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Steven Ashe says that he wrote 'The Complete Golden Dawn Initiate' so that if he were ever lost on a desert island then he would still have the collected core texts upon which the Golden Dawn system of magick and mysticism was based upon.

In the 'Rosicrucians and Alchemists of La Belle Epoche' he explores how the Rosicrucian mythos informs modern day magick and mysticism in the esoteric tradition and throws new light upon the true identity of the mysterious 'Doctor Fulcanelli'.

In 'The Secret Symbols of the Tarot' he examines the historical accuracy of the Tarot, and the Qabalah of the 50 Gates' has been described as 'A modern day pilgrims progress'. He currently lives with his wife - 'Bethsheba' in the ancient Roman Town of Corbridge in Northumberland.

They are both astonished to find they have no cats.

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