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Wife of a strong scholarly literature, but his extravagance made famous Elected as his philological work, Ms. Fabre of Olivet cultivated his side letters with some talent. Separated from her husband and reduced to ask his pen livelihood, she published a small book entitled: Advice to my friend on the physical and moral education of children, Paris, 1820 1 vol. 18mo.

This book is for mothers; it is written by a mother who raised three children, and simply tells the experiences she made. Taking the child at birth, it deals first hygiene infant;

The following chapters are devoted to moral education: there are full of observations on obeisance sense, true and false modesty, gluttony, jealousy, sensitivity, etc. enlightened disciple of Locke and Rousseau, Mrs. Fabre of Olivet recalled by more than one point Miss Edgeworth; and found her home pages, including those on the discipline of "natural consequences", which are reminiscent of Herbert Spencer. At the end of his book, the author announces that she wrote to another address of the instruction to give children up to the age of seven or nine years; but this second book was not published.

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