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Christopher Mackay
Christopher S. Mackay((pronounced "Mackie"; and don't capitalize the "K")) is a Professor in the Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta.

His most recent book is Breakdown of the Roman Republic: From Oligarchy to Empire (Cambridge University Press, 2009).


* University of Michigan (AB, 1984)
in the Department of Classical Studies
* Harvard University (AM, 1987)
* Harvard University (Ph.D. in Classical Philology, 1994) in the
Department of the Classics


* Greek and Latin Literature (especially Cicero)
* Roman History
* Witchcraft
* Anabaptist Kingdom of Munster
* Nahuatl language

"Epitaph of a Sailor of the Misene Fleet," in "Thirteen Latin Inscriptions at Harvard University," ed. John Bodel, American Journal of Archaeology 96 (1992) 82-84.
(with C. Damon) "The Prosecution of C. Antonius in 76 B.C.," Historia 44 (1995) 37-55.
"Official Order to a Genematophylax," and "Official Letter of Introduction," in C. Romer and T.Gagos (eds.), P. Michigan Koenen (=P. Mich. XVIII) (Amsterdam, 1996), 99-104 and 105-10.
"Terminal Expressions in the Colloquial Latin of the Early Roman Empire," Zeitschrift fur Payrologie und Epigraphik 126 (1999) 229-39.
"Lactantius and the Succession to Diocletian," Classical Philology 94 (1999), 198-209.
"Damon of Chaeronea: the Loyalties of a Boeotian Town During the First Mithridatic War," Klio 82 (2000) 91-106.
"Sulla and the Monuments: Studies in His Public Persona," Historia 49 (2000) 161-210.

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