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Eric Wodening (author of We are Our Deeds) is brother of Swain Wodening, Englatheod founder.

In 1992, former Moody Hill Theod thrall Gert McQueen "became aware" of Swain and Eric Wodening though their writings in Idunna, a newsletter published by the Troth. The brothers Wodening had been members of the Troth since 1989 after discovering that the AFA had disbanded, and began publishing full-length articles on the subject of Anglo-Saxon heathenism in 1991.

By the latter part of 1992 McQueen was corresponding regularly with the Wodenings and by 1993 both Eric and Swain were members of Winland Rice and founders of Wednesbury Shire. Eric and Swain became highly influential figures in Theodism. Coming to Theodism from an Asatru background, the Wodenings introduced reconstructionism to the Theods as well as a deeper, more philosophical understanding of the lore. In 1996, Swain Wodening and Winifred Hodge founded the Angelseaxisce Ealdriht, and Eric founded Englatheod in 2007.

The Angelseaxisce Ealdriht grew to become the largest Theodish organization in the world, largely due to it's numerous reforms of traditional Theodism and ability to continuously evolve. However, an internal struggle between the Noweanglia and rest groups, the Ealdriht's two largest, caused the Noweanglia group to break away and become the independent Noweanglia theod. Subsequently, the Ealdriht dissolved and the remaining groups became the Miercinga Rice. Noweanglia theod was the first Mercian theod, 'arriving at a Merican thew by the reduction of Saxon elements and thus tying themselves to East Anglia'.

Source: wicca.com

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