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Christopher Siren has been a physics teacher in Groton-DunstableH's science department since 2003, with two years previous experience at Lynnfield High School and a year of student teaching at Portsmouth High School.

Inspired in the 70s and early 80s by the science fiction of Star Wars and Star Trek, and the science facts of the Voyager and Viking missions, he resolved to study astronomy and in the process learned of its dependence on physics. He holds an undergraduate degree in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences from MIT, where he performed research on Venusian volcanoes using data from the Magellan spacecraft. His masters degrees in physics and in secondary science education both come from UNH, where he ran the optical astronomical observatory outreach program and performed research on space science.

Experiences as a high school volunteer at a science museum, and as a teaching assistant in graduate school clarified his love of teaching and inspired him to pursue his career as a high school science teacher.

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