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Mark Stinson lives with his wife and three kids in Kansas City, Missouri. Mark earned Bachelor of Arts Degrees in History, Political Science, and Philosophy from Rockhurst, a Jesuit University in Kansas City. He was employed in law enforcement for 18 years, working as both a police officer and a Sergeant. Mark currently works in the private sector.

Mark discovered Heathenry in June of 2006. A year later, in June of 2007 Mark committed himself to Heathenry and to practicing the Asatru religion. Seeking to honor the Heathen Gods in the old ways, Mark began looking for an existing Kindred in the Kansas City Area. When he discovered that there were no Kindreds in his area, he dedicated himself to finding like-minded Heathens in order to form a new Kindred.

Mark enjoys researching the history of the Asatru religion, and traditional Heathenry. Mark honors all of the Northern Gods, but has a special affinity for Asa-Thor, because Thor protects us from the monsters of this world, sets an example for how we should confront evil, and was a god for the "working class" and the thralls. But Mark has great respect for Odin...and his sacrifices and wisdom as well as Tyr's courage.

Mark serves as the Chieftain of Jotun's Bane Kindred. The title of "Chieftain" denotes the leader of a tribe. Jotun's Bane is an egalitarian organization, and important decisions are based on a consensus of its members. But the title of Chieftain reflects Mark's role as an organizer, consensus-builder, and leader, and the fact that his Luck has had a positive impact on the success of the Kindred.

Mark's middle name is Ludwig, a family name that descended to him from his Great Grandfather, a furniture-maker who immigrated to the United States from Austria. Mark's Father was Glen F. Stinson, a World War II submarine veteran. While Glen Stinson was not Heathen, he taught Mark values and a way of approaching the world that made Mark's transition to Heathenry much simpler than it could have been otherwise.

Mark is very focused on his Family, and building a solid Heathen Kindred that will stand through time and adversity. Mark actively serves as a Folkbuilder in the Heartland of the United States, encouraging the creation and growth of local heathen communities in the Midwest.

To contact Mark, email him at [email protected].

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