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Integrative medicine, homeopath, author (books, magazines), practice of self-healing and homeopathy.

Dr. Klaus Bielau studied first time directing at the Art University Graz, then (some educators.) Theater work until 1988.

1980 encounter with the world of Paracelsus, the Gnostics, homeopathy and so began to study medicine, Promotion 1986. training in general medical practice.

Since 1990 he leads a purely holistic homeopathic practice aligned with the motto: "The patient was his doctor, the doctor whose helper"; was lecturer and lecturer in homeopathy at the University in Graz and at the Paracelsus schools Graz and Vienna; lectures and workshops for holistic medicine, homeopathy and self-healing.

Columnist and editor of Pulsar; written (partly translated into Dutch) books, essays on medicine, Paracelsus and the ways of the people for autonomy. Literary focus are short stories and miniatures.

Lives with family in Graz.

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