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Cassandra Eason
Cassandra Eason is a bestselling British author and encyclopedist on the occult.


She has written more than eighty books, translated into thirteen different languages. She has appeared many times on television and radio, such as Sky News, ITV's Strange But True?, BBC 1's Heaven and Earth and Richard and Judy, on NBC and Paramount. She had her own weekly mini series Sixth Sense on UK cable television for many years. More recently she worked as the dream analyst for Big Brother for three series.


Lately, she has been very active in Sweden, working with New Page, one of the leading publishers of occult books. Eason acts as both the company's lead author and a Tarot interpreter for psychic faires. She also holds courses in magic and other esoteric subjects.

She now also writes regular articles for Spellcraft and Spheres; two magazines published in New Zealand and Australia. Ms. Eason recently finished a promotional tour of her latest book Pagen in Australian and New Zealand bookstores as well as several radio interviews and talks at the mind-body-spirit festival in Sydney, Australia.

Key books

* Encyclopaedia of Magic and Ancient Wisdom
* Encyclopaedia of Women's Wisdom
* Mammoth Book of Ancient Wisdom
* The Complete Guide to Psychic Development
* Complete Guide to Divination

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