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Eirenaeus Philalethes (the peaceful lover of truth) was a 17th century alchemist and the author of many influential works. These works were read by such luminaries as Isaac Newton, John Locke, and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Newton's extensive writings on alchemy are heavily indebted to Philalethes, although Newton incorporated significant modifications as well.

The real identity hiding behind the nom de plume of Eireneaus Philalethes has been for a long time shroud in secrets. The most popular name charged with writing his works, as supported by recent research is however George Starkey, an alchemist and the first American scientist.

Starkey (1628 - 1665) was born in Bermuda and educated at Harvard College. He became the first anglophone native of the New World to be extensively read across Europe. Starkey left for London in 1650. Here he set up a laboratory and became the informal chemistry teacher of Robert Boyle, though Boyle never acknowledged this debt.

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