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Since Thomas Muldoon began his practise in Australia (in the early 1970's) Thomas has helped many people achieve their goals using Numerology, Tarot & Astrology as tools for transformation, self awareness, personal development and self- discovery.

Thomas Muldoon continues to share his passion via the World Wide Web. As an accomplished speaker he presents his material in an entertaining and enlightening fashion; "if you cannot have fun with your subject, you shouldn't be doing it" is his motto.

As a published author (in print and electronic) Thomas Muldoon shares his topics with insight, humour and humility.

When Thomas began his journey into the 'worlds' of Numerology and Astrology he forged his own road - breaking with many traditions. Having conducted many classes, workshops and presentations he presents his subjects passionately and with humour. Some writers are not good public speakers, some public speakers are not good writers. Believe me, when you hear Thomas present his topics and read his books or ebooks you can hear his accent...

Having travelled throughout the world presenting his subjects in person the time has come to reach a new audience via the world wide web - enjoy.

Credits: Richard Anderson

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