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Louise Huebner
Louise Huebner the Official Witch of Los Angeles County is the only officially appointed Official Witch in the World. In fact she is the only officially appointed Official Witch in the entire Cosmos.

Psychic and astrologer who enjoyed brief fame as the Official Witch of Los Angeles County, a title she was given in 1968. Her career as a psychic began when she was only ten years old, when she began to give palm readings at a children's carnival. She later moved to Los Angeles and opened an office as an astrologer. Through the 1960s she gained local fame as a psychic and was a frequent guest on radio and television shows. She appeared regularly on a talk show on radio station KLAC for four years (1965-69). Occasionally she was invited to assist in crime detection.

On July 21, 1968, she was presented with a scroll naming her the Official Witch of Los Angeles County. At the time of the presentation, she performed a spell to ensure the continued sexual vitality of Los Angeles. The act had some immediate consequences. Some in the county were embarrassed when Huebner began to use the title to promote her writings on witchcraft and attempted to stop her. The effort ended after Huebner threatened to undo the spell. Second, members of the emerging neo-pagan Wiccan movement were somewhat upset by Huebner, who was not a part of their movement and tended to perpetuate what they felt were negative stereotypes of witches.

Huebner continued to operate as a public psychic and witch for several years. In 1970 she traveled to Salem, Massachusetts, where the mayor presented her with a broom. She produced one record album, two books, and a series of mini-books for Hallmark Cards. By the mid-1970s, however, she had largely retired from public life, and for a period she operated an antique shop in Pasadena, California.

Louise Huebner in her own words:

I'm the only Officially Appointed Official Witch in the world.

It's a unique fact. It's a very true fact. At least it's very true if you only compare major metropolitan cities in supposedly highly advanced major countries

There may be a witch or two here or there that has been designated as 'official' in some remote and unsophisticated area of the world. Maybe there has been a tribe's Shaman given a title of 'official'. But I hardly believe that could be considered equal to what happened to me.

Besides, that kind of 'witch' would not be designated a 'witch' officially but would have worn that title from the start through a birthright. The 'officials' wouldn't be in a level above their witch. Actually the witch would have always been in power over the 'officials'. So the officials wouldn't be in any position to bestow that honor.

My world is different. My title was awarded to me by a government authority. I deserved it.

To understand how important and valuable a title it is -- it's essential to first realize that if California was a country -- it would be right up there with the 'biggies'. It ranks very high in 'country size' scale and is in fact larger than many European countries. California and Texas have that in common.

California is a rich and very developed place. Its major city, Los Angeles, is a huge sprawling metropolis with a very dense population.

It's a place that is home to a multi billion dollar World-Wide Film Industry. Los Angeles is a factory town - and its factory workers make movies.

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