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Richard Alan Miller
Richard Alan Miller has been researching psychic phenomenon since the early 1970's. Notable Clients include Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), under the direction o fDr. Carl Schleicher, the Washington D.C. based paranormal phenomena investigation team, and U.S. Navy Intelligence under the Seal Corporation, which in 1973, funded Richard Alan Miller for experiments in ESP monitoring and induction through hypnosis. Richard Alan Miller won the first PsychicTournament, sponsored by Llewellyn Publications in Sept 1975. This competition included 40 other notable and self-styled psychics, such as Noel Tyl, Jean Dixon, Sybil Leek, James Hurtak, and Isaac Bonewitz. Richard Alan Miller founded Northwest Botanicals in 1987 to broker herbs, always investigating new plants of interest in enhancing human potential. From the late 1980's to the present, Richard Alan Miller has been writing about physics and the psyche.

Richard Alan Miller has been at the forefront of many fields during his long and varied career. A solid-state physicist with graduate work at MIT, Miller was involved in groundbreaking work for cloaked agencies in the latee '60s and '70s. A colleague of Dr. Stanley Krippner, Miller co-authored in 1973 the paper, The Holographic Concept of Reality - a document whose implications for psychoenergetic systems are only now beginning to be realized.

Like so many of idealists of his era, Miller became quickly disillusioned with the severe ethical compromises forced on him by what he recognized as corporate manipulation. After a brief stint as an engineer at Boeing, Miller left the corporate world in disgust and entered the more spiritually satisfying world of the occult. He opened Beltane Books in Seattle and swiftly became " the Herman Slater of the West Coast." At this time he penned several works including his classic " The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs."

Miller also co-authored, with his wife Iona, THE MODERN ALCHEMIST, hailed by Stanley Krippner as the most "illuminating" study of Alchemy since Carl Jung. Before its publication, Miller had used an electronic form of the book as teaching material for his on-line course in Metaphysics, taught on America Online.

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