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Swain Wodening, born March 10, 1963, is one of the prominent figures of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry and Theodism, who has written several books about the subjects, as well as running a few major websites and networks:

From his Heathen Places page:

Swain Aeling Wodening, one of the founding members of the Miercinga Theod, started his Heathen life back in 1984 along with his brother. He learned of the AFA the year it disbanded, but in 1989 he learned of and joined the Troth. Shortly thereafter, he learned of Theodism, then solely an Anglo-Saxon phenomena, and joined the Winland Rice in 1993. He rapidly advanced to the arung of lord by writing articles and attracting new members. In 1996, after several disputes with the leadership, he left to form the Angelseaxisce Ealdriht with Winfred Hodge. The Ealdriht grew to be the largest Anglo-Saxon Heathen and Theodish organization to ever exist.

The Ealdriht eventually became the Miercinga Theod in an effort to encourage regionalism, and to return to a purer form of Theodish Belief. He led that organization until June, 2006 when he resigned to seek a deeper spirituality. His former wife Teresa Canote then took over leadership until March of 2008 when the Miercinga Theod dissolved. In June, 2007, he joined Englatheod which was founded by his brother, Eric Wodening (author of We are Our Deeds), and currently serves as its thyle. Swain has written several books and booklets and countless articles including "Hammer of the Gods: Anglo-Saxon Paganism in Modern Times, ?eodisc Geleafa "The Belief of the Tribe": A Handbook on Germanic Heathenry and Theodish Belief," and "Germanic Magic." Swain is divorced and has one son who is six.

Source: http://heathenry.wikia.com/wiki/Swain Wodening

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