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Margaret Starbird
Margaret Starbird is the widely acclaimed author of several books that seek to restore Mary Magdalene to a position of honor denied her for 2000 years by the entrenched patriarchal system, two of which were cited as sources in The Da Vinci Code. Numerous documentaries include interviews with Margaret about her Mary Magdalene research.

Margaret gives frequent lectures and retreats celebrating the "Lost Bride" and the return of the "Sacred Feminine." Her books include The Woman with the Alabaster Jar; The Goddess in the Gospels; Magdalene's Lost Legacy; Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile; The Tarot Trumps and the Holy Grail; and The Feminine Face of Christianity.

She holds BA and MA degrees from the University of Maryland where she concentrated in comparative literature, medieval studies and German language, studies she pursued on a Fulbright Student Grant at the Christian Albrechts Universitat in Kiel, Germany She taught German language at the University of Maryland for four years and for one year at North Carolina State University She later studied at Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville. She has lived and traveled extensively in Europ,e including pilgrimages to Black Madonna and Mary Magdalene shrines and Cathar citadels in Provence. Margaret and her husband of 38 years reside in the Pacific Northwest.

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