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Christina Debes: About Me

This is the my parents and grandparents in their home near Telford 1974
I am a 42yr old woman from London, I am a solitary eclectic wiccan,i live with my bests friends, a beautiful black cat called Moor and hamster Hamilton. I am a very friendly, outgoing person, I have aquired a lot of wicca info over the years that i would like to share with you all.

My parents Betty And William Debes in Scotland 1977
I hold the conviction that as a child of the Divine, I have the ability to connect and commune with the Divine without having to go through a priest or other spiritual "guru." As such, I worship at the times and in the places I choose. This may be a corner of my home I've designated as sacred space, in my back yard, or any other place of my choosing.

I was born in Shenley, South East London 19 December 1981. I grew up in the West of England. I've held unorthodox views on religion since 9 when my cat died. I was very upset and cried when I asked my father whether the creature had gone to heaven; he replied that animals did not go there. This comment did not sit well with me and I began to read the Golden Bough and became interested in folklore. My studies in magick began as a teenager with simple magick.

That's me at age 5 (1986)

That's me at age 12 (1993)
Now I live in London where I practice the candle magic and the magic's of the streams and rivers; I work alone, although occasionally I do celebrate the rites of Witchcraft with my friends. Now I'm really interested in reincarnation because I think it does explain a lot. I've got a lot of feeling of affinity with Egypt and I've got a feeling that I was around in that time. I write poetry and paint a little. That's one of my recent poems:

When the cities turned against their people
the phones in parks
were stripped away
no need for any screaming girl to call
if she has no monthly cell plan
and police,
once a whistle from each others hearing
now speed past domestic abuse on the street
oblivious in sealed air conditioned bubbles
of paramilitary isolation
enhanced tasers and mil grade
laptops in their soundproof cruisers

When the cities turned against their people
the poets and violinists
were told to pick rocks
not because they needed picking
a Machine could easily do that
but the idle hands of poets and painters
the idle lips of bards
need to be flogged daily
lest celebrations be seen
without a permit

I am in 17 years with grapes


22 years (I love horses)

23 years - 2004

25 years - I walk in the winter park (2006)

26 years

My early painting (self portrait 2005)

My other painting(2007)

I love to travel. I've traveled extensively during the past 20 years. I have traveled almost to all Europe countries. I have been to Austria, France, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Greece. I have discovered most of Europe. It is also shorter for me to say where in Europe I haven't yet been: The Vatican, San Marino, Monaco, Andorra, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Cyprus and Iceland. Europe is full of tiny countries so it has been easy to visit all of those places. I would like to travel in the future too, learning other countries' culture and things like that... It must be amazing.

I am in Spain (2014)

In Greece (2017)

In Belgium (2018)

In Austria (2019)

In Germany 2016

2018 In Norwegian restaurant
I love to travel, but I also like staying in one place and love my home in Shenley.

My Home In Shenley 1

My Home 2

My Home 3

My Garden
I really like doing housework. It's a source of great pleasure to me to make a room clean and beautiful, to restore order, to know as I pass a chest of drawers that everything within is orderly. And I find that sometimes I am most connected to my Goddess when I do this. Sometimes when I am churning with emotion and thoroughly off my balance, I seek Her in the cleaning and reorganization of kitchen cabinet or underwear drawer, rather than going outside to weep at the moon or sit under the apple tree.

My first Altar 1999

My current Altar (Christmas 2018)

My Altar (Samhain 2016)

My Wiccan Altar In The Garden
I'm pretty fond of watching decorating shows and programs on big houses. Part of the time I'm liking the beauty, sometimes I'm awed by technology, and sometimes I'm shaking my head and thinking, "You paid how many thousands of dollars for that crap?!" And then I turn off the TV, and I consider my own house. 700 square feet. I play utility bill roulette to keep everything on. I don't have cable TV or cable internet. I know how to manage if the electricity isn't on, or the water, or the gas that heats the house and fuels the stove. And sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a house where I didn't have to step outside to have room to change my mind. And that's a little bit worse when I watch those shows.

2020, London, Near Palace

Walking with a friend (2020)

2020, London, near Tower

Near Stonehenge(2019)

London Subway (2020)

I and my smile 2022 :)

I am a Voodoo Witch! :))))

My favorite books on magic

Another shelf with my books
One of the most entertaining ways for me to pass the hours waiting in an airport is to do some reading on what the religious right thinks Pagans like me are up to (apparently I should be having a much more adventuresome sex life). The one bad thing is that all the juicy bits are behind subscription walls and I am allergic to giving these people money for any reason. But it does appear that Paganism in general is back on the the radar of a least some segments of the religious right.

My Best Friend Cat Moor
I am trying to find the happy. It continues to be a challenge, I will be honest. It has been exceptionally dark and gloomy here. Rumours are I have a fabulous weekend ahead when it comes to weather. I would really like that. I really need that to happen. Last week I had either huge rainfalls or snow. I am not expecting to be warm anymore. I have given up on that state of being. But sunshine, sunshine would make me very happy.

My Second Best Friend Hamster Hamilton
Sometimes I speak for myself I was inspired on my path as a witch by the Australian Rosaleen Norton (1917 - 1979) "The Witch of Kings Cross", stating that: "she had never been afraid to follow an unconventional spiritual path and expressed that in her art. She had carved a unique and potent niche for herself in a world when women were afforded far less opportunities than they are today. Her braveness and defiance of social norms and expectations inspires me to trust my own voice and vision of the world".

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