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Robin Artisson has been studying folklore, mythology, and the interior metaphysics of sorcery and traditional witchcraft for over 20 years. His specialty areas of knowledge include spiritual ecology, occult history, herbalism and wortcunning, divination, and soul-flight or trance induction, along with a vocational interest in the extraordinary exploration of the eldritch dimensions of the mind, the soul, and the world.

Robin lives in the countryside of downeast Maine, near the craggy coast, under the shadows of the mountains and their forests. There, he carries on the relationships he has with the spiritual entities he has allied with over the years, and watches his daughters grow with much joy.

The mysteries and lores of sorcery- extraordinary participation in matters of the unseen world- are Robin's main concern. Though long despised by mainstream cultures, sorcery and witchcraft have always existed on the fringes of European and American societies, as well as in various places in other societies worldwide. The modern day has afforded the world a chance to re-appraise the realities behind these important hidden institutions, and the persistence of ancient wisdom that they represent.

Sorcery and Witchcraft are two names for the same historical phenomenon- the art and craft of allying with or befriending non-human persons or spiritual powers, and enlisting their aid to achieve specific goals- whether goals for the good or ill of people and places in this world, or goals of inner growth and wisdom. They are the oldest human spiritual practices, and they are the true core of the many tales of the "supernatural" that we have become so familiar with in the modern day. And they are never as far away as you may think.

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