Alektryon Christophos - Deuses Obscuros (Dark Gods, in Portuguese) (90.0 Kb)

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Alektryon Christophos(or Alektryon Christophorus) is former ONA member from Brazil.Note that, unfortunately, not all my books can be downloaded or ordered on CD due to the restrictions of copyright. However, most of the books on this site do not have copyright restrictions. If you find any copyright violation, please contact me at . I am very attentive to the issue of copyright and try to avoid any violations, but on the other hand to help all fans of magic to get access to information.
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Category 1:  Devil and Satanic
Category 2:  Gods And Goddesses
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Author:      Alektryon Christophos
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Alektryon Christophoros, shows very well this group aspect in his article Traditional Satanism, National Socialism, and the Aeon Faustian, where he writes:

"One of the basic beliefs of Traditional Satanism is based on the fact that Western society was 'poisoned' or impoverished with Judeo-Christian values that came only delay the evolution of Humanity, and the opening of Aeon Faustian: the New World Order Elitist and Satanic nature, where power is delivered to the 'Master Race', the Satanic race made up of the best and strongest. In this respect we can see a striking correspondence with National Socialism, which in many ways can be seen as a religion of the Sun, the Fuhrer, the Leader and the Fort. This is the Absolutist Law, the Law against Christianity that Friedrich Nietzsche so passionately spoken in his fantastic book 'The Antichrist'. "

Alektryon Christophos(or Alektryon Christophorus) is former ONA member from Brazil.