy or way of life. The religion of Thelema proposes the idea that physical existence begins with the interaction of two metaphysical principles. In the most prominent Thelemic Holy Book, The Book of The Law, these ideas are given form by association with the ancient Egyptian deities known as Nuit,... more
The Equinox Vol IV No II The Vision and the Voice by Aleister CrowleyThis issue of THE EQUINOX features Liber 418, THE VISION AND THE VOICE, and is the record of Crowley's visionary exploration of the 30 Aethyrs of the Enochian system of magick developed by the Elizabethan magicians Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley. Most were received in the Sahara Desert in 1909, with the assistance of Victor B.... more
The Soul Of Osiris by Aleister CrowleyFirst Edition limited to 500 copies thus: on machine-made paper (there were also 6 copies on India paper). A collection of poetry in four "chapters." This was one of the few books of Crowley's verse to attract critical acclaim: by his own account no less a luminary that G. K. Chesterton had "written a long congratulatory... more
Chart by Aleister CrowleyALEISTER CROWLEY'S REPORT. Eexample chart for Magical 333 members only. By Mysticalgod for Group Magical 333.
Alice An Adultery by Aleister CrowleyHe has a good deal of talent of a weak, neurotic, lyrical kind, but it is purely derivative... For matter, the author has turned to some unsavoury reminiscences of a chance acquaintance, reminiscences which plead to be forgotten, and which none but the very shameless would dare to put into print... Most of the book is in need... more
The Equinox Vol III No IV Eight Lectures on Yoga by Aleister CrowleyEight Lectures on Yoga is divided into two chapters: "Yoga for Yahoos" and "Yoga for Yellowbellies". In the book, Crowley instructs students on the steps needed to approach mysticism through Yoga, and details the complications that arise along the path. One intent Crowley had in writing the book was to dispel the various myths... more
Ritual VIII Practical Notes by Aleister Crowley
The Equinox Vol I No I by Aleister Crowley
Great Drug Delusion by Aleister CrowleyThe Great Drug Delusion by Aleister Crowley - an essay first published in 1922.
Freemason Letter on Crowley Status by Aleister CrowleyLetter from the Supreme Council of Freemasonry about Crowley's supposed status in the Masonic Order.
Sepher Sephiroth by Aleister CrowleyThis numerical dictionary has been revised and updated, including much new material. It has also been stripped of much extraneous material such as planetary spirits, etc., to make it a more "purist" production, since much of the material of that type is rather unreliable.All the numerations have been checked, and the Latin... more
Liber AL vel Legis by Aleister CrowleyAlso: Liber L (Liber Legis), or The Book of the Law Facsimile pages of the actual manuscript of The Book of the Law. This book is the foundation of the New Aeon, and thus of the whole of our Work. Received April 8, 9 and 10, 1904 by Aleister Crowley and Rose Kelly.
Little Essays Toward Truth by Aleister CrowleySome of Crowley's clearest and most mature thoughts on sixteen concepts fundamental to human existence reflected in the light of the Qabalah: Man, Memory, Sorrow, Wonder, Beatitude, laughter, Indifference, Mastery, Trance, Energy, Knowledge, Understanding, Chastity, Silence, Love and Truth.
Poems by Aleister CrowleyClassic Poetry Series. Aleister Crowley. Poems.
Liber 008 The Ritual Proper For The Invocation of Augoeides by Aleister CrowleyThe Ritual Proper For The Invocation of Augoeides. This book is merely a slightly edited revision of Crowley's 8th Aethyr Working, "The Cry of the 8th Aethyr, Which is Called ZID."
Why Jesus Wept by Aleister CrowleyIt is a work which, as far as pious innocence is concerned, should be kept strictly under lock and key... The strange mingling of ribaldry, indecency, poetry, and wit, could be perpetrated by no one but Mr. Crowley and certainly no other author would issue, under his own name, such a ruthless violation of conventionalities.... more
Liber 888 The Gospel According to St Bernard Shaw by Aleister CrowleyThe Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw. Also: "Jesus. A complete study of the origins of Christianity." This was apparently also to have been Equinox III ii, which was not issued. See also: Preface to Androcles and the Lion by George Bernard Shaw on which Liber 888 is a commentary.
Amphora or Hail Mary by Aleister CrowleyAmphora (Hail Mary). This book which probably stands as Crowley's most famous practical joke. In 1908 Crowley anonymously submitted the text of this book of devotional verse to the well-known Catholic publishers Burnes and Oates Somehow the publishers managed to overlook the dubious theology and strong lesbian undertones and... more
Book Of The Heart Girt With The Serpent by Aleister CrowleyOne of Aleister Crowley's most powerful works of spiritual poetry, this "Class A" epic describes the stage of spiritual initiation in which the Aspirant attains the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. This is considered to be one of the "Holy Books" of the Thelemic canon.
Songs Of The Spirit by Aleister CrowleyThis modest little volume contains many beautiful thoughts expressed in delicate phrases: daring verses too, which cannot lightly be overlooked. "The Farewell of Paracelcus to Aprile," "The Initiation," "The Philosopher's Progress," are finely-wrought images from Mr. Crowley's vivid mind. Little lyrics of sunshine and wind ... more
Liber 418 The Vision and the Voice by Aleister CrowleyThe Vision and the Voice (Liber 418) chronicles the mystical journey of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) as he explored the 30 Enochian ?thyrs originally developed by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley in the 16th century. These visions took place at two times: in 1900 during his stay in Mexico, and later in 1909 in Algeria (along... more
The Equinox Vol I No II by Aleister Crowley
Which Things Are an Allegory by Aleister CrowleyWhich things are an Allegory. An unpublished story by Aleister Crowley.
Liber 777 Vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico Mysticae Revised by Aleister Crowley
Liber 231 Liber Arcanorum by Aleister Crowley"Liber Arcanorum twu ATV twu TAHVTI QUAS VIDIT ASAR IN AMENNTI sub figura CCXXXI Liber Carcerorum twu QLIPHOTH cum suis Geniis. Adduntur Sigilla et Nomina Eorum. This is an account of the cosmic process so far as it is indicated by the Tarot Trumps." Portions received Dec 5-6, 1907. See also: Equinox I vii, p. 69 III... more
Aleister Crowley And The Enchantment of the Wicked Man by AnonymousSuch is the most widespread assessment of the nature of Aleister Crowley, an opinion now so entrenched in the popular imagination that in my opinion it would be pointless to try and counteract it. Crowley is now one of the folk heroes of the twentieth century, an antihero if you like and in my professional capacity as a... more
Ambergris A Selection From The Poems of Aleister Crowley by Aleister CrowleyContains a selection of Crowley's early published poetry, made by himself and a group of friends. Writing in the Preface, Crowley declared that "In response to a widely-spread lack of interest in my writings, I have consented to publish a small and unrepresentative selection from the same. ..... This volume .... is therefore... more
Liber 106 Concerning Death by Aleister CrowleyA treatise on the nature of death and the proper attitude to be taken towards it. See also: Equinox III x.
