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Son of Antonio Loureiro de Souza and Elza Cajazeira Loureiro de Souza, Carlos Bernardo Loureiro de Souza was the best known figure in spiritualist medium, primarily for its dedication to research phenomenology of spirit.

Deepened his studies in the field since 1986, the Circle Research Ambroise PARRE in Salvador, birthplace on April 16, 1942.

Published by different publishers, more than 15 works, among which: "Of prophecies the premonition", "From rap to instrumental communication", "Spiritualism & magnetism - Paracelsus the psychotronic", "Obsession and its mysteries, Perispirit - nature, functions and properties, " The mediums women "and" spiritualist view of sleep and dreams. "

Spiritualists had articles published in newspapers in Brazil and abroad, but one of its best known to the disclosure of Spiritualism is materialized in Espirita Theatre Leopoldo Machado (www.telma.org.br), the first center / spiritualist theater Brazil, headquartered that capital and with capacity for 700 people, where in addition to plays, doctrinal lectures are held.

He had an extensive professional resume. Graduated in Law from the Federal University of Bahia, in 1973 participated in the preparation, in Brasilia, the Labour Law Code, under the responsibility of the Commission of Justice of the House of Representatives.

Exercised for a long time the law and served as legal advisor to the Federation of Industries of the State of Bahia (FIEB), where he worked for 32 years. Also taught ethics at the School of Law of OAB / BA.

In the 70s began to devote himself to the spiritualist journalism, where he founded journals such as: Impact, The Samaritan, Espirita Gazette and dimensions. It was writer, also from several spiritualist newspapers in Brazil and abroad.

Intellectual of the most remarkable and representative in the spirit field, has dedicated over 40 years to research, the ceaseless study and dissemination, concerned in keeping the Doctrinal Purity of Spiritualism, and often caught memorable polemics with detractors of the Doctrine; always with clear veracity and arguments.

Sought to combat misleading interpretations and translations of the works of Kardec, including those that have arisen within the Brazilian Spirit Movement, always emphasizing the importance of also studying additional works of accurate scientific and philosophical content of Spiritualism; especially those of Ernesto Bozzano, Gustavo Geley, Gabriel Delanne, Alexander Aksakof, Camille Flammarion and other eminent researchers.

Conceived and presented programs such as: Talking About Spiritualism (broadcast on AM Club, in the 80s) and Meeting with Spiritist Culture (with this program his last podium) appears on Saturdays on TV Aratu (Channel 4), reaching ever high ratings.

He devoted 40 years to research on Obsession and the procedures of moral treatment of obsession, and sought teachings with great spiritualists as Aurelino Mota de Carvalho, Abel Mendonca and Joshua Arapiraca, developing from there a different method of treatment.

Tireless researcher of the spirit phenomenology, deepened their field studies in 1986, the Circle Research Ambroise PARRE (Spirit who led their research papers), when he could get the full materialization of spirits and many other phenomena. He worked with various mediums, including Jose Alberto Medrado, with which obtained the materialization of the Spirit "Bride" in the 80s.

Published by different publishers more than 23 works, enriching the bibliographic giving his contribution the Doctrine.

It also has several monographs and articles published (giving attention to issues and always supported by strong doctrinal basis), which are available on our website (http://telmaorg.spaceblog.com.br/) or Spiritist Bookshop Alfredo Miguel.

Was divorced from Lucia Maria Farias, with whom he had two children - Sandra Maria and Marcelo Adriano de Souza Farias Loureiro - and disembodied had a mate Livia Maria Borges de Almeida.

Carlos Bernardo Loureiro passed away on August 10, 2006, hepatitis victim. The burial of his body took place on the 11th, the Garden Cemetery Saudade, Brotas district of Salvador.

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