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Wim van den Dungen is philosopher born in Antwerp (Belgium).

Wim van den Dungen Activities :

- 1981 - 1986 : Chairman of the VAG, Vlaams Astrologisch Genootschap, initiating a standard course on Western Astrology and a moral code covering its consult-context
- 1984 - 1986 : Vice-Chairman of the FAG, Federatie van Astrologische Groeperingen in het Nederlands Taalgebied
- 1985 : publication of Wetenschapsfilosofie en Astrologie, Arcturus/VAG.
- 1995 - 2000 : advisor to Global (Help) Projects NGO

- 1990 - : advisor to Taurus Consulting Agency
- 2002 - : webmastering www.sofiatopia.org
- 2005 - : mentor
- 2006 - : practicing Buddhist
- 2008 - : practicing Ch'i Kung

Trying to understand my astrological birth chart (1975) prompted me to study Western astrology. Between 1979 & 1982, a Dutch course in Classical Western Astrology got published. Between 1985 & 1994, a number of in-depth studies on astrology were finalized (all in Dutch). They became part of my studies in epistemology. Details can be found here.

The first philosophical text was Schetsen van een Absurde Wereldbeschouwing ("Sketches of an Absurd World View", 1981). It was rather absurdist & nihilist.

In 1983, College Tractaat ("College Tractate") was written. Is a philosophical system of no-system possible ?

Due to the practice of yoga, a strong interest in the actuality of mystical experience rose.

Three years later, the Proto-Tractatus Logico-Comicus (1986) emerged. Inviting much more study, this English text sketched the contours of what was intended.

In 1992, integrating the study of the epistemology of mystical experience (mysticology), the Tractatus Logico Tragi-Comicus emerged.

Besides a considerable reorganization of themes, again years of work lay ahead. From 1993 onward, the Dutch texts were privately published.

From the 9th of April 1996 onward, the report on these ongoing studies, exclusively existing in cyberspace, is freely available on the WWW.

This solved the issue of being read, and so interact with a community of sign-interpreters.

In 2002, www.sofiatopia.org was coined.

The logic, epistemology & method of this effort is critical :

- Criticosynthesis (2008)
- Critique of a Metaphysics of Process (2012)
- Book of Lemmas (2014)

Over the years, these various studies called for subdomains covering :

Philosophy, Ancient Egyptian Sapience, Neurophilosophy, Buddhadharma, Hermeticism and recently Music.

At present, the total website consists of c.9300 PDF pages. On average, c.1 GB is transferred daily (webstatistics).

Academics :

- Bachelor of Applied Economic Sciences (BA, 1981 - RUCA)
- Bachelor of Philosophy (BA, 1983 - UFSIA, MCL)
- Master of Philosophy Departement of Logic & Epistemology (MA, 1985, RUG, CL)

Thesis : On the Categories 'Rationality' & 'Irrationality' (1985, RUG, CL)

- Sociology of Music (1985 - RUG - Sabbe)
- Esthetics of Music (1985 - RUG - Broeckx)
- 1983 - 1987 : courses in Sanskrit (RUG - Jozef Deleu), Middle Egyptian (RUG - Herman De Meulenaere), Middle Dutch (UFSIA - Joseph Alaerts), the practice of Biofeedback (Maxwell Cade) and Depth Psychology
- 1984 : course in Hermeneutics of Religious Texts : Seven Ways of Holy Love by Beatrice of Nazareth (UFSIA - Alaerts)
- 1986 - 1990 : scientific collaborator RUG studying the cognitive aspects of love-mysticism, thesis reworked as : Kennis & Minne Mystiek (1994, Dutch)
- 1975 - 1993 : autodidact study of musical composition

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