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Song Of Solomon
Song Of Solomon by Solomonic Grimoires
Solomon also called Jedidiah was, according to the Bible (Book of Kings: 1 Kings 1-11 Book of Chronicles: 1 Chronicles 28-29, 2 Chronicles 1-9), Qur'an, and Hidden Words a king of Israel and the son of David.The conventional dates of Solomon's reign are circa 970 to 931 BC. He is described as... >>Download<<
Songs Of The Spirit
Songs Of The Spirit by Aleister Crowley
This modest little volume contains many beautiful thoughts expressed in delicate phrases: daring verses too, which cannot lightly be overlooked. "The Farewell of Paracelcus to Aprile," "The Initiation," "The Philosopher's Progress," are finely-wrought images from Mr. Crowley's vivid mind. Little... >>Download<<
Collection of Tales and Poetry by Order of Nine Angles
The following work re-presents the Order of Nine Angles 'Tales & Poetry' databaseLayout and compilation by Caput MortuumStand: May 2004 * 25 MSS * 614 pagesPlease note: This summary is not authorized by the O.N.A.Tales & Poetry: 1. Copula Cum Daemone Or A Summer's Tale 2. Griggin 's Nap 3. Carving... >>Download<<
Collection of Tales and Poetry
Poetry of the Gods by Howard Phillips Lovecraft
The following entries include the first publication of this work and any publications currently in print. * The United Amateur, 20, No. 1 (September 1920), 1-4. * The Tomb and Other Tales. New York: Ballantine Books, 1970, 157-64. * Dagon and Other Macabre Tales. Ed. S.T. Joshi. Sauk City,... >>Download<<
Poetry of the Gods
Liber 067 The Sword of Song
Liber 067 The Sword of Song by Aleister Crowley
Two Poems. A critical study of various philosophies. An account of Buddhism. 1925. See also: Collected Works, Vol. ii, pp. 140-203. One of Crowley's most significant early works, it was the first work in which Crowley publicly identified himself as 'The Beast.' Referred to by Richard Kaczynski as... >>Download<<
Odin Ravens Song
Odin Ravens Song by Hrafnagaldr Odi
This very obscure poem has been regarded as a fragment only of a poem, of which the beginning and end are wanting. With regard to the beginning, the want may possibly be more apparent than real the strophes 2-5 being in fact a sort of introduction, although they do not at first strike us as... >>Download<<
The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell by William Blake
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is a book by the English poet and printmaker William Blake, part of a series of texts written in imitation of biblical books of prophecy, but expressing Blake's own intensely personal Romantic and revolutionary beliefs. Like his other books, it was published as... >>Download<<
The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Green Alps Partial Poetry by Aleister Crowley
The following are from Green Alps, a volume that was never issued. It was going to be published by Leonard Smithers, the leading pornographic publisher of the day. However, it was never issued, since the sheets were destroyed at a fire. Only part of the page-proofs survive in a unique copy at the... >>Download<<
Green Alps Partial Poetry
Songs For Italy
Songs For Italy by Aleister Crowley
A collection of largely anti-fascist poetry, published at around the time of Crowley's expulsion from the Abbey at Cefalu (the XIX represents the 'Thelemic Year' 19, ie 1923 ev). >>Download<<
Prophecy of the Seeress Poetic Edda
Prophecy of the Seeress Poetic Edda by Irmin Vinson
Voluspa, which opens the Old Norse Poetic Edda, was likely composed in Iceland shortly before AD 1000 during a period of transition when Christianity was replacing the traditional beliefs of the North. The poem's anonymous author seems to have conceived Voluspa as a literary response to the decline... >>Download<<
Icelandic Poetry Or The Edda Of Saemund by Loptsson
The Poetic Edda is a collection of Old Norse poems primarily preserved in the Icelandic mediaeval manuscript Codex Regius. Along with Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda is the most important extant source on Norse mythology and Germanic heroic legends.Codex Regius was written in the... >>Download<<
Icelandic Poetry Or The Edda Of Saemund
Poetic Edda Edda Saeundar Hinns Froda by Benjamin Thorpe
Saemund, son of Sigfus, the reputed collector of the poems bearing his name, which is sometimes also called the Elder, and the Poetic, Edda, was of a highly distinguished family, being descended in a direct line from King Harald Hildetonn. He was born at Oddi, his paternal dwelling in the south of... >>Download<<
Poetic Edda Edda Saeundar Hinns Froda
The Song Of the Sybil Voluspa
The Song Of the Sybil Voluspa by WH Auden
Voluspa (Prophecy of the Volva) is the first and best known poem of the Poetic Edda. It tells the story of the creation of the world and its coming end related by a volva addressing Odin. It is one of the most important primary sources for the study of Norse mythology.The poem is preserved whole in... >>Download<<
Olla an Anthology of Sixty Years of Song
Olla an Anthology of Sixty Years of Song by Aleister Crowley
The last book Crowley published before his death. An anthology of sixty years of song by Aleister Crowley. Poetry. Aleister Crowley's best poems selection. >>Review Only<<
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