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Tarostar is a great author who doesnt mince words. His books are pretty straightforward and to the point. If your looking for lots of ethical stuff, forget it. You wont find it here. He offers you very practical spells and rites to use. Tarostar also is proprietor of The Occult Shop in Toronto, Ontario.

Being the last surviving Elder of the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition, Tarostar is bringing forth the Five Books, which organize Wicca as an Occult Lodge System active in Las Vegas, Nv. during the 1970's. These books are being offered to the Craft for those who may find them helpful in organizing a working Coven System.

The original Elders in the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition were the late June Dey-Zabowsky, aka Lady Charmaine, her husband the late Steve Zabowsky, both original proprietors of the Bell, Book and Candle Shop in Las Vegas, the late Laura Letages of Las Vegas and Tarostar, who is still active in the Craft.

The tradition was also given input by the late Sybil Leek, who visited the Bell, Book And Candle Shop in the late 1970's to early 1980's, discussing the Craft topics incorporated into the system with Lady Charmaine and Tarostar.( No "initiations" by Sybil Leek are hereby implied, since she only acted as advisor and interested party to the way the Tradition was being implemented.) Charmaine and Sybil had known each other from their days in Houston, Texas, when Charmaine was with the Theosophical Society.

Charmaine and Steve followed Sybil to Las Vegas in the early 1970's and opened the BB&C. Sybil established an Astrology School and attracted numerous students.

Training methods and lessons in both Pagan History and development in the traditional Occult Arts and Psychic Sciences are offered in the books for those wanting to implement the system.

Tarostar's other manuscripts on occult topics, such as Tarot and Tarot Readings, Spellcraft and related occult shop sorcery are also being included on this site.

The object of his published works was to offer and suggest ingredients such as candles, herbs, oils, powders, oil formulae and methods to employ them in spells were to promote sales in the field of Occult Supplies. His heretofore unpublished manuscripts are offered for those in the Occult Supplies Trade, who may find them helpful. They would/could enhance any witch's bag of magical tricks.

The five volumes of The Sacred Pentagraph are offered at reasonable prices for the work entailed and the Craft information they contain.

To contact Tarostar you may email: [email protected]

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The published works by Tarostar are:




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