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Reverend.Dr. Robert Fraize (aka Pope Fraize, the leader of theistic Satanism) is an experimental musician, occultist and founder of the Church of Leviathan and The Traditional Church of Satan based out of Lawrence, MA. Born in 1980, his experiences with paranormal phenomena and over two decades of exploration into the occult were the catalyst in forming the Church of Leviathan in 2004. Its central focus is to unite occultists in liberating themselves from the oppression of societal control. In 2005 he wrote his first book, "The Black Book of the Abyss" with a strong focus on internal alchemy, ritualization and teaching self-liberation through myths. He believes that through research and personal development, each person can create and walk their own spiritual path.

In 2014 he founded the Traditional Church of Satan and organization dedicated to serving freethinkers of the Satanic community. The Traditional Church of Satan was created to serve all Satanists no matter what Path they wish to follow. The Traditional Church of Satan promotes Individual freedom and does not dictate one set doctrine to its members.

In 2015 Pope Fraize published his second book "Satan's Bible"

Satan's bible is considered one of the most controversial books representing Satanism.

SOurce: traditionalchurchofsatan.com

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