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Gavin Frost (born 1930), B.Sc., PhD, D.D., is an occult author, a Wiccan Priest, a doctor of Physics and Mathematics, and a prominent member of the American Wiccan community. He founded the Church and School of Wicca with his wife Yvonne Frost in 1968, and he is currently the Archbishop of the Church of Wicca and a director of the School of Wicca. He and his wife have written several books on magic, Wicca, and related subjects such as The Magic Power of Witchcraft.

He has appeared on national television's Phil Donahue Show, PM Magazine, Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show and others, at many events serving the Neo-Pagan community such as Stones Rising, Sirius Rising, Pagan Pride Day, and the Starwood Festival, and in newspaper and magazine articles across the United States.

Gavin Frost Early life:

Frost was born in Aldridge, Staffordshire, England, in 1930. In 1952, Frost graduated from King's College London with honours, gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, and after completing his post doctoral thesis with the Department of Atomic Energy in Cumbria, he received a Doctorate in Physics & Mathematics.

Gavin Frost Career:

After he received his Doctorate, Frost left Cumbria and moved to Hatfield near London and took a research position with the de Havilland Aircraft Corporation investigating the effects of long wave infrared radiation on missiles. His next position was with Canadair in Montreal, first working on the Canadian missile program, then joining their Training and Simulation group, a position that allowed him to travel around the world. After moving to California, Frost became the senior project engineer working on the military F-104 radar systems.


According to Frost, he was initiated in 1951 at The Nine Maidens; the stone circle site in Boskednan, Cornwall. After his initiation, his position with the de Havilland Aircraft Corporation placed him in the vicinity of Salisbury Plain, where he investigated the ancient monoliths of Stonehenge and the people who built them, furthering his interest in ancient peoples and the origins of the Old Religion. While with Canadair, a trip to Chile gave him the opportunity to spend four days in a remote village exploring the religious beliefs and experiencing first-hand the powers of healing as practised by their shamans. While working in California, a trip to Milan, Italy allowed him to do some research into the truths and fiction that surrounds Charles G. Leland's Aradia: Gospel of the Witches.

In 1966 he relocated to Munich, Germany as a company representative, and became fascinated with the subject of German sorcery. He joined a group of Zauberers (Zauberer - German for magician, sorcerer, wizard) operating in der Bayrischen Naehe just south of Munich, became an initiate and qualified to receive and don their Saffron Robe. The Frosts founded the Church and School of Wicca in 1968, which became the first Federally recognised Wiccan church in 1972. It first operated in Missouri, then in North Carolina, and is now centred in West Virginia. The Frosts stepped down as active leaders of the Church in 1980, but continue as clergy and as heads of the School of Wicca to this day.

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