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Michael Sharp was born Nov 10, 1963 in Calgary Alberta. He was raised catholic but became dissatisfied with Catholic dogma at an early age. Wanting to find answers and not willing to give up he looked to Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, and even forms of new age spirituality. Dissatisfied with what he found, he entered university, gave up spirituality and religion and became an avowed atheist. All this changed in 2002 when, at the age of 39, a series of powerful mystical experiences shook the foundations of his scientific/materialist world view. Since that time he has been exploring and writing about the spiritual, political, social, and economic truths of our shared collective divinity.

Michael will tell you he's felt this way his entire life. The son of hard-working parents, he grew up instilled with the philosophy that you have to take your own risks and that no one can hold you back from your dreams.

"My parents always told me that anything is possible," Michael says. Some of the earliest validation of that statement came as a 10-year-old, where he recalls visiting the many properties his parents would buy as "fixer-uppers" and restore into something of lasting value. Michael recalls performing simple tasks--lugging around the cans of paint or helping clean up, but the lessons he learned partaking in the transformation of these houses into "homes" left a lasting impression on him.

When you meet Michael today, you'll quickly notice the same energy and enthusiasm displayed by that small boy more than three decades ago. Though those experiences marked Michael's first exposure to the world of real estate, he was hooked.

As a leading Twin Cities real estate professional for more than 25 years, there's no doubting Michael's devotion to his career. Begun at the tender age of 22, Michael was forced to prove himself at every turn. But with a spirit of determination like Michael's, that was never a problem.

"I saw real estate as a career with no limits," he says. "I've always been one to push myself, and my philosophy is that you achieve a goal and move on to bigger and better things. I guess you could say I'm a very driven person."

For Michael, whether he's working in his career or enjoying his favorite pastimes, he's never been one to settle for second best. That's one reason why he feels such a strong connection to his native Minneapolis.

"Minneapolis has truly grown into a dynamic first-rate city," he says. A self-described "detail-oriented" person, Michael is an enthusiast of fine dining, the arts and the Twin Cities' growing rich cultural base.

A lifetime of local knowledge. A strong work ethic displayed his entire life. A background in new home construction. The vision to help you make the most of your home sale or purchase. And the highest level of service from start to finish. When you put it all together, it adds up to "the edge."

When the time comes for your next move, don't settle for ordinary. Call Michael Sharp. He's Giving You the Edge. Call him today.

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