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Matthew Ikonen has studied with some of the worlds most respected priests, priestesses and shamans in a quest for knowledge and direct experience with the Spirit World. This quest has taken him from pre historic Scandinavia, to Peru, to Haiti and beyond.

Matthew is uniquely qualified to be a facilitator for Spirit, and has over fifteen years experience in communication and co-creation. This has included direct study with the Roots Without End Society (Haitian Vodou), the Four Winds Foundation (Peruvian Shamanism), the Morris Pratt Institute (Spiritualism), the Troth (oracular Seidr), and many more personal teachers, all of whom have assisted Matthews entrance into the Spirit World.

Matthews clients and students have always commented that although many people seem to fear communication with Spirit - due in no small part to Hollywood, fundamentalism and camp bonfires! - his personal sessions and classes are overflowing with loving, supportive, energy that facilitates healing, confirmation and communication on all levels.

Using what he has learned, and by refining these ancient practices, Matthew has also become a talented wholeistic spiritual artist, web designer and sacred altar designer - and he is the web master for this website! Please contact him directly for rates and availablity.

"What is art but an expression of our creativity? If we are made in the image of God, then we are creators as well, and art is the most direct manifestation of that principle."

Matthew uses what he learned in sacred practice - observation, enhancement, and expression of energy - to design websites and other modes of communication that will help manifest the needs of his clientel and students. This wholeistic art form has a proven track record that has positively impacted many people.

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