Liber 216 vel The I Ching by Aleister CrowleyThe I Ching. A new translation, with a commentary by the Master Therion. The Yi King is mathematical and philosophical in form. It's structure is cognate with that of the Qabalah. The I Ching reduced expertly to a series of six-line mnemonic keys, one for each hexagram. See also: See also: Equinox III vii.... more
The Mass Of The Phoenix by Aleister CrowleyThe Mass of the Phoenix is a single person ritual within Thelema, a philsophy and religion created and organized by author and occultist Aleister Crowley. The Mass was first printed as Chapter 44 in Crowley's The Book of Lies, published in 1913. Among the several objects used in the ceremony are a bell and two of Crowley's... more
Clouds Without Water by Aleister CrowleyClouds without Water is a poetry collection by Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Clouds without Water was one of many of Crowley's eccentric works published in his lifetime and was first seen in 1909. The title comes from a passage in Jude 1:13 which is quoted at the beginning of the book: Clouds they are without water ... more
The Cephaledium Working by Aleister CrowleyThis edition is published privately for Thelemites and other friends. This edition is accurate and proofed against a photocopy of the holograph MS. It features Aleister Crowley, Leah Hirsig, and C. F. Russell (Frater Genesthai) in the Abbey of Thelema at Cephalu Sicily, November 28th 1920 (circa) to January 20th 1921. Following... more
White Stains by Aleister CrowleyWhite Stains is a poetic work written by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley under the pseudonym "George Archibald Bishop". It was published in 1898 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.White Stains contains various poems in both English and French which can also be regarded as individual works. The major part of these poems... more
Concerning Blasphemy by Aleister CrowleyConcerning "Blasphemy" in General And the Rites of Eleusis in Particular ALEISTER CROWLEY. This essay first appeared in The Bystander during Crowley's staging of the Rites of Eleusis at Caxton Hall, London in 1910.
Ritual VIII by Aleister CrowleyThe light is come to the darkness, and the darkness is made light. Then is light married with light, and the child oftheir love is that other darkness, wherein they abide that have lost name and form. Therefore did I kindle him that had notunderstanding, and in the Book of the Law did I write the secrets of truth that are like... more
Liber 536 Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia by Aleister CrowleyLiber DXXXVI. A complete Treatise on Astrology. This is the only text book on astrology composed on scientific lines by classifying observed facts instead of deducting from a priori theories. Unpublished originally, but reconstructed from various sources in The General Principles of Astrology
The Three Characteristics by Aleister CrowleyThe Three Characteristics is a tongue-in-cheek take on what is known as a "jataka" story, or incarnation saga of Buddhism, but sounds more like the Book of Job with Ganesh being tempted by Jehiour (really Iehi Aour, Allan Bennett) to inflict various karma on the reincarnating Per R Abu (Perdurabo,... more
The Works Of Aleister Crowley Vol I Part 1 by Aleister Crowley
The Equinox Vol III No VII Liber 216 vel The I Ching by Aleister Crowley
Liber AL vel Legis Greek Translation by Aleister Crowley
The Equinox Vol I No V by Aleister Crowley
Liber 008 Liber Samekh Theurgia Goetia Summa by Aleister CrowleyLIBER SAMEKH Being the Ritual employed by the BEAST 666 for the Attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of His Holy Guardian Angel during the Semester of His Performance of the Operation of the Sacred Magick of ABRAMELIN THE MAGE.Prepared An XVII ! in 6 f at the Abbey of Thelema in Cephaloedium, by the BEAST 666 in service... more
The Equinox Vol I No IV by Aleister Crowley
The Works Of Aleister Crowley Vol I Part 2 by Aleister Crowley
Liber 120 The Ritual Of Passing Through The Tuat by Aleister CrowleyLiber Cadaveris, Ritual CXX, Of passing through the Tuat. A Ritual of Initiation for certain Select Zelators.
Ahab And Other Poems by Aleister CrowleyMr. Crowley has amplified the Biblical narrative, has given to the savage figure of Ahab some-thing of the nobility of reason that rebels against the tyranny of his fate. There is a modern self-consciousness in this tragic, brooding monologue. Mr. Aleister Crowley's previous work has been eccentric, and at the best he has done... more
The Equinox Vol I No VII by Aleister Crowley
The Equinox Vol III No VI Liber 111 vel Aleph by Aleister Crowley
Liber 046 The Key of the Mysteries by Aleister CrowleyA Translation of La Clef des Grands Mysteres, by Eliphas Levi. Specially adapted to the task of the Attainment of Bhakta-Yoga. Also: The Key of the Mysteries Equinox Ix, Special Supplement
Liber 075 vel Lucifery by Aleister CrowleyLIBER 75 (LXXV) vel Luciferi by Aleister Crowley
Liber 242 AHA by Aleister CrowleyAn exposition in poetic language of several of the ways of attainment and the results obtained. In the form of a Discourse between and Adept and His Pupil. Equinox I iii, p. 9 and Aha!
The Works Of Aleister Crowley Vol I Part 3 by Aleister Crowley
The Equinox Vol I No VI by Aleister Crowley
Liber 001 B vel Magi Notated by Aleister Crowley
AL The Comment Called D The Djeridensis Working by Aleister CrowleyThe Comment called D by 666 (Aleister Crowley), c. 1923. Crowley himself never published it, but it did appear in "The Magical Link" IX(4)-X(2), 1995/96. Please note that this copy derives from a secondary source, with key entry and editing by Frs. T.S. and V.C. The PDF version can be found here. I myself have added the text... more
The Winged Beetle by Aleister CrowleyThis book is not a story but a collection of poems from the occult author Aleister Crowley. Fans of his work will love it as his prose shines on every page. (part of the reason for his large following) And those who love poems will find something in this book as well. I am a large fan of Crowley, I do enjoy poetry and I... more
Scented Garden Of Abdullah The Satirist Of Shiraz by Aleister CrowleyOne of Crowley's rarest works: part homo-erotic parody, and part mystical text. As described in Crowley scholar Martin P. Starr's Introduction to the 1991 facsimile edition, there were only 200 copies of the book printed, but many of these were destroyed in a customs seizure not long after publication, so that even before the... more
The Equinox Vol I No IX by Aleister Crowley
Liber 671 vel Pyramidos by Aleister CrowleyA ritual of self-initiation based on the Neophyte ritual.
Liber 071 The Voice of the Silence The Two Paths The Seven Portals by Aleister CrowleyBy H.P. Blavatsky, with an extensive commentary by Crowley. Equinox III i, Supplement IV i. THE VISION AND THE VOICE, and is the record of Crowley's visionary exploration of the 30 Aethyrs of the Enochian system of magick developed by the Elizabethan magicians Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley. Most were received in the Sahara... more
Liber 414 Agape De Arte Magica by Aleister CrowleyDe Arte Magica Secundum ritum Gradus Nonae O.T.O. Baphometi Epistola anno belli universalis ne perdat arcanum scripta. Written between Sep 6 and Oct 8, 1914
Tantric Influences on Thelema by Genevieve PettyIt is obvious to even the most casual observer that Tantric practices in Hinduism and Buddhism share an element of sex with Thelema, the religion promulgated by Aleister Crowley. But how deep and howwide is the Tantric influence on Thelema? This paper will explore this question. To begin, another question must be answered. How... more
One Star In Sight by Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley. One Star In Sight. Issued from the Sanctuary of the Gnosis in the Valley of Los Angeles by Authority of To Mega Therion.
