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Anders Bjorn Drachmann ( 27. February 1860 in Copenhagen - 22. august 1935 at Harald gift in Bagsvaerd ) was a Danish classical philologist.

Anders Bjorn Drachmann was son of doctor Andreas Georg Drachmann (1810-1892) and his second wife Clara Josephine Sorensen (1836-1895) Anders was half brother of educator and feminist Erna Juel-Hansen and poet Holger Drachmann, cousin of the politician Viggo Horup and Viggo's wife, deputy headmaster Emma Horup and mistress, teacher Henriette Steen.

Anders Drachmann studied classical philology and won in 1887 in a competition for a professorship at Christiania University, but was nevertheless passed over in favor of the Norwegian LB Stenersen, prompting Elias Blix to leave the government in protest.

Drachmann became Doctor of Philosophy. in 1891 with the thesis Modern Pindarfortolkning and was later in 1892 a lecturer at the University of Copenhagen and in 1905 extraordinary professor and in 1917 ordinary professor. He was president of the Academy of Sciences 1933 - 1934.

Anders Bjorn Drachmann has published a number of works in classical philology and has also helped to publish Kierkegaard:

- Catuls poetry compared to the previous Greek and Latin Literature, Copenhagen. 1887
- The gods of Vergil, Copenhagen. 1887
- Modern Pindarfortolkning: Critical and positive Contribution, Copenhagen. 1891
- From the Roman Empire: Culture Photos, Copenhagen. 1900, 1903
- Roman Statsforvaltning: made for Need Students, Copenhagen. 1903
- Scholia Vetera in Pindari carmina, Vol. 1-3, Leipzig 1903-27
- Greek and Roman Religion, Copenhagen. 1907
- Christianity origin, Copenhagen. 1908
- Pindar as a poet and Human: A sketch, Copenhagen. 1910
- Selected Essays, 1911
- Diodors Roman annals for the year 302 before Christ's birth, Copenhagen. 1912
- Paul as a writer and thinking, Copenhagen. 1913
- Aeschines 'and Demosthenes' Speaking for the wreath, Copenhagen. 1917
- Christianity's origins, Copenhagen. 1919
- Atheism in the ancient paganism, Copenhagen. 1919
- Soren Kierkegaard's collected works, Copenhagen. 1920-36
- Atheism in pagan antiquity, London 1922
- Die Uberlieferung des Cyrillglossars, Copenhagen. 1936

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