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Tim Hartridge
TIM HARTRIDGE has been a practicing Witch since his early teens, and became involved in coven-based Witchcraft in 1973. An active Pagan advocate, he has appeared in TV, radio and print media interviews.

For a number of years he ran an Adelaide radio program 'Broomstick Corner' (1981-84) interviewing many alternate spiritual practitioners. Later after moving to Sydney he independently published 'Dark Cycle Magazine' (1986-89), 'Venifica' newsletter (1986-89) and 'OzPagan' newsletter (1992-93). The OzPagan Internet site was also launched in 1992, making it the first Pagan Internet site in Australia.
He was the driving force behind the annual Eostre gathering (1985-1997), the first Pagan festival of its kind to be held in Australia and has been a major contributor to the annual Euphoria gathering (2000-2002) held in Victoria.

He was a founder-member of the Sydney-based Dark Circle Collective (established in 1984) and continues to run it's local coven. He presents regular workshops in Witchcraft and runs the very popular ussie based WitchesWorkshop E-group launched in 1999. It is currently the largest Australian Pagan e-group with more than 1800 members. In 2002 he launch the now well known companion website WitchesWorkshop.com.

In 2009 Tim was interviewed for the BBC documentary "Around the World in 80 Faiths". Screened a huge national audience the documentary is planned to be aired on the Australian ABC TV program"Compass" sometime in 2010. He has also received a very positive response to the DVD and the YouTube airing of an interview he appeared in, the "Witches Weekend", hosted by pop Witch Deborah Gray.

In 2007 Tim founded Witch Camp Australia as teaching and retreat project that helps to promote educational workshops and training weekends for people interested in experiencing a practical application of pagan and psychic development in the fields of witchcraft and magick.

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