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Vladimir Antonov was born in 1946 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After graduating from the Saint Petersburg State University as a bioecologist, he worked for many years in such fields of science as biology, medicine, ecology. He received a Ph.D. in biology. In particular, he created a new effective system of psychical selfregulation based on work with the chakras and meridians.

Gradually Dr.Antonov redirected his search of a scientist-biologist -- into the field of spiritual knowledge: study of nonincarnated forms of life, including God, and direct cognition of God in His different Manifestations. As a result, Dr.Antonov created the new branch of modern science - Methodology of Spiritual Development.

Vladimir Antonov is known for his many books and films dedicated to theology, spiritual evolutional anthropology, theory and practices of spiritual growth; at present these materials are translated into many languages and are known in almost all countries of the Earth.

Source: http://www.swami-center.org/

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