Thelema A New Spiritual Tradition for a New Age by AnonymousTHELEMA: New Spiritual Tradition for a New Age Is it a religion? a philosophy? a collection of mystical practices? a system of post-modern ethics? Decide for yourself ... "There is religion in Thelema for those that require it. There is also freedom from religion in Thelema, for those that require it." THE GOAL OF THELEMA: To... more
Gargoyles by Aleister CrowleyGargoyles, Being Strangely Wrought Images of Life and Death by Aleister Crowley. Bound holograph manuscript with revisions in the hand of Aleister Crowley. Also printed in The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley, Vol. III, Page 84, Society for the Propagation of Religious Truth, Boleskine, Foyers, Inverness,... more
Rights of Man by Aleister CrowleyThelema is essentially a polytheistic religion, with the deities adopted from Ancient Egyptian religion, namely Nuit, Hadit and Horus. The faith follows the idea that the 20th century marked the beginning of a the Aeon of Horus, in which a new ethical code would be followed "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the... more
The Equinox Vol III No VIII Liber 157 vel Tao Teh King by Aleister Crowley
The Drug Panic by Aleister CrowleyThis essay, originally published in the The English Review, July 1922 is still very topical. Crowley was ahead of his time.
The Equinox Vol I No X by Aleister Crowley
The Equinox Vol I No III by Aleister Crowley
Liber 006 O vel Manus Et Sagittae by Aleister Crowleynstructions given for the elementary study of the Qabalah, Assumption of God forms, Vibration of Divine Names, the Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram, and their uses in protection and invocation, a method of attaining astral visions so called, and an instruction in the practice called rising on the Planes.See also: Equinox I... more
Stone of Cybele from Golden Twigs by Aleister CrowleyThe Stone of Cybele from Golden Twigs by Aleister Crowley. Golden Twigs are Aleister Crowley's largely unpublished short stories based upon Frazer's Golden Bough. This wonderful tale is the first of the series which will appear in future issues. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely... more
Liber 010 Porta Lucis Or The Book of the Gateway of Light by Aleister Crowley"This book is an account of the sending forth of the Master by the AA and an explanation of his mission."

Received Dec 12, 1907, See also: Equinox I vi, p. 3 III, ix.
Liber 111 Aleph by Aleister CrowleyAn extended and elaborate commentary on "The Book of the Law", in the form of a letter from the Master Therion to the son of mankind. Contains some of the deepest secrets of Initiation, with a clear solution of many cosmic and ethical problems. This is Equinox III vi
Liber 415 Opus Lutetianum Or The Paris Working by Aleister CrowleyOpus Lutetianum, The Paris Working. (including Esoteric record and sundrys) A record of homosexual magick operations.
Liber 095 The Wake World by Aleister CrowleyA poetical allegory of the relations of the soul and the Holy Guardian Angel. Written 1907. See also: Konx Om Pax, p. 1
The Testament Of Magdalen Blair by Aleister Crowley"The Testament to Magdalen Blair" is the longer of the three and was originally published in "The Equinox" volume I, no.9 in 1913. It tells the haunting story of a psychic woman who delves into the dying, subconscious psyche of her husband and bears resemblance to Edgar Allan Poe's "Mesmeric Revelation" and "The Facts in the... more
Berashith An Essay In Ontology by Aleister CrowleyBerashith An Essay In Ontology with some remarks on ceremonial magic man, of a daring nature, thou subtle production! Thou wilt not comprehend it, as when understanding some common thing.
Liber 067 The Sword of Song by Aleister CrowleyTwo Poems. A critical study of various philosophies. An account of Buddhism. 1925. See also: Collected Works, Vol. ii, pp. 140-203. One of Crowley's most significant early works, it was the first work in which Crowley publicly identified himself as 'The Beast.' Referred to by Richard Kaczynski as 'Crowley's first great... more
Synopsis of Six Articles on Drugs by Aleister CrowleyThese articles were never written -- a great loss since Crowley succinctly anticipates (by at least thirty years) the main trends in sociological and psychopharmacological thought as they developed, oftenpainfully, in the 1960s and 1970s. Although this synopsis appears to have been written in mid-to-late 1920s (possibly the... more
Appeal to the American Republic 1899 by Aleister CrowleyTaken from the Works of Aleister Crowley Volume 1. This poem was written shortly after the Spanish war. Facsimile edition of a work originally published in 1899.
The Equinox Vol I No VIII by Aleister Crowley
Liber 025 The Ritual Of The Star Ruby by Aleister Crowley(There are two forms of this Ritual) An improved form of the 'Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram'. See also: Liber CCCXXXIII, The Book of Lies, pp. 34-35 and appendix VI of Book IV.
Hymn to Pan by Aleister CrowleyHYMN TO PAN: This poem, together with extracts from the Book of the Law and the Collects from the Gnostic Mass formed the Last Ritual at Aleister Crowley at his funeral in Brighton on December 5th, 1947.
Fact Sheet by Aleister CrowleyBased on Aleister Crowley's "Mystic, Magician, Prophet". Short facts about Crowley, taken from a Website devoted to Crowley, and is clearly sympathetic to his views.
Liber 049 The Collected Writings Of Jack Parsons by Aleister CrowleyTHE COLLECTED WRITINGS OF JACK PARSONS. The Book of Babalon, The Book of Antichrist, and other writings
Secret Agent 666 Introduction by Richard SpenceAleister Crowley is best known today as a founding father of modern occultism. His wide, hypnotic eyes peer at us from the cover of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and his influence can be found everywhere in popular culture. Crowley, also known as the Great Beast, has been the subject of several... more
Liber 220 AL vel Legis The Book Of The Law Commentaries by Aleister Crowley
Ethyl Oxide by Aleister CrowleyExperiments conducted (at odd times beginning July 1916 e.v.) on my own person, have convinced me that the particular technical administration of Ethyl Oxide in combination with certain mental exercises enables the experimenter to ascertain - Aleister Crowley
Liber 671 vel Pyramidos Comments by Aleister Crowley
Liber 913 The Treasurehouse Of Images by Aleister CrowleyThe Treasurehouse of Images. A superb collection of Litanies appropriate to the Signs of the Zodiac. Also: Liber Thesaurou Eidolon, Liber DCCCCLXIII, The Treasure-House of Images. See also: Equinox I iii, Special Supplement
Leah Sublime by Aleister CrowleyA pornographic poem of 156 lines written at Cefalu for Alostrael (aka Aleister Crowley). Aliester is reknown for one upping any who try to out smut him, out gross him. And I must say, although not the best of his works, or even teh grosses or most extreme, it is still a fine example of his works. And to think. Some call him the... more
The Star And The Garter by Aleister CrowleyMr. Aleister Crowley's volumes succeed one another with a rapidity that almost takes one's breath away. The Star and the Garter, hitherto only accessible in a privately printed edition, is now offered to the public at the low price of one shilling. The Society for the Propagation of Religious Truth has assuredly no... more
Diary and Notes 25th March 1900 to 18th April 1900 by Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley's diary and notes 25th March 1900 to 18th April 1900
Liber 207 A Syllabus Of The Official Instructions Of The AA by Aleister CrowleyAn enumeration of the Official Publications of the AA with a brief description of the contains of each book this Catalog is an expansion thereof, including those publications which were written after "The Syllabus" was composed. See also: Equinox I x, p. 41
Liber 860 John St John The Record of the Magical Retirement by Aleister CrowleyJohn St. John. The Record of the Magical Retirement of G.H. Frater O.M. (Aleister Crowley). A model of what a magical record should be, so far as accurate analysis and fullness are concerned. Equinox I i, Supplement
The Works Of Aleister Crowley Vol III Part 1 by Aleister Crowley
Sepher Sephiroth Supplement Section II by Aleister Crowley
Liber 001 B vel Magi by Aleister Crowley"This is an account of the Grade of Magus, the highest grade which it is ever possible to manifest in any way whatever upon this plane. Or so it is said by the Masters of the Temple."

