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Michael Maier
he biography of Michael Maier is especially timely on this anniversary, as that of the Initiate to whom we are indebted for the introduction of Rosicrucianism to the English speaking world.

Maier was born at Rendsburg or Ruidsburg, Holstein, about 1568. He studied medicine, practiced at Rostock, and became physician to the Emperor Rudolph, by whom he was ennobled.

Il se passiona pour le grand oeuvre and scoured all Germany to meet those in possession of transcendental secrets. Became a member of the "College of Teutonic Philosophers R. C." He introduced the Order into England about 1620. A posthumous volume published in 1624 contains two tracts, the first being entitled "Colloquii Rhodostauroticum trium personarum, per Famam et Confessionem quodanodo revelatam de Fraternitate Rosea Crucis." The second was entitled "Echo Colloquii."

He was the most voluminous alchemical writer of his period, publishing almost continually until his death in 1622. Most of his works are buried in a multitude of symbols.

In his Lusus Serius; or, Serious Pastime he supposes a Parliament of the various creatures of the world to meet, in order that Man might choose the noblest of them all as king over the rest. The Calf, the Sheep, the Goose, the Oyster, the Bee, the Silkworm, Flax, and Mercury are the chosen representatives, each of which discourses in turn. It will be unnecessary to state that Mercury wins the day. Thus does Maier eulogize it; "Thou art the Miracle, Splendor, and Light of the World. Thou art the Glory, Art, Ornament and Supporter of the Earth. Thou art the Aysle, Anchor and Tye of the Universe. Next to the Mindle of Man, God created nothing more Noble, or more Profitable."

His Subtle Allegory concerning the Secrets of Alchemy, very useful to possess and pleasant to read, will be found in the Hermetic Museum, together with his Golden Tripod.

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