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Douglas Colligan is the author of Scholastic's A+ Guide to Good Grades and other books, and has 3 books that have been rated 5 times on Goodreads.

Douglas Colligan short Bibliography:

- Scholastic's A+ Guide to Good Grades
- Escape from Death
- Bike Book: The Care and Feeding of Your Two Wheels
- The Cyclist's Manual
- Don't Panic! You Can Get Good Grades!
- A+ Guide to Good Grammar (3-PACK), A+ Guide to Good Grades, A+ Guide to Taking Tests
- Amazing Real-Life Coincidences
- Strange Energies, Hidden Powers
- Creative Insomnia
- The Healer Within: The New Medicine of Mind and Body
- Amazing Real-Life Coincidences
- The Video Avenger (Twistaplot, #7)

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