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Yves Kodratoff is a "director of research" at the French National Center for Scientific Research. Aside of his purely scientific studies on the machines that learn, he has devoted a large amount of his time to the study of non classical medicine. In particular, his book on the shiatsu meridians is becoming a kind of basic for shiatsu practitioners in Germany and France.

His approach does not reject at all modern medicine but it shows its incompleteness as compared to the Nordic one that kept a better balance between the rational and the irrational.

Yves Kodratoff's books covers in depth with great clarity the blending together of Runes, Galder, Shamanism, and the "Healing Magic" hidden in the Finnish Kalevala. Nordic Magic Healing, is full of examples and techniques that can be used now to help heal ourselves in the same way our ancestors did.

Well researched and documented, this books has many examples and interpretations from the poems and sagas of Nordic lore. While not meant to take the place of conventional medicine, Nordic Magic Healing, is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to become a part of the healing process in their own lives.

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