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Robert Bruce is a published metaphysicist and a true spiritual pioneer of our times. Author of five ground-breaking books, with three in Second editions, his life is spent exploring the dynamics of all things paranormal and spiritual, and testing the boundaries of The Greater Spiritual Reality. This exploration particularly involves the human energy body and its Chakras, which form the foundations of both physical and spiritual existence.

The depth and scope of Robert's experiential knowledge is quite remarkable. Robert's other areas of expertise include Astral Projection (often called OBE or Out-of-Body-Experience), Kundalini and its phenomena, Clairvoyance (mind's eye vision), Spiritual and Psychic Development, Metaphysics, and Psychic Self-Defense. Robert is a may who lives in The Greater Spiritual Reality and asks others to join him there.

Robert lectures internationally and currently resides in sunny Australia. You can find him on the web at AstralDynamics.com and his community site and forum at www.AstralDynamics.com.au.When not writing or lecturing, you'll find Robert diving enchanted reefs and exploring the wild places of the Australian outback.

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