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Robert Ambelain (September 2, 1907, Paris - May 27, 1997, Paris) - French esoteric and occultist, specialist on magic, theurgy, and astrology. Writer, historian, the World Association of French-speaking writers, he is the author of more than 42 works (some were released under the pseudonym Aurifer - his name in the dedicatory degree Martinist initiation of an unknown higher (S :: I :: - Superieur Inconnu).

Robert Ambelain was born in an ordinary French Catholic family. He received a traditional education at the age of 16, he took a job as a draftsman in the company Five Lille in the service of bridges. As a young man inquisitive by nature, Ambelain often dropped in national libraries and there discovered the works of Fulcanelli and Martinez de Pasqually. In those years, he began to seriously interested in esoteric. He was particularly fascinated by astrology. Between 1937 and 1942 it was published his "Treatise on esoteric astrology" in three volumes. He has also worked in other areas of intellectual study esoteric sciences. And at the same time he published his work on geomancy and magic talismans: "Magic geomancy" (1940) and "Practical Magic Talisman" (1949).

For many years he has collaborated with the weekly edited by Marisa Choisy and lectured in the "esoteric college" Madame Bordeaux. There he met the great master Chevillon and a masons Rite of Memphis-Misraim, engaged in esoteric and occult. March 24, 1939 in the box "Jerusalem on the Egyptian plains", led Chevillon, he was devoted to the power of the student charter Memphis-Misraim. At about the same time was published his work "In the shadow of the Temple", which was devoted to the study of the architectural symbols of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Mobilized in 1939, he went to the Lorraine woods, where he was captured by the Germans and taken into custody. At a secret meeting in the camp Epinal, Ambelain correspondence was devoted to the power of apprentices and master mason. Then both these degrees were confirmed Lagrezom.

Ambelain released in September 1940. Because during the war, all France bridges were destroyed to contain the advance of the enemy, he was sent to work under the supervision of the Service bridges and regularly go to the police. In the context of the occupation on Ambelain that even in 1932, was dedicated to the highest degree of unknown Henri Meslyanom, it lays down the obligation to keep secret activities of the statute. As you know, Constant Chevillon, fled to Lille, was arrested by the police and executed in 1944.

It was organized by the Masonic resistance to the occupation. With the help of his wife Ambelain to manual wheelbarrow moved his library. At his apartment twice a month passed the lodge meeting "Alexandria of Egypt". Despite persecution by the invaders, for 4 years, members of the lodge were present at the meetings and conducted the work. From the underground position, he also conducted and Martinist initiation. Being privy to Martinists in 1939, he was already at the time of the occupation, he was admitted to the Order of Elect Priests, where he received a degree Reau Sroix resurge.

Prominent French occultist, a magician and astrologer, a member of the French Academy, the Grand Hierophant of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim.

After the war, in 1946 he was ordained a bishop Gnostic Church Universal Gnostic Church under the name of Robert Tau. As the founder of the Gnostic Apostolic Church, he became Patriarch of the Universal Gnostic Church in 1969 under the name of Tau Jean III, as well a few years became a great master of the international charter of Memphis-Misraim. Ambelain died in 1997 at age 89.

In addition to astrology and symbolism Ambelain also interested in Christian gnosis, studying its relationship with the Kabbalah. Kabbalah Ambelain thought: initiatory by Western Christianity, based on the Jewish and Christian traditions. His research in the field of Kabbalah are devoted to his works such as "Practical Kabbalah" (1951) and "the definition of Gnostic demiurge" (1959), where he, in particular considering the lesser known aspects of the ancient Gnostic texts.

Already in the book "The Scarlet God of Adam," it raises the question of faith, as a vicious circle for historians and scholars, as well as interested in the origin of the Jewish and Christian dogma, which he considers a number of legends and myths.

As well as dedicated in 1945 by Georges Lagrezom in the East and the Order of the Rose Cross, Ambelain publishes several works devoted to the doctrines of the Rosicrucians: "The Templars and the Rosicrucians" (1955), where he writes about the preservation of the Temple Order in the tradition of the Rosicrucians; "Abbot Giulio, his life and work. His doctrine "(1962)," Prayer Rose and the Cross "(1964) - a secret key to the esoteric prayer, with all the necessary rituals, leading them into action, and" Spiritual Alchemy: inner path "(1961) - a mystical and occult discipline allowing even those who do not embarked on the path of initiation, to work on their own reintegration.

Robert Ambelain convinced that history is never completely reliable, and prejudice at times much more convincing evidence because of the very tangible reasons why he published the historical novel "Berenice or witchcraft Berita" (1976), as well as a number of historical studies: "Crime and state secrets ( 1785-1830) "(1980)," Drama and the secrets of history (1306-1643) "(1981, published in Russian with the same title)," the Secret of Napoleon "(1989)," Black arcana Hitlerism (1848-1945) "(1990) and others.

Robert Ambelain also continued and his research in the field of occult sciences, "Magic Crystal or magic Jehan Tritheme>> (1962), "Vampirism from legend to reality" (1977), "The Arab geomancy" (1984), "Chinese geomancy" (1991).

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