See also: Equinox I vii, p. 5 III ix III x and, Book IV
Liber 220 AL vel Legis The Book Of The Law by Aleister CrowleyLiber AL vel Legis, The Book of the Law. Also: "Liber L. Vel Legis Sub Figura CCXX as delivered by LXXVIII unto DCLXVI. This book is the foundation of the New Aeon, and thus of the whole of our Work.". Received April 8, 9 and 10, 1904. See also: Commentaries on Liber AL
Liber 343 Amrita Some Comments On The Elixir Of Life by Aleister CrowleyLiber CCCXLIII: AMRITA. Some Comments on the Elixir of Life Extracted from the Magical Record of the Beast 666 for the year 1920 e.v. By Aloster Kerval (Aleister Crowley)
World Tragedy by Aleister CrowleyThis is one of the rarest of Crowley's published works. The book was privately printed in Paris in 1910 in an edition of 100 copies, but it seems certain that either the rather enthusiastic discussion of sodomy in British schools in the Preface or the books rather virulently anti-Christian sentiments attracted some censor's... more
Snowdrops From a Curate Garden by Aleister CrowleyThis is certainly an interesting piece of literature. If you have a weak stomach, or do not have a taste for the twisted and unusual, I would not recommend reading it. The book was actually written with his wife, Rose Edith Kelly, in mind. She had a love of erotica, so Crowley decided to write Snowdrops. Only, this is not your... more
Liber 850 vel Rites of Eleusis by Aleister CrowleySee also: Equinox I vi. The Rites of Eleusis were a series of seven public invocations or rites written by British occultist Aleister Crowley, each centered on one of the seven classical planets of antiquity. They were dramatically performed by Aleister Crowley, Leila Waddell (Laylah), and Victor Neuburg in October and... more
Liber P The Book of Peh by Aleister CrowleyAn expose of the hidden qabalah of Liber AL. The several levels of qabalistic knowledge contained within the text of Liber AL can be found using various methods of hermeneutics, but perhaps the most difficult of all techniques for the student to employ meaningfully in his/her researches is that of... more
The Equinox Vol III No II The Gospel According to St Bernard Shaw by Aleister CrowleyA fascinating study of Christianity by Crowley, built around a critique of Shaw's Androcles and the Lion. Published by Crowley's follower, Karl Germer.
The Works Of Aleister Crowley Vol II Part 1 by Aleister Crowley
To Man by Aleister CrowleyDo what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. My term of Office upon the Earth being come in the year of the foundation of the Theosophical Society, I took upon myself, in my turn, the sin of the wholeWorld, that the Prophecies might be fulfilled, so that Mankind may take the Next Step from the Magical Formula of Osiris to... more
Aleister Crowley and the Legend of Pasiphae by Michael Osiris SnuffinAleister Crowley and the Legend of Pasiphae by Frater Michael Osiris Snuffin
International by Aleister CrowleyAn archive of The International, a literary magazine which included essays, poetry, plays and libri by Aleister Crowley and works by other authors. The International was a literary and arts journal founded by George Sylvester Viereck, published in New York between WWI and WWII. For a number of years during the period of silence... more
Letters Between Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris by Aleister CrowleyCorrespondence between Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris (mostly regarding Thoth Tarot designs) Original key entry by Fr. H.B. in New York 1/26/90 e.v. ASCII conversion by Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O.

Copyright (c) O.T.O.
The Royal Game Of Life Or Galestial Snakes And Ladders by Aleister CrowleyExcerpted from: The Truth About the Tarot, by Gerald Suster Esoterica Compiled by Sophie Halim
The Works Of Aleister Crowley Vol II Part 3 by Aleister Crowley
Liber 157 The Tao Teh King by Aleister CrowleyA new translation with a commentary by the Master Therion. This is the most exalted and yet practical of the Chinese classics. Also called Liber LXXXI. Equinox III viii. Typescripts of Crowley's version of this Chinese classic circulated amongst his students, but the work remained unpublished until 1976. Then, Helen Parsons... more
The Works Of Aleister Crowley Vol III Part 2 by Aleister Crowley
Beginners Guide to Crowley Books by Frater JulianusBeginner's Guide to Crowley Books by Frater Julianus The author would like to dedicate this Guide to his three Cats, in recognition of their constant Efforts to distract him from his Work. Aleister Crowley (1875 - 1947) is certainly the single most influential occult practitioner of the last century, as well as being the most... more
Rodin In Rime by Aleister CrowleyContains seven lithographs executed by Auguste Clot after the original sketches with water-colors of Auguste Rodin which were presented to Crowley during a visit in 1903.It's said that many of these books were destroyed or damaged due to a flood that occurred in a warehouse where they were being stored prior to sale.Title page... more
Liber 084 Liber Chanokh by Aleister Crowley"A brief Abstract of the Symbolic Representation of the Universe Derived by Dr. John Dee through the Scrying of Sir Edward Kelley." See also: Equinox I vii, p. 229 (part 1) & I viii, p. 99 (part 2).
Liber 500 Sepher Sephiroth Revised by Aleister Crowley
Liber 017 Fake Liber IAO Or The Book Of Holy Kisses by Aleister CrowleyLiber IAO.Sexual Magick. Gives three methods of attainment through a willed series of thoughts. The active form of Liber CCCXLI.Thought to be lost, though there is a spurious Liber IAO floating around... Crowley's Liber IAO is missing presumed lost, but there has been a fake "Liber IAO", with author subtitle "The Book of Holy... more
Sepher Sephiroth Supplement Section I by Aleister Crowley
The Works Of Aleister Crowley Vol III Part 3 by Aleister Crowley
Liber 666 The Master Therion A Biographical Note by Aleister CrowleyWhat follows is strictly speaking more autobiographical than biographical since it is attributed to Aleister Crowley. The late Gerald J. Yorke suggested that this paper could be identical with Liber 666--The Beast, which is otherwise not extant. One page of theoriginal English typescript is lost however, the text was... more
The Works Of Aleister Crowley Vol II Part 2 by Aleister Crowley
Liber 002 The Message of The Master Therion by Aleister CrowleyExplains the essence of the new Law in a very simple manner.

