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Figanieres is a small village located north east of Draguignan in the Var department. Her neighbors have names that smell thyme and rosemary: Le Clos de Nedou, Cross Peyrard the Perieres the Marthes etc...

Son of modest peasant, Louis Michel de Figanieres was born in this small town in 1816, a long time, he passed for the village idiot who prophesied surely number of events whose relationship reached this isolated corner of Provence with much delay. He described the sinking of a boat (Chinese style), the capture of Constantine, the death of General Damremont.
Very soon this simpleton suddenly took on a different understanding of the common man and came to see the entire south of France.

A doctor with an open mind was interested in the strange powers of Louis, it was Doctor Sardou.

Besides his predictions, he proved therapist prescribing herbal remedies. Very quickly formed around him a cohort scientists and occultists who watched as a red blood on a microscope slide! No rational explanations for his gifts could not be found.

Louis dictated somnambulistic sleep in a book entitled: THE KEY OF LIFE, a great philosophical, scientific and religious synthesis published in 1858 and reissued in 1895. For over a side like this book to the writings of Edgar Cayce. We must recognize today that no one knows exactly is the author of the book about which doubts were raised as to its true editor: Dr. Louis or Sardou? Louis and the doctor?

What is certain is that the criticism was Commendation: It is the largest monument that exists in the archives of humanity. This system can be assessed only by individuals endowed with a true philosophical meaning: to study problems for thousands of years. As for the skeptical criticism, she had to admit that if there is rigging the faker is unquestionably a genius. This quote is from the reissue of LIFE KEY, published today become unobtainable.

From time immemorial, man has wondered about its origins. Louis Michel de Figanieres brought a solution to numerous issues that science and religion were left in the dark.. With an almost unique gift of foresight for his time, Louis Michel has lived by the thought of the great events deleted collective memory.

The Sauma, this terrestrial radiation, which pervades some regions and fruitful acts on the psyche of individuals and causes to their true gifts of clairvoyance and second sight.

Not far from Figanieres in Trans-en-Provence were published in the early twentieth century THE TRANS ARCHIVE held in high esteem by Rene Guenon. This collection is now ranked in the national library under No. 8 21256.

Many small villages of Haut Var offer visitors unparalleled vistas and bucolic. At the heart of these old cities, some houses have carved door lintels. Many Masonic symbols are visible. Gardeners acacia were many under the stars Country Blue!

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