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Rev. Paul Beyerl born 1945 in Owen, Wisconsin, is known as an author and educator, and particularly as a Wiccan priest, in Wiccan and neopagan circles. Beyerl began publishing a Wiccan newsletter - The Unicorn - in 1977. It is now among the longest-published Wiccan newsletters in North America, in continuous publication since 1977.

With his partner, Beyerl maintains a 45,000-square-foot (4,200 m2) botanical garden on Rose Hill in Kirkland, Washington, which serves as a classroom and a place where students and visitors are able to see medicinal herbs and ornamental plants as they grow.

Beyerl is known as an herbal educator, with a number of popular publications (see 'Publications') in the field. He has taught at Bellevue Community College and teaches courses in herbal medicine at Seattle Central Community College and Cascadia College. The Hermit's Grove, which he founded, offers a Master Herbalist certification program.

His teachings about herbs focus on their spiritual and scientific/medical properties.

In addition to founding The Hermit's Grove, Beyerl is the founder of The Rowan Tree Church, a Wiccan church that emerged in the mid-1970s in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was incorporated in 1980. He also founded The Mystery School of The Tradition of Lothlorien, which provides extensive studies leading to ordination, in 1981. Beyerl taught in Dallas for two years and in 1991 moved to Los Angeles, California to teach for three years. In 1994 he relocated to Kirkland, Washington, a move which included moving the home office of The Rowan Tree Church.

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