See also: Equinox XI (Vol. III, No. 1), p. 39 III x.
Liber 2911 A Note On Genesis by Aleister CrowleyBy Allen Bennet. A model of Qabalistic ratiocination. Specially adapted to Gnana Yoga. With a preface and notes by Crowley. See also: Equinox I ii.
Liber 400 TAU vel Kabbalae Trium Literarum by Aleister Crowley"Liber TAV Vel Kabbalae Trium Literarum Sub Figura CD. A graphic interpretation of the Tarot on the plane of initiation." Analyzes the Hebrew alphabet into seven triads, each of which forms a Trinity of sympathetic ideas relating respectively to the Three Orders comprised in the AA. Received Dec 13, 1907. See also: Equinox I... more
Liber 066 Stellae Rubeae by Aleister Crowley"A secret ritual, the Heart of IAO- OAI, delivered unto V.V.V.V.V. for his use in a certain matter of Liber Legis, and written down under the figure LXVI. This book is sufficiently described by the title". See Liber CCCXXXIII (The Book of Lies), pp. 34-5 III ix, p. 85 and Appendix VI of Book IV. Received Nov 25th, 1907... more
Liber 175 Astarte vel Liber Berylli by Aleister CrowleyAn instruction in attainment by the method of devotion, on Bhakta-Yoga how one may unite oneself to any particular Deity. Both Magical and Mystical methods are given. Equinox I vii, p. 37
Mortadello Or The Angel Of Venice by Aleister CrowleyA play. Crowley hoped to persuade the renowned American actor and singer Paul Robeson (1898-1976) to put on a production of the play, in which Robeson would take the part of the character Orlando, 'a Negro of the Tunisian Sudan.' Robeson read the play but declined, explaining: "I'm afraid it's no use. You see, there are certain... more
Liber 077 Oz by Aleister CrowleyThe Thelemic declaration of rights of Man, in five sections comprised of one syllable words. Written in 1941. See also Equinox III x.
Liber 474 OS Abysmi vel Daath by Aleister CrowleyGnana Yoga. An instruction in a purely intellectual method of entering the Abyss. See also: Equinox I vii, p. 77.
Household Gods Comedy by Aleister Crowley"The Household," a one-act comedy that makes readers roar with laughter, is eaxctly one of those masterpieces by this important Bristish writer that needs to be rediscovered by contemporary readers.
Liber 614 Part 2 Of The Instructions For The IX OTO by Aleister Crowley
Sephiroth Ha Dborim The Emanations of Words by Aleister CrowleyThis numerical dictionary, based upon Sepher Sephiroth, has been revised and updated, including much new material. It has also been stripped of much extraneous material such as planetary spirits, etc., to make it a more 'purist' production, since much of the material of that type is rather unreliable. All the numerations have... more
Liber 097 The Amalantrah Working by Aleister CrowleyBook 729 is also "The Amalantrah Working". Book 97 may be a different, and now lost, document. (See the note for p468 in Magick: Liber ABA)
Oracles by Aleister CrowleyOracles: the Autobiography of an Art, is like a little collected works in itself and contained Crowley's backlog of poems from 1889-1903, including an unfinished Buddhist classic the Dhammapada, Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleur du Mal (also unfinished) and some from Green Alps, his teenage collection of mountaineering poetry.... more
Rosa Decidua by Aleister CrowleyPrivately published. This poem has everywhere been recognized as overwhelming. E. S. P. Haynes told me that it was the most powerful that he had ever read, and Frank Harris wrote from what he thought was his death bed, "In Rosa Decidua there is more" ("scil". than in some other poem of which he has been writing) "a despairing... more
The Stratagem and Other Stories by Aleister CrowleyThe Stratagem and Other Stories, a small book of short stories written by Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), occult magician, poet and self-proclaimed prophet of a new AEON., Including "The Strategem", "The Testament of Magdalen Blair", "His Secret Sin". The Testament of Magdalen Blair paints a particularly gruesome picture of what... more
1907 Diary Fragments by Aleister CrowleyFragments from Aleister Crowley Diary 1907. Between 1907 and 1911 Crowley, under the direct influence of a spirit, wrote twelve Holy Books. During these years he also worked on nonmagical manuscripts and published several long poems including Clouds Without Water (1908) and began expanding his literary efforts to prose in the... more
Book Of The Heart Girt With The Serpent Poem by Aleister Crowley
Green Alps Partial Poetry by Aleister CrowleyThe following are from Green Alps, a volume that was never issued. It was going to be published by Leonard Smithers, the leading pornographic publisher of the day. However, it was never issued, since the sheets were destroyed at a fire. Only part of the page-proofs survive in a unique copy at the Warburg Institute - for those... more
Liber 005 vel Reguli by Aleister CrowleyBeing the Ritual of the Mark of the Beast: an incantation proper to invoke the Energies of the Aeon of Horus, adapted for the daily use of the Magician of whatever grade.
The Hermit Hymn To Solitude by Aleister CrowleyNamo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhasa. Venerable Lord and Best of Friends. We, seeing the cycle in which Maha Brahma is perhaps more a drifting buoy than ourselves, knowing that it is called the walking in delusion, the puppet show of delusion, the writing of delusion, the fetter of delusion, are aware that the way out... more
Liber 811 Energised Enthusiasm by Aleister CrowleyAn essay developing the idea of creativity - and genius - as a sexual phenomenon. Specially adapted to the task of Attainment of Control of the Body of Light, development of Intuition and Hatha yoga. See also: Equinox I ix, p. 17
Liber 017 Liber IAO An attempt At The Analysis by Aleister CrowleyFormula IAO by Aleister Crowley: an attempt at the analysis. Analysis and comprehension of formulas the matter is far from simple. Magic formulas, they are the secret names of god, were always considered incomprehensible. But if it cannot be approach the essence of magic formula by means of the reflection above its... more
Liber 132 Liber Apotheosis by Aleister CrowleyA treatise on the Incarnation of a God, instructions to Realize and Proclaim His Identity.
Liber 888 Preface to Androcles and the Lion by Aleister CrowleyPreface to Androcles and the Lion by George Bernard Shaw on which Liber 888 is a commentary.
Aleister Crowley A Modern Master Extract by John MooreExtracts from John Moore's Book A Modern Master. A Modern Master is neither an account of his life, nor a straightforward presentation of his teaching, but an attempt to place him clearly in the context of modern ideas as well as a number of older traditions.
