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Nicholas Flamel
The name of this Adept is profoundly venerated. The date of his birth is uncertain, but was about 1330, during the reign of Philippe le Bel, the spoliator of the grand order of the Temple.

Flamel's parents bequeathed him a small house, which he continued to possess till his death. It stood in Notary Street at the corner of Marivaux Street, opposite the Marivaux door of the Church of Saint-Jacques-la-Boucherie, Paris.

A scrivener by profession, he became proficient in painting, poetry, architecture, and the mathematical sciences. He married a widow named Pernelle, over forty, handsome and wealthy. He was elected a member of the "Illuminated Sons of the Doctrine," and received the vision of the Bath-Kol, who appeared to him bearing a book in well wrought copper, the leaves of thin barl, with characters of gold, graven carefully with a pen of iron.

His will still exists in the archives of St. Jacques and he died three years after making it, in 1419. Tangible evidences of his transmutations were still in existence up to 1742.

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