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Author Rae Beth popularised hedgecraft, albeit with a Wiccan spin, in the 1990s and 2000s.

Hedge witchcraft, hedgecraft, or hedge-riding is an approach to witchcraft focusing on shamanic experience and varying degrees of herbalism. It is said to be derived from the Old English term Haegtesse, which translates to "hedge rider".

The "hedge" in hedgecraft signifies the boundary between this world and the Otherworlds. Hedge-riding is the act of crossing this "hedge" or boundary en trance and interacting with the spirits of the other side.

Words from Rae Beth's Site:

"Simple spells, cast wholeheartedly, can bring good results for anyone. Rae, an experienced Hedge Witch and author, will provide words for any benign spell and instructions about how to use them. It can also be added into a more complex rite of your own devising if you so wish. Spells can be cast for good fortune, love, a good home, creative inspiration, psychic purification, success, or anything else you may chose. They are done conditionally so they can only work in kindly ways and are dependent on your determination to succeed.

Telephone Rae on 01963 351188

?25 for each spell including written instructions
?50 per hour for further consultations"

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