Liber 030 Liber Librae The Book of the Balances by Aleister CrowleyLiber Librae - The Book of the Balance. Karma Yoga. An elementary course of morality suitable for the average man. See also: Equinox I i, p. 17 III x.
Stepping Out Of The Old Aeon Into The New by Aleister CrowleyVolume I N1. 1996. La Loi de Thelema Liber CL vel Nun, Ayin, Lamed, une Sandale. Liber Khabs Am Pekht. Liber OZ, Chroniques Litteraires et Musicales. La Loi de Thelema, (Dossier). Aleister Crowley et sa Magie, par Pierre Victor, Interview de Pierre Victor. Liber DCCCXII, la Loi de Liberte. Thelema - un Testamen Sonore par Leila... more
His Secret Sin by Aleister Crowley"His Secret Sin", was first published in "The Equinox" volume I, no.8 in 1912 and has a pervert absconding a photograph of the Venus de Milo.
Liber 220 AL vel Legis The Book Of The Law Scans by Aleister Crowley
Liber 800 Liber Samekh Theurgia Goetia Summae Congressus cum Daemone by Aleister CrowleyBeing the Ritual employed by the Beast 666 for the Attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel during the semester of His performance of the Operation of the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage.
Liber 027 Liber Trigrammaton by Aleister CrowleyLIBER TRIGRAMMATON SUB FIGVRA XXVII BEING THE BOOK OF THE TRIGRAMS OF THE MUTATIONS OF THE TAO WITH THE YIN AND THE YANG.The full knowledge of the interpretation of this book is concealed from all. The Practicus must nevertheless acquire a copy and throughly acquaint himself with the contents, and commit them to memory."Liber... more
Liber 555 HAD by Aleister CrowleyAn instruction for attaining Hadit. See also: Equinox I vii, p. 83
Liber 837 The Law Of Liberty by Aleister CrowleyThis is a further explanation of the Book of the Law in reference to certain Ethical problems. See also: Equinox III i, p. 45 III x
Liber 729 The Amalantrah Working by Aleister CrowleyThe Amalantrah Working. Interviews with a discarnate entity.
The Soul of the Desert by Aleister CrowleyA poem 'Written at Jozeur 17 March 1914,' it was first published in an issue of The Occult Review of the same year.
Liber 101 Ordo Templi Orientis An Open Letter by Aleister CrowleyEnumerating the Duties and Privileges. These Regulations Come Into Force In Any District Where the Membership Exceeds One Thousand Souls. See also: Equinox III i III x.
Liber 451 Siloam by Aleister CrowleyThought lost. Liber Siloam is mentioned by Crowley and also mentioned is a practice called "Sleep of Siloam" [see]. A ritual called "Sleep of Siloam" was published in The Magical Link. Also, in Liber LXV IV.9, "the sleep of Shi-loh-am" is mentioned.
Thumbs Up by Aleister CrowleyA reprint of Crowley's extraordinary work which was effectively his published curse on Adolf Hitler.
Liber 007 Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli by Aleister CrowleyLIBER LIBERI VEL LAPIDIS LA ZVLI ADVMBRATIO KABBAL A AGYPTIORUM SVB FIGVRA VII BEING THE VOLUNTARY EMANCIPATION OF A CERTAIN EXEMPT ADEPT FROM HIS ADEPTSHIP. THESE ARE THE BIRTH-WORDS OF A MASTER OF THE TEMPLE.The full knowledge of the interpretation of this book is concealed from all, save only the Sixfold Star. The Neophyte... more
Liber 200 Resh vel Helios Or Adorations of the Sun by Aleister CrowleyAn instruction for the adoration of the Sun four times daily, with the object of composing the mind to meditation, thus to bring conscious relation with the center of our system for advanced students, to make actual Magical contact with the Spiritual energy of the Sun and thus to draw actual force from Him. See also:... more
Liber 370 AASH vel Capricorni Pneumatici by Aleister Crowley"Liber A'ASH Vel Capricorni Pneumatici Sub Figura CCCLXX. Contains the true secret of all practical magick." Analyzes the nature of the creative magical force in man, explains how to awaken it, how to use it and indicates the general as well as the particular objects to be gained thereby. Sexual magick heavily veiled in... more
Liber 813 vel Ararita by Aleister CrowleyAn account of the Hexagram and the method of reducing it to the Unity and Beyond. This book describes in magical language a very secret process of Initiation. See also: Equinox III ix.
Liber 009 E vel Exercitiorum by Aleister Crowley1. It is absolutely necessary that all experiments should be recorded in detail during, or immediately after, their performance.2. It is highly important to note the physical and mental condition of the experimenter or experimenters.3. The time and place of all experiments must be noted also the state of the weather, and... more
Liber 011 NU With Commentary by Aleister Crowley
Liber 065 Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente by Aleister CrowleyLiber Cordis Cincti Serpente sub figura ADNI. "An account of the relations of the Aspirant with his Holy Guardian Angel. This book is given to Probationers, as the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel is the Crown of the Outer College. Similarly Liber VII is given to Neophytes, as the grade of... more
Liber 1151 Minerval To 3rd Degree Program by Aleister CrowleyLiber MCLI. By Jim Graeb IX O.T.O.. Being the requirements of Minerval to III, in study and work in the O.T.O., as it has manifested under the Caliph.
Liber 341 HHH Continet Capitula Tria by Aleister CrowleyLiber HHH. Gives three methods of attainment through a willed series of thoughts. See also: Equinox I v.
Liber 800 The Ship by Aleister CrowleyA mystery play. This was the source of the first and father Anthem in Book 15. Appeared in Equinox Ix. See: The Ship Portions also appear as the anthem in the Gnostic Mass, Liber XV
Liber 300 Khabs Am Pekht by Aleister CrowleyKhabs am Pekht. A special instruction for the Promulgation of the Law. This is the first and most important duty of every aspirant of whatever grade. It builds up in him the character and Karma which forms the Spine of Attainment. See also: Equinox III i, p. 171 III x
Liber 090 Tzaddi vel Hamus Hermeticus by Aleister Crowley"An account of Initiation, and an indication as to those who are suitable for the same.". See also: Equinox I vi, p. 17 III ix
Liber 913 Tau Yod Shin Aleph Resh Bet ThIShARB Viae Memoriae by Aleister CrowleyThIShARB, Liber Viae Memoriae Gives methods for attaining the magical memory, or memory of past lives, and an insight into the function of the Aspirant in this present life. (So to enable the Aspirant to calculate his True Orbit in eternity.). Equinox I vii, p. 105.
City of God A Rhapsody by Aleister CrowleyCrowley wrote the poem during his travels in pre-revolutionary Russia, and first published it in The English Review in 1914 and republished it in the 1940s. He recalled in his 'Confessions' that "I expressed the soul of Moscow in a poem "The City of God" .... it is a "hashish dream come true". This is a facsimile of that... more
Liber 044 The Mass Of The Phoenix by Aleister CrowleyLiber CCCXXXIII (The Book of Lies) and Appendix VI in Book IV.
