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Vincent Bridges (1952 - 2014), expert on Sir Edward Kelley and co-author of The Ophanic Revelation: Angelic Science and the End of Time - a unique book about Enochian Magick.

Author, esoteric historian, and researcher Vincent Bridges is the co-author of six books, and has been involved with several television documentaries on subjects ranging from Atlantis to the Holy Grail but primarily focused on Nostradamus. A self-proclaimed "anthropologist of the strange," Bridges is an initiate of five major traditions: Buddhism, Islam, Gnostic Christianity, Wicca and Western Ceremonial Magick. He is also a pioneer in the field of psycho-acoustic therapy for early childhood trauma, was the first geomancer listed in Who's Who in Service to the Earth, and was instrumental in the creation of three schools or educational organizations, The Fifth Way Mystery School, The Newport Earth Institute in Newport, New Hampshire and Pendragon College. Bridges also organizes and leads tours to sacred sites in Southern France and the Czech Republic, and has led tours in the past to India, Tibet and Egypt. He currently lives in Prague, where he is also a consultant to an alchemical museum.

Of course, we delve into Kelley's work with John Dee and his visionary experiences. Bridges discusses The Ophanic Revelation, which may be the most unique book on the subject of Enochian that I've ever encountered.

"Four hundred years ago, higher intelligence in the form of angels communicated a geometrical, symmetry-based, DNA-coded language pattern capable of producing a rapid expansion of consciousness and an increase in symbolic cognition. This shift in awareness - from a local primate-based consciousness to a much larger, universal, non-local reality - is based on what we now call plasma physics. The angels gifted us with this most unusual language system as a kind of life raft/survival radio set as they knew mankind would need a shift in consciousness to survive the precessionally timed apocalyptic season that now threatens to close in upon us. This book represents the first serious attempt to examine the angelic, or Ophanic, system given to Dr. John Dee from multiple viewpoints, using history, physics, biology, mathematics as well as art and sacred geometry to explore the unexpected depths of meaning and interconnection in this unique communication."

Although Bridges' perspective is multidisciplinary and may be somewhat speculative, he has led a working group through the entire Enochian system over the course of two years with rather remarkable results. While certainly not a traditional viewpoint, Bridges' conclusions seem to provide modern relevance that may have been previously unrecognized.

Whatever you may think of Bridges' conclusions, which I perceive as being controversial, there is no doubt that a great deal of research went into his book. I found The Ophanic Revelation intriguing, and the sense of mystery and immediacy that it conveyed to be remarkable. I'd encourage those interested in learning more about this work to read some of the articles linked below from the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Vincent Bridges passed unexpectedly less than a month after this interview was posted online. We extend our deepest sympathies to Vincent's family and friends all over the world. He will be sorely missed, but not forgotten. His work and legacy lives on...

Credit: occultofpersonality.net

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