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Wallace Notestein (1878-1969) was an American historian and Sterling Professor of English History at Yale University from 1928 to 1947.

Wallace Notestein (December 16, 1578-1969) was born in Wooster, Ohio; son of Jonas O, and Margaret (Wallace) Notestein. He married Ada Louise Comstock, June 14, 1943. He received his B. A. from Wooster in 1900 and his Ph. D. from Yale in 1908. In addition, he received honorary degrees from Wooster, Litt. D., 1923, Harvard 1939, Birmingham 1950, Yale 1951, Oxford 1958, and Glasgow, LL., D., 1950. Notestein was assistant professor of history, University of Kansas, 1905-1907; instructor of history, University of Minnesota, 1908; assistant professor, 1910, associate professor, 1914, professor, 1917-1920; professor of English History, Cornell, 1920-1928; Sterling Professor English History, Yale, 1928-1947, emeritus, 1947-; Eastman Professor Oxford University, 1949-1950; fellow Balliol College, 1949-1950; Research Assistant, Committee on Public Information, 1917; attached to State Department, 1918, American Commission to Negotiate Peace, Paris, 1919; member of British Commission appointed by Prime Minister, House of Commons Records, 1929-1932; member of Advisory Council, Guggenheim Foundation, 1939-1948; Corresponding Fellow, British Academy; member of the American Philosophical Society, Massachusetts Historical Society, Phi Gamma Delta. Notestein was a member of the Century Club (NYC) and the Athenaeum (London). Known as a gifted writer and an authority on English life and government of the 17th century, Notestein produced the following books:

- History of English Witchcraft, 1913
- Source Problems in English History, 1915 (with A. B. White)
- Commons Debates, 1629-1921 (with Frances H. Relf)
- D'Ewes Journal of the Long Parliament, 1923
- Winning of the Initiative by the House of Commons (Raleigh lecture, British Academy), 1924
- Commons Debates 1621, 7 vols., 1935 (with F. H. Relf, H. Simpson)
- English Folk, 1938
- The Scot in History, 1946
- The English People on the Eve of Colonization, 1954
- Four Worthies, 1956

Source: drs.library.yale.edu

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