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Layman Trieu Phuoc (born in 1948 in Tra Vinh, Vietnam) is a Tantric guru, has the name Buu Son, Duc Quy legal effect. He founded an association of Esoteric in USA, spread Tantric overseas and domestic practice called Tantra Heaven. He is also the composer of the Esoteric Buddhist scriptures Essence Essence Combs (English: Quintessence of Esoteric Buddhism), and is the author of The Myth and Mystery School (English: The Nomination of the gods and mysticism)

Trieu Phuoc was born in 1948 in Tra Vinh province. As a child in elementary school in Tra Vinh, boarding school raised Lasallian schools West line (Mossard Thu Duc) graduate Brevet Elementaire. Then he continued boarding school seminary Lasallian Dalat (College d'Adran Dalat), graduated double French baccalaureate (baccalaureat II). At 20, he was general mobilization, served in the Navy, Army former regime with the rank of lieutenant and continued demobilization of Saigon Law School faculty board international law. Trieu Phuoc graduated Bachelor of Laws in 25 years, the school as a professor teaching French away. In the period 28-29 years old, he was a vegetarian, and practice the basics of Tantra, study of religious doctrine, he spread the Esoteric.

By the end of 1981, settled his family to the United States under the ODP. While in America, he participated in writing the article about the phenomenon, its experience of mystics in Vietnam on White Black newspapers. Since 1983, he continued to study mysticism and in turn published the book Tantric scriptures Upper, Middle and book The Essence of Tantric Buddhism Weak Combs. In 1987, he founded an association of American Esoteric, mysticism subjects spread in the US and abroad, publication of the Tantric texts compiled by them, and composed through an association of Esoteric. Esoteric association of Virginia sent a free Tantric texts for overseas temples, as well as esoteric journals for members in the state for 3 years. Tantric scriptures then Esoteric California Friendship Association (not officially registered) translated into English and sent to the Library of Congress as well as major universities in the US.

Starting in 2008, lay Trieu Phuoc open page Mysterious subjects taught Tantra signed online with all kinds of Stories Old Guru in Mysticism and Religion.

Since the settlers to America, he lived in Colorado so far.

Time was in Vietnam, lay Zhao Venerable Thich Phuoc be transmitted Vienna German secret contract publications, are priests Pham Cong Zhao forensic Tantric transmissions Theravada, is Mr. Six (a Tantric monk Thailand) transmission of forensic medicine la sect Ten bowl drought. He studied the esoteric doctrine of works through documents of Tibetan esoteric Buddhism, Chinese and Japanese and English, French, Japanese and Chinese language to be translated into Vietnamese culture. He then synthesized Tantric Mahayana and Theravada and bring esoteric secret which became law transmission spectra allows direct inspiration point for people of all religions.

After settling in the United States, he continued to practice and study, written material, specializing in esoteric writings and esoteric teachings, as well as the principles of mysticism, school yourselves Unseen was invented as principle Except Ta and other mystical tenets and teaching it in a scientific way on the website mysterious universe.

Layman Trieu Phuoc works:

- The Essence of Tantric Buddhism Weak Combs (English: Quintessence of Esoteric Buddhism)
- Myth and Mystery School (English: The Nomination of the gods and mysticism)

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