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Pansophic is an irregular Masonic obedience of men and women. Their mission is to preserve, study, improve, develop, practice, and perpetuate the esoteric spiritual and initiatic degrees and schools associated with the Pansophic Rites of Freemasonry and other spiritual traditions as part of the general Masonic practice of social and self-improvement, and to revive the universal and spiritual traditions of Freemasonry as they were originally practiced by speculative or philosophical Masons within the context of Rosicrucian, Templar, Kabbalistic, Gnostic, and other esoteric European schools. Collectively, these spiritual paths were known as the Graal or sacred Grail.


On September 13, 1992, Bishop George Boyer authorized to Lewis Keizer the authorities of the Pansophic Rites of Freemasonry transmitted by John Yarker, Grand Master of the London Lodge and Co-Masonic Initiator of Mme. Blavatsky. The Ill. Bro. John Yarker, Jn.: 33 , 90 , 96, Initiated and Installed James Heard as the first Vicarius Salomonis, Conservator of the Rite of the Ancient Universal Pansophic Rite of Freemasonry, which synthesized all esoteric European lineages in the late 19th century, who transmitted the same authorities to Ill. Bro. Hugh G. deWillmott, who transmitted to H.S.H. Duc de Palatine, who transmitted to Bishop and Count George Boyer, Grand Archon, Brotherhood and Order of the Pleroma, Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, Sanctuary of the Gnosis, who warranted Ill. Bro. Lewis Keizer to exercise all authorities embodied within the Pansophic Rites, including the authority to modify and transmit them. These are as follows:

ILLUMINIST: Order of the Illuminati; Order of the Martiniste; Order of the Rose Croix of Heredom; Order of the True Rosy Cross; Order of the Ecclesiae Rosicrucianae Catholicae; Order of the Holy Royal Arch of Enoch; and the Hidden Church of the Holy Grail. In 2009, Dr.Lewis Keizer, who also holds the office of Grand Master of the Brotherhood of the Illuminati or Fratris Lucis added the Order of the Fratris Lucis to the Pansophic charter.

MASONIC: Ancient and Primitive Rite; Rite of Memphis; Rite of Misraim; Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite; Swedenborgian Rite; the United Templar Lodge.

They are Master, Fellow Craft, and Apprentice Freemasons from many obediences (Masonic and Co-Masonic) who share the following convictions:

Freemasonry is for honorable women and men of all religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds;

Freemasonry preserves ancient world-wide streams of profound initiatic spiritual tradition that Freemasons have a responsibility to study, practice, develop, and intelligently adapt for future generations.

Source: www.hometemple.org/Pansophic.htm

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