Liber 060 The AbulDiz Working by Aleister CrowleyThe Ab-ul-Diz Working. See also: Equinox IVii
Liber 003 vel Jugorum by Aleister CrowleyAn instruction for the control of speech, action, and thought.

See also: Equinox I iv, p. 9 and Appendix VI of Book IV.
Liber 028 Liber Septem Regum Sanctorum by Aleister CrowleyLiber Septem Regum Sanctorum, Ritual XXVIII, The Ceremony of the Seven Holy Kings. Being an Initiation Ritual for certain select probationers to AA
Liber 500 Sepher Sephiroth by Aleister CrowleyBy Allen Bennet, Crowley and Friends. A dictionary of Hebrew words arranged according to their value numerically. This is an Encyclopedia of the Holy Qabalah, which is a map of the Universe, and enables man to attain Perfect Understanding. See also: Equinox I viii, Special Supplement.
Liber 052 Manifesto Of The OTO by Aleister CrowleyThis 1919 e.v. manifesto is by Crowley - others exist by other people. See also: Equinox III i III x. This is an O.T.O. document.
Liber AL vel Legis Scans by Aleister CrowleyFrom the collection of Thelemic scholar Martin P. Starr, who was for a time in his youth an associate of Motta's, and one of his representatives in the USA, with Starr's ownership signature on the front free endpaper. The S.O.T.O. edition of 'The Book of the Law.'
Liber 206 RU vel Spiritus by Aleister CrowleyFull instructions in Pranayama, describes various practices of controlling the breath, how to insure success, what results to strive for, and how to use them for the Great Work. Equinox I vii, p. 59
La Gitana by Aleister CrowleyLa Gitana, Aleister Crowley poem.
Rosa Mundi by Aleister CrowleyRosa Mundi. A Poem. With an Original Composition by Auguste Rodin. One of a suite of poems written by Crowley for his then-wife, Rose in 1904.
Liber 150 vel A Sandal De Lege Libellum by Aleister CrowleyLamed Ayin Nun, A Sandal. A further explanation of the Book of the Law, with special reference to the Powers and Privileges conferred by it's acceptance. The Law of Liberty Love Life and Light. Equinox III x
Liber 018 The Fountain of Hyacinth by Aleister CrowleyLiber Tzaddi Beth Aleph vel Nike A diary of the use of cocaine and heroin and the relations of the Magician therewith. See Liber Al vel Legis: Chapter Two, verse Twenty Two.
Rosa Coeli Rosa Mundi Rosa Inferni by Aleister CrowleyReproduces in one volume three slender books of verse first published pseudonymously by Crowley in 1905 and 1907.
Liber 021 Khing Kang King The Classic Of Purity by Aleister CrowleyTaoist classic put into rhyme. A new translation from the Chinese by the Master Therion. Originally published by Crowley in 1939 in an edition of 100 copies (of which arguably less than a quarter were distributed) this is the book's second ever publication. The publisher, Thelema Publications, was run by Helen Parsons-Smith,... more
Liber 148 The Soldier and the Hunchback by Aleister CrowleyA general discussion on philosophy. See also: Equinox I i.
Liber 161 Concerning the Law of Thelema by Aleister CrowleyAn epistle written to Professor L...B...K... who also himself waited for the New Aeon, concerning the O.T.O. and it's solution of Property, and now reprinted for the General Circulation. This is an O.T.O. document. See also: Equinox III i III x.
Liber 165 A Master of the Temple by Aleister CrowleyFrater Achad's magical diary with comments by Crowley. See also: Equinox III I, p. 127
Liber 015 Ecclesiae Gnosticae Catholicae Canon Missae by Aleister CrowleyThe central public and private rite of Ordo Templi Orientis and its ecclesiastical arm, Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. Several equally cannonical versions, with slight variations, of this document exist, published in several sources. This is a O.T.O. document. Originally written in 1913
Liber 070 The Cross Of A Frog by Aleister CrowleyStauros Batrachou "The Ceremonies proper to obtaining a familiar spirit of a Mercurial nature as described in the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine from a frog or toad."
Liber 124 Of Eden and the Sacred Oak by Aleister CrowleyLIBER CXXIV. Of Eden and the Sacred Oak: and of the Greater and Lesser Hospitality of the O.T.O. an Epistle of Baphomet to His Excellency James Thomas Windram, Very Holy, Very Illuminated, Very Illustrious, Initiate of the Sanctuary of the Gnosis, his Viceroy in the Union of South Africa. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of... more
Tanhauser A Story Of All Time by Aleister CrowleyA remarkable "Pilgrim's Progress" in dramatic form. This work may be regarded as the culmination of the Author's powers in lyrical and dramatic work: he has apparently said the last word possible on the subject of Regeneration.
Liber 064 Israfel or Liber Anubis by Aleister CrowleyBy Allen Bennet, Crowley, Others. Invocation of Thoth, as a prelude to preaching. Formerly called 'Liber Anubis', an instruction in a suitable method of preaching. See also: Equinox I vii.
Liber 185 Liber Collegii Sancti by Aleister CrowleyBeing the tasks proper to the Grades and their Oaths proper to Liber XIII. This is the Official Paper of the various Grades. It includes the Task and Oath of all Grades to, and including, Adeptus Minor.
Liber 036 The Star Sapphire by Aleister CrowleyAn improved form of the Ritual of the Hexagram. See also: Book IV The Book of Lies
Temperance A Tract For The Times by Aleister CrowleyTemperance (XIV) is the fourteenth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination.
A Thelemic Calendar by Frater HoorDo what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. This calendar is intended to replace the old Roman calendar with a convenient system based upon the Solar year. Each 365 day year is divided without remainder into 5 months of 73 days,1 beginning on the Vernal Equinox.2
Liber 016 Turris vel Domus Dei by Aleister CrowleyAn instruction for attainment by the direct destruction of thoughts as they arise in the mind. See also: Equinox I vi, p. 9.
Liber 685 vel Cicles by Aleister CrowleyLiber 685 vel Cicles AA Publication in class B A General Theory Of Magick
Liber 031 by Aleister Crowley"Being a part of the diary of Frater O.I.V.V.I.O. concerning the fool Parzival and how he discovered the mystery of the one that is not. Written down in the fourteenth year of this Aeon when the sun was in the sign of Libra by Frater Arctaeon.". See also: Equinox I i, p. 4 III x.
Chicago May by Aleister CrowleyPrivately published. Mary Desti (Soror Virakem) is the focus of Crowley's rather unflattering poetry. Dedicated to Austin Harrison.
Liber 013 vel Graduum Montis Abiegni by Aleister CrowleyAn account of the tasks of the aspirant from Probationer to Adept. See also: Equinox I iii, p. 3
Liber 489 One Star in Sight by Aleister CrowleyOriginally, this document had neither book number nor class. Both were applied later by some lineages of AA. See: Book Four, Appendix II
Liber 570 vel Ararita by Aleister CrowleyAn account of the Hexagram and the method of reducing it to the Unity, and Beyond. See also: Equinox III ix.
