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June Johns, an English journalist and member of the North of England Zoological Society. In the 1960s June Johns gave birth to another bit of Pagan slang, 'the grandmother story'.

June Johns is known biographer of Alex Sanders (English occultist and High Priest in the Pagan religion of Wicca) and author of book "King of the Witches: World of Alex Sanders" (1969)

"Some of what was written in the Johns book was later confirmed in the books by the Farrars who were, as I understand it, students of his at one time. I often wonder at the disillusion which caused Alex to stop being the priest he was. Whatever he is viewed, as personally having been at the time the book was written and in his life before priesthood, he was a knowledgable "light in the darkness" in the times when the Craft was just beginning to be important again. This book is about those times.

It does not comment or criticise his life. It is, rather, a reporter's view of it. For one in today's world to speak ill of the facts in this book simply serves as one's judgement of his personal life, not his life as a priest which, fortunately, June Johns has not seen fit to do. The purity of her approach sheds light on the times in which the events took place. Such judgement is based on life today, not life as it was in ancient times or even as it was in Alex's time. Although I did not know Alex personally I knew people who did and who respected him, as he was one of a very few who were the fathers and mothers of the Craft as it grew in modern times.

Johns has done a good job of research and the stories of things that happened to Alex are remeniscent of things which happened to many people working in the Craft during those years. How those things came to pass and how he handled them may be quite different, but this is meant to be one man's story and I wish they had printed another several thousand copies, for I would have had every student I have ever had read it as backgroud for the old histories. Wherever he is today, I wish Alex the best as, I am sure did June Johns. The magical and Craft stories in this book are beautifully detailed and the problems which assailed every one of us in the time of Alex's priesthood and our learning of the difference between magic and the religion of the Craft are precious to us all.

I am writing to locate another copy since mine disappeared years ago. If one reads this with an open mind to a culture fast disappearing beneath the glamour of today's self-initiated and racy cultural Wicca, they will find a man who truly tried to preserve what he had learned and follow the law to pass it on to others. DEA Boreadean Order of Druid and Feryllt"

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