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FREDERICK HADLAND DAVIS is historian, the author of "Myths and Legends of Japan" and other history books was study and introduce Japanese and Persian cultures to Western audiences. Stories about creation, mystical creatures, and ghosts, as well as stories about Buddhism, folk tales, and other amazing tales grace the pages of his books.

F. Hadland Davis partial Bibliography:

- Jalalu'd-din Rumi: The Persian Mystics (1907)
- Jami: The Persian Mystics (1908)
- Myths and Legends of Japan (1912)
- Japan: From The Age Of The Gods To The Fall Of Tsingtau (1916)
- The Peony of Pao Yu
- Easton Press Mythology Set ( 10 Volumes )
- Japan, from the age of the gods to the fall of Tsingtau

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