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Nathan R. Wood originally came to Gordon as a last-minute fill-in for a theology professor who had fallen ill. Having studied at Harvard, Newton Theological Institute and in Germany before he assumed a pastorate in Medford, MA, Dr. Wood was well qualified for this new work, and flourished as a teacher and administrator at the College from 1908 until 1910, when he became the Dean of the School.

Dr. Wood remained in this position for nine years, during which the College expanded in accreditation, receiving from the state of Massachusetts the right to grant degrees in education, theology, and divinity. In 1919, the Board of Trustees voted Wood president. His wife, Isabel Warwick Wood, was also of tremendous importance to the school, serving as dean of faculty, overseeing the expanding curriculum and teaching literature and French, among other services.

Dr. Wood's passionate focus on community engagement drew new donors to Gordon, providing resources for new building and expansion to the growing school, which had recently relocated to the Fenway in Boston. Even in the face of the Great Depression and World War II, Dr. Wood's leadership enabled the College to continue to expand in academic programs, in national recognition and in its base of support within New England through finance and friendship.

Significant Accomplishments:

- A tireless advocate of the College, Dr. Wood built a rapport with donor Martha D. Frost, whose generous gift allowed for a brand new building project on campus.

- Many faculty members were added under President Wood, expanding the sciences, languages, literature, and arts departments.

- Selected Publications: The Secret of the Universe (1932); Seven Lamps of Fire (1943); The Open Secret of Christianity (1950); A School of Christ (1953)

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