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Raym was born Raymond John Richards, in Merseyside, UK on July 26, 1953. He is a Shaman and Crystal Master specialising in connecting people with their own higher guidance, their spiritual realm, bliss and beyond, through deeply altered states of consciousness, using an advanced crystal healing technique he calls Crystal Dreaming(tm). He will travel anywhere in the world to teach Crystal Dreaming(tm).

Raym holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Fine Art and has enjoyed many years as a visual and performance artist. He has been happily married for over 40 years, has one daughter and a grandson. Raym lives in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Northern NSW, Australia.
Also by Raym "Alchemy of Crystals"

The complete Crystal Dreaming(tm) technique summarised in one volume, a practitioner's handbook.

"Alchemy of Crystals deals with aspects of Crystal Healing not covered in any other Crystal Healing book... an essential and comprehensive reference book for all healers, using any modality, not just Crystal Dreaming(tm)."

White Light Magazine.

Spirit Guide and Alchemy of Crystals are available from the publishers by mail order. Please visit www.global-healing.com.

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