Liber 868 Viarum Viae by Aleister CrowleyA graphic account of Magical powers classified under Tarot Trumps. An analysis of the 22 letters. To each is attributed a magical or mystical practice of progressive difficuly until attainment is complete. Equinox I vii, p. 101
Liber 156 Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni by Aleister Crowley"This book is a perfect account of the task of the Exempt Adept, considered under the symbols of a particular plane, not the intellectual.". Sexual magick veiled in symbolism. See also: Equinox I vi III ix.
The Fun of the Fair by Aleister Crowley"The Fun of the Fair" is Crowley's reminiscences - in verse - of the bawdy spectacle of the great festival at Nijni Novgorod (Russia) he visited in 1913. It was originally published in 1942 in an edition of 200 copies - this is a facsimile of that edition, published anonymously, probably in London in the... more
Suffering A Thelemic Perspective by Greg WottonSuffering: A Thelemic Perspective An examination of Suffering in the Book of the Law and its commentaries by Greg Wotton. The religion we call Thelema was founded in 1904 with the receiving of The Book of the Law by the magician/prophet/poet Aleister Crowley. This book is said to have been dictated by a preaternatural being... more
Liber 033 An Account Of AA by Aleister CrowleyBroadly based upon "Cloud on the Sanctuary" by the Councillor Von Eckartshausen and now revised and rewritten in the Universal Cipher. See also: Equinox I i
Liber 1066 A Study of the Ruling Class of England by Aleister CrowleyThis article was written for The International, where it appeared in the September 1917 e.v. issue (volume 11, number 9, pages 272-76). We will present it in two parts, concluding in next month's issue. 1066: A Study of the Ruling Class of England by Aleister Crowley
Liber 633 De Thaumaturgia by Aleister CrowleyA statement of certain ethical considerations concerning Magick. See also: Equinox III x.
Liber AL vel Legis Dutch Translation by Aleister Crowley
Rosa Inferni by Aleister CrowleyRosa Inferni. A Poem. With an Original Composition by Auguste Rodin. One of a suite of poems written by Crowley for his then-wife, Rose in 1904.
Liber 065 Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente Comments by Aleister Crowley
Liber 016 Turris vel Domus Dei With Commentary by Aleister Crowley
Liber 831 IOD by Aleister CrowleyLiber YOD(IOD) formerly Vesta An instruction giving three methods of reducing the manifold consciousness to the Unity. Adapted to facilitate the task of Raja Yoga, and of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. See also: Equinox I vii, p. 101.
Rosa Coeli by Aleister CrowleyA Poem with an Original Composition by Auguste Rodin. Published under the pseudonym of H. D. Carr.
Liber 335 Adonis an Allegory by Aleister CrowleyAdonis an Allegory. A short play. Set in the hanging gardens of Babylon in classical times with classical characters. An account in poetic language of the struggle of the human and divine elements in the consciousness of man, giving their harmony following on the victory of the latter.
Liber 074 Testis Testitudinis by Aleister CrowleyLiber Testis Testitudinis vel ty sub figura LXXIV
Liber 095 The Wake World With Additional Comments by Aleister Crowley
Liber 412 A vel Armorum by Aleister CrowleyAn instruction for the preparation of the Elemental Instruments. See also: Equinox I iv, p. 15
Liber 011 NU by Aleister CrowleyAn instruction for attaining Nuit. An account of the task of the Aspirant from Probationer to Adept. Meditations on AL.

See also: Equinox I vii, p. 11.
Liber 079 Testis Testitudinis vel ThTz by Aleister Crowley
Liber 151 Liber QNA vel Namen Dei by Aleister CrowleyLiber 151 Liber QNA vel Namen Dei sub figura CLI by Frater Achad
Songs For Italy by Aleister CrowleyA collection of largely anti-fascist poetry, published at around the time of Crowley's expulsion from the Abbey at Cefalu (the XIX represents the 'Thelemic Year' 19, ie 1923 ev).
Liber 194 An Intimation with Reference to the Constitution of the Order by Aleister CrowleyAny Province of the O.T.O. is governed by the Grand Master and those to whom he delegates his Authority, until such time as the Order is established, which is the case when it possesses eleven or more Profess-houses in the province. Then the regular constitution is automatically Promulgated. The Quotation is slightly adapted... more
Liber 041 Thien Tao A Political Essay by Aleister CrowleyAn essay on Attainment by way of Equilibrium. Written 1907. See also: Knox Om Pax
Liber 055 The Chymical Jousting of Brother Perardua by Aleister CrowleyAn account of the Magical and Mystic Path in the language of Alchemy. See also: Equinox I i, p. 88
Liber 084 Liber Chanokh Pictures by Aleister Crowley
Liber 197 The High History Of Good Sir Palamedes by Aleister CrowleyThe High History of Good Sir Palamedes the Saracen Knight and of his following of the Questing Beast A poetic account of the Great Work and enumeration of many obstacles. See also: Equinox I iv, Special Supplement
Liber D DAARNIZHAAN by Aleister Crowley
In Residence The Dons Guide to Cambridge by Aleister CrowleyA collection of Crowley's early poetry, published in the same years as Crowley received The Book of the Law. The poems are mostly reprinted from magazines like 'Granta,' 'Cambridge Magazine,' 'Cantab,' etc. though some were previously unpublished. Includes twenty pages of extremely interesting, humorous, and informative... more
Liber 059 Across The Gulf by Aleister CrowleyCrowley: 'A fantastic account of a previous incarnation. Its principal interest is that its story of the overthrowing of Isis by Osiris may help the reader to understand the meaning of the overthrowing of Osiris by Horus in the present AEon.' See also: Equinox I vii, p. 293
Liber 061 vel Causae AA by Aleister CrowleyExplains the actual history and origin of the present movement. It's statements are accurate in the ordinary sense of the word. The object of the book is to discount Mythopeia. In other words, the collapse of the Order of the GD and the founding of the AA. See also Equinox III i III ix. Rewritten Nov 16, 1907... more
Theatre Magick Aleister Crowley And Rites Of Eleusis by Tupman Tracy WardTheatre Magick Aleister Crowley And Rites Of Eleusis, is DISSERTATION Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy in the Graduate School of The Ohio State University by Tracy W. Tupman, M.A. In October and November of 1910 seven one-act plays were produced at Caxton Hall,... more
The Star in the West A Critical Essay on the Works of Aleister Crowley by John Frederick Charles FullerThe Star in the West: a Critical Essay upon the Works of Aleister Crowley by Captain (as he then was) J. F. C. Fuller can now be read online. This is a lengthy study of Crowley's early poetry and philosophy (as expressed in the writings collected in his 1905-7 Collected Works). Some might question the "critical" part even... more
What was Aleister Crowley by Thomas VoxfireWhat was Aleister Crowley by Thomas Voxfire. An Inquiry into the Nature of the Office of Magus, specifically in the Matter of To Mega Therion. Crowley, one of the most notorious men in 20PthP Century England, was heralded by the popular press of his time as the "wickedest man in the world." He was also a poet, mystic,... more

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