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American (USA) astrologer, psychologist, musician, composer. Graduated Beknellovsky University in Lewisburg, pcs. Pennsylvania. Then he studied at the Central College of Physicians in Indianapolis. He defended his thesis for a doctorate in philosophy. DeVore was married to Blanche March, who bore him a son and a daughter. In 1940-ies., When Devore led the most active astrological and literary activity, he lived in New York.

DeVore - one of the leading astrologers in the mid-twentieth century. He was interested in both classical techniques of astrology, and new developments; This interest naturally led him to create "American Astrological Society" (he himself became its chairman). The main achievement in astrology Deborah was drawing the "Encyclopedia of Astrology" (1947), which for over half a century, has maintained its popularity. For the preparation of the Company and encyclopedia DeVore attracted such major astrologers of his time, Charles and Jane Frederick van Norstrand. Deeply interested in "cosmic psychology" DeVore wrote the work "Your Cosmic Portrait" ("Your space Portrait") and a number of articles for the magazine "Horoscope".

DeVore also known as a songwriter and editor-composer was reprinted collections of music (organ classics, songs and ballads, violin music, piano pieces), author of reference books ("Glossary violinist", etc.). In addition, he is the author-compiler of the book "New Frontiers of Psychology" ("New Frontiers of Psychology", 1949). In his free time sailing Devore.

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