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Michael Prescott was born in 1960 and grew up in New Jersey. He graduated from Wesleyan University in 1980, where he majored in Film Studies.

Prescott moved to Los Angeles in 1981, and there he worked as a freelance magazine article writer, archival researcher, editor, and wrote scripts for independent film producers. In 1986 Prescott sold his first novel, which was in the horror genre. In 1992, under the pseudonym Brian Harper, he switched to crime and suspense novels, most of which are set in Los Angeles or in Arizona. He has contributed short stories to several anthologies.

Michael Prescott was the New York Times bestselling author of thrillers such as Dangerous Games, Mortal Faults, and Final Sins. His novel, Riptide is now on the list of Amazon't bestselling Kindle books.

After twenty years in traditional publishing, Michael Prescott found himself out of work, his career apparently over. On a whim, he began releasing his older titles and some new novels in ebook form. Much to his surprise, sales took off, and he became one of the bestselling ebook writers in the United States.

Michael Prescott Bibliography:

- Written as Brian Harper[edit]
- Shiver (1992)
- Shudder (1994)
- Shatter (1995)
- Deadly Pursuit (1995)
- Blind Pursuit (1997)
- Mortal Pursuit (1998)
- Written as Michael Prescott[edit]
- Comes the Dark (1999)
- Stealing Faces (1999)
- The Shadow Hunter (2000) (German version: Die Stalkerjagerin, Translator: Olaf Knechten, 2014)
- Last Breath (2002)
- Next Victim (2002)
- In Dark Places (2004)
- Dangerous Games (2005)
- Mortal Faults (2006)
- Final Sins (2007)
- Riptide (2010)
- Grave of Angels (2012)
- Written as Owen Fusterbuster[edit]
- Die Stupid (2011)

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