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Pamela Ball
Pamela J. Ball is an author, counsellor, and therapist. She has worked in the USA, Switzerland and the UK. Her book topics range from dream interpretation and natural magic to psychic research on Jack the Ripper and Nostradamus. Many of her books have been published in other languages. Pamela Ball has contributed to Gran Enciclopedia de Los Suenos (10,000 Dreams Interpreted) as an author. Pamela Ball is haole, born and raised in Oahu of American parents.


* The Complete Book of Dreams and Dreaming (2004) Arcturus Publishing Ltd ISBN 1841931519, ISBN 978-1841931517
* The Complete Dream Dictionary (1999) Bookmart Ltd ISBN 1894102940, ISBN 978-1900032674
* The Essence of Tao (2005) Arcturus foulsham ISBN 0572030533, ISBN 978-0572030537
* The Great Book of Spells (2005) Capella ASIN B000QC9GE8
* Jack the Ripper, A Psychic Investigation (1998) Bookmart ISBN 1900032139, ISBN 978-1900032131
* Lucid Dreaming ISBN 1841930024, ISBN 978-1841930022
* Natural Magic: Spells, Enchantments and Self-Development (2002) Chartwell Books ASIN: B0006S97ZK
* The Power of Creative Dreaming (2006) Gramercy ISBN 0517227967, ISBN 978-0517227961
* The Prophecies of Nostradamus: A Selection of the Seer's Most Intriguing Predictions, with Commentaries (2005) Gramercy ISBN 0517226634, ISBN 978-0517226636
* The Quantum Dream Dictionary (2002) Quantum ISBN 0572028199, ISBN 978-0572028190
* Spells, Charms, Talismans and Amulets (2001) Book Sales ISBN 0785814108, ISBN 978-0785814108
* 10, 000 Dreams Interpreted (2000) Gramercy ISBN 0517209470, ISBN 978-0517209479
* The Ultimate Book of Spells: A Complete Guide to Using Magic to Improve Your Life and the World Around You (2007) Arcturus Publishing ISBN 978-1-84193-577-5
* A Woman's Way to Wisdom Through an Understanding of Her Sexuality & Relationships (2001) Arcturus Publishing Limited ISBN 1841930490, ISBN 978-1841930497
* Your Sexual Dreams Interpreted (2003) Gramercy Books ISBN 051722187X, ISBN 978-0517221877
* The A to Z of Dream Interpretation (2008) Arcturus/Foulsham ISBN 978-0-572